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Slavo Hazucha (slavatarko)

Scalemates 5th Generation, UAV, and Stealth Groupbuild 2021

A nicer present & future...

On 23 April 1991, Northrop gets the first call. The YF-23 wins the ATF competition... Subsequently, the USAF gets a superior BVR fighter... And the most beautiful shape stealth technology has ever produced...


50 | 8. January, 13:02
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Slavo Hazucha
So here we go!

My humble contribution to the 5-th gen GB. Originally, I wanted to build it along with a Hasegawa F-22. But things being as they are with time & mood, I´ll better take it lightly.. Just this one. No aftermarket (not that there would be much in this scale...). Just one man and his kit... 🙂

For the title pictures, I - with kind permission of the authors - use a set of mock-up CG renders of how the service F-23 would have looked like.

The link to the full series of images is here:

And there is more cool aviation CG from the same guys here:

Thanks again Hangar B for the permission to use this rather epic-looking 3D stuff here!
8. January, 13:10
Cool idea! also from what I have seen the kit is perfect for a short little intermezzo build. Looking forward to your rendition of raptor sheen and the usual 5gen blingbling 🙂 👍
8. January, 13:17
Sergej I
Grabbing a seat 🙂
8. January, 14:53
James C
Nice, will be watching this one 👍 Have you decided on Pav 1 or Pav 2, or going with a "what if" scheme had it gone into service?
8. January, 17:52
Konrad Limmer
Count me in here as well 👍!
8. January, 18:02
Sven Schönyan
I´m in! Can´t miss this.
8. January, 18:07
8. January, 18:45
Nathan Dempsey
I'm in 🙂
8. January, 18:53
8. January, 19:12
Kerry COX
I have a new chair and comfortable. 👍
I'm in. ;)
8. January, 19:32
Nathan Dempsey
Your build combined with that artwork is going to force me to buy this kit 😄
8. January, 20:00
Slavo Hazucha
Welcome Gentlemen! (still waiting & hoping for the ladies...😉 ) glad to see the trusted advisory board assembling! 😄 👍 The thing is so big it fills the view screen even from the last row!

Started today and instantly feel it was the right choice. Love the MiG´s, but I needed something with "a light at the end of the tunnel" to re-ignite the mojo... This project seems ideal. In-flight F-23 with the promise of a big canvas to play with during painting & weathering...

First few pics - the box is really full of plane! My 4th HOBBY BOSS kit and I´m really starting to trust & like what they do in the clear-parts department. Excellent work on all the models I had. In terms of non-warping with complex rounded shapes, better than stuff generally considered a league above (GWH, eyes on you...) Also started prepping the wings for some action.

@James - "what if" service version. The two prototypes never developed the degree of surface look I love & fancy on jets. Guess I had an "Armata" moment when choosing what to do 👍

@Kerry - maybe a nudge to kick your 35B back to active?😉
8. January, 20:01
here we go, getting the popcorn 🙂 quite big, the russians on the upper right look like 1:72^^
Considering HB clear parts: Most seem to be perfect (like this one 👍😢, but their D-hornet canopy really really sucked though...
8. January, 20:15
Palo M
8. January, 20:19
i am in 🙂
8. January, 21:36
Maciej Bellos
Joining in! Probably the most beautiful aircaft ever. Size does matter, otherwise we wouldn't have the Tomcat.

Looking forward for the What-if and all the paint fiddling you will do!
8. January, 21:57
Ali Yulianto
9. January, 13:00
9. January, 15:56
Michael Phillips
Oh you know I am in! This is going to be EPIC!!!
9. January, 21:51
Lode Schildermans
I'm in for the ride, Slavo
9. January, 22:15
Kerry COX
Hobby Boss have become one of the 'must have' kit makers. I was converted with the 1/48 Aussie 'pig' F-111. Now you have me looking at an other HB Slavo. Cheers and happy gluing. 👍 ;)
10. January, 05:02
Zsolt Czegle
10. January, 08:37
Slavo Hazucha
Welcome mates, I am very happy so many approve of the choice - I also think the F-23 would have created the best looking 5-th gen fighter, recent mock-ups of the FCAS & Tempest included! That´s why I´m attempting this, the 2 prototypes paint-jobs, and particularly the pristine (boring) condition just would not do the airframe full justice...

It allso allows me not to care about any failings of the kit in details + gives me the opportunity to add some artistic freedom 🙂

So here we are, one-pic update, but this is what I´ve been working on - a proper 5th gen pilot! Starting with the Hasegawa materials from the 80´s the helmet went through a series of light modifications, mostly using bits on the table and leftovers from older builds. It should not be any particular current helmet, It´s a free "what if" interpretation as the rest of the build. Was fun... 🙂
25. January, 10:00
Konrad Limmer
Nice mods on the pilots helmet 👍!

In my eyes this bird is one of the coolest looking designes for an air superiority fighter!

So I'm really excited what you're doing with this one 👍! Looking forward to every single update mate 👍!
25. January, 10:55
Palo M
That paintbrush + goggles, wow! And very well done with the hourglass badge!
25. January, 12:20
Cool idea! Also the badges are a nice+fitting detail👍

Best looking 5th gen? Dunno...in my book this design would be codenamed "F-23 Flounder"😉
but tastes differ and it does look pretty UFO-esque, that's true 🙂
Looking forward to your further voyage into artistic freedom! 👍
25. January, 13:09
David Taylor
F23 Wraith sounds a good name to me.
25. January, 13:19
Maciej Bellos
Nice job on the pilot. You should give a proper name to the F-23, we can post our ideas if you'd like.
25. January, 14:33
James C
This is going to be awesome and I'm really keen to see where you go with this one. Cool looking pilot👍
25. January, 15:34
Nathan Dempsey
That figure looks great Slavo. Nice mods & detail work!
25. January, 15:51
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Konrad, Palo, Daniel, David, Maciej, James & Nathan!

Glad you approve of the DIY helmet & stuff - This was my last pilot from the Hasegawa box! (1xF-18, 2xF-111, 2xMiG-31 and one for this F-23...) It's a shame so few manufacturers bother to put a pilot in a kit... All kinds of stuff that will get wasted if one does an in-flight, weapon choices to arm 2-3 planes, but to add a dude that is actually very useful for several types of presentation... nope!

@Daniel - c'mon, you got to agree it looks like James Bond in a tuxedo on those service-camo pics!😉 😄

@David & Maciej - you're welcome to contribute, I thought I'd go for BW II to get a chance to apply that badass red hourglass, but realistically, it's unlikely it would finally be called anything with a 2 in the name, such uninspired approach had no place in the 90's and is currently reserved only for the F-35...😉

In the meantime, I'd look for some more (realistic!) artistic freedom!
25. January, 22:45
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, what to say...You hit'em again. Your feeling for detailing, realism, finding solutions to improve is beyond. Well done, sir
26. January, 06:42
Ok, I upgrade to F-23 Halibut 😄
can't argue that the artwork is quite cool 👍
Ok, F-23 Stingray 🙂

Absolutely agree on the pilot shortage in most boxes...sucks
26. January, 07:38
Is that a comfortable seating position for a pilot wearing the most expensive helmet ever, on a roll of Tamiya curved tape?😉 Well done👍
26. January, 18:32
Maciej Bellos
Behold the F-23A Peregrine! Sleek, reeling in on her prey from afar and finally striking with unprecedented speed. The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on earth easily reaching 200 mph on its dive. There was a recorded speed of 242mph!!!
26. January, 19:27
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Lode, Daniel, bughunter and Maciej - both for the approval & superb motivation and the innovative naming proposals! 🙂

I finished the cockpit in a quick & dirty pass, all OOB + a few leftover PE bits on the otherwise fairly frugal seat. It was all rather good fun:

A; The joys of doing a classic old-school hand-painting job on a reasonably detailed surface
B; The fact it´s a what-if freeing me from meticulously researching and modifying every other switch felt very liberating 🙂
28. January, 08:48
Slavo Hazucha
Looking at the photos I realized the helmet effect was not good - I wanted something that will look a bit like carbon-fiber, so I´ve re done it a bit now... not nearly 100% good, but this will do...
28. January, 11:09
Great job on the office and the pilot, Slavo. 👍
It looks kinda spacious.
28. January, 11:45
Hanno Kleinecke
Your pilot obviously likes to wear Chucks, Slavo, very likeable ! 🙂 He looks very convincing in his office, good work !
28. January, 11:59
Konrad Limmer
LOL Hanno I thought the same about the shoes :)!

Anyhow nice work Slavo as always!!
28. January, 13:01
Slavo Hazucha
Oh, I left out those spots on purpose - need some free areas to test Daniels recommended nail-polish range!!😉
28. January, 13:16
Konrad Limmer
That makes sense ;)
28. January, 13:17
Slavo, pic10 is out of order in your album.
I have the same problem, reported already to Tim - you know my user name - with some analyze what happens (from the user point of view of course, no access to the software). You may check here (and comment, if you have the same behavior): SCM Newsfeed
28. January, 15:27
Jeramy Boileau
Very nice so far. I like the idea of drop tanks, which pylons are you planning on using?
28. January, 15:57
Awesome work on that pit 👍
28. January, 19:13
Jos Jansen
Nice pit Slavo...!
28. January, 19:16
Why only the shoes?

29. January, 10:32
Pit looks great, exaggerating the highlights is a great idea, curious how this will look later with the tinted glass 👍
29. January, 10:34
Roland Gunslinger
As always excellent work with an special eye for the details 👍
29. January, 10:44
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks friends, I am happy you like the little office effort!

@bughunter - I actually think this time it was my mess-up, but I have experienced that pics are placed around the album in strange order particularly with bulk-uploads...

@Jeramy - originally, I was thinking about a sleek, streamlined in-flight with closed bays and no externals, but thinking over it now it could be cool setting up pylons and tanks as an option - will look into it, ideally removable via magnet connection...

@Jos - not as neat & clean as your recent Phantom pit, but it was good fun just doing a quick hand-paint job here.

@Daniel - unfortunately I´ll go for in flight, otherwise we would have a ground crew!

@Roland - it was a group effort - Hobby Boss made up the details, I made up the paint-job 😄
29. January, 12:10
David Whiteley
Always found this to be far more aesthetically pleasing than the F-22 - and you reinforced that tremendously. Sadly this fighter program's down select didn't involve aesthetics (OR head to head performance) - politics, politics, politics.
29. January, 14:28
David Whiteley
Maciej - I'll second your Peregrine designation!
29. January, 14:33
David Taylor
Beast mode would look so good,pylons etc.
29. January, 14:52
James C
Very impressive work on the cockpit... It really pops out at you👍
29. January, 18:36
Slavo Hazucha
@ sashaturbo - yeah, they could have forced Lockheed to make the F-23... With all due love for it, I do not think after the way the B-2 was going at the time, it would have been a good idea to give the Northrop guys a fighter project at the same time... But we can still enjoy what could have been 🙂

@ David - depends on how far the magnetic pylons idea will work... I definitely want to keep an option for a clean in-flight one.

@ James thanks bud - once again I got one of those lucky crystal clear HB cockpit covers so there will actually be plenty of inside visibility... Unless I mess-up the coloring. Only got one (Hasegawa F_22 gives you 2 - a clear & a toned one...)
2. February, 14:19
Don't use MRP clear paints on the clear parts! I ruined it nearly on my F-35 egg with MRP clear yellow.
2. February, 14:27
Slavo Hazucha
Have been mildly busy on the project:

- reworking the intakes and ducts. Quite a fun job, gave me the opportunity to finally use the new Dremel tool, which performed its job adequately. I wanted to achieve the B-2 look, also seen on the inspiration pictures I use. May have been performed with more competence and refinement, but in any case it´s a definite improvement vs. the kit´s offering.

- HB proved that while they do provide some internal structures such as the ducts, they really do not care about sizes & proportions all too much. While the Hasegawa F-22 I also have seems to follow the internal structures quite precisely, HB provides ducts which could hardly feed the engines of an L-29 Delfin... 🙂 But things should be OK in the end...

- I also fixed the pit into the upper fuselage, added side panels from leftover PE (not visible anyway) and created a fantasy HUD - drilled out hole for a lense from clear sprue + added a round display... all in the good assumption that this entire cockpit is completely made-up by HB - feel free to express your opinions 🙂
2. February, 14:29
Slavo Hazucha
@bughunter - thanks for the warning! - had the same experience with the same color "clear" does not quite cut it in the MRP range... but it would be good for one of those heavily yellowed soviet-era pits... 🙂

- since then, I test everything that should go on clear on a sheet of clear plastic first!
2. February, 14:31
Nathan Dempsey
Love that work on the intakes! Very cool 🙂
2. February, 15:34
James C
Nice progress Slavo. The modified intakes are a nice touch👍
2. February, 16:32
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Nathan & James - glad you like them - there´s still a fair deal of filling and sanding on the ducts and it will take a special session of airbrush yoga to get all inside angles painted, but I´m glad I took the path I did, makes the F-23 much more aggressive in appearance than the original "yawning comodo dragon" shapes... 🙂

Meanwhile I got another "Artistic Freedom" idea running, we´ll see around the weekend...
2. February, 18:26
Donald Dickson II
Marvelous work as always. 🙂
2. February, 18:31
Wow, that HB canopy looks fantastically clear
intakes: 👍 muuuuch better than those uninspired holes before that, nice dremeling!
2. February, 18:45
Christian Bruer
Excellent work so far 👍
2. February, 18:48
Taking a seat as well, can't miss this as a fan of modern, futuristic aircraft myself. Everything I've seen so far looks great as expected from you and I like the artistic choices with the helmet and the intakes - can't wait to see the final aircraft in the F-22 paint scheme. 👍👍
6. February, 19:30
Eric Thornton
Can't miss this one, following!
6. February, 20:51
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Donald, Daniel, Christian, Alexander and Eric - & welcome on board!

As things go, I like looking at the happening around the engine department in particular detail... and I was not amused by what I saw the kit offered. That plate with some geometric positive lines just won´t cut it... Luckily, even with a few models built, I assembled a reasonable collection of nozzle parts that were replaced by resin, so I started to look for something more suitable - and this is where the journey took me... 🙂

An important special note too:

bughunter, seeing my peril with plain transparent HUD-pieces offered and sent me a piece of Hasegawa TF 902 sheet (pink/green), which catapults the HUD two generations up - see on pic 29!

Many thanks to a friendly helping hand, three cheers for bughunter!!! 🙂
8. February, 11:22
Holo ftw! Really love the effect on HUDs! (awesome move bughunter! 👍 )it does also look great on mfds -if you were provided surplus material😉
Exhausts look def. more interesting now, but in defence of HB - the reality of stealthy exhausts does look boring...

8. February, 12:26
Slavo Hazucha
Cheers Daniel,

Thanks for the input - Ineteresting pic you got there - maybe that is just the vectoring part and a mock-up of the engine? - on most pics I could research, there was still clearly perceivable depth and a fan visible through & behind the injectors. As well, I really wanted to have that rectangle/circle transition clearly there... I only posess a shallow knowledge of western engines, so this is interesting!



What I really do have wrong at this time is the number of injectors - should be 16, not 6... maybe will still think of something 🙂
8. February, 13:00
Slavo, You're welcome!
8. February, 13:06
No engine expert by any stretch as well, just stumbled on this during my research for the f 35 engine (which is completely shrouded by a radar blocking grid) Your pic is from the prototype, judging from the single side mounted front wheel - I assume further improvements in shrouding the blades in operational jets
8. February, 13:19
Palo M
I think it looks exactly like on production F-23 machines 🙂 Interesting about F-35, do you have more interesting pics on that one?
8. February, 13:25
Slavo Hazucha
Daniel all very interesting - I´d really like to see some pics too and learn about the topic... I was not aware any grid could survive in that environment... If there is anything available, I´d love to see & understand that - is there a grid between the fan and the injectors? fixed/variable - how would an in-flight profile look like..? I have the assembly still open, so changes are easy, was thinking about cutting open the injector rings and making 16 "sticks" anyway, so any further insight is welcome! 👍

And Palo I agree it is clear that a 100% true to original production-series F-23 engine is being built here!😉
8. February, 13:47
Actually all the pics I found on the f-35 were video stills, guess that's one of the more classified parts on the jet and documentation (I could find) is zero. But here you can see them multiple times starting at 3:00 min, a fixed structure behind the rings that even survives full reheat take-off...dont know how
Youtube Video

8. February, 13:53
Prototype also didnt have those - and without it also looks pretty much like the actual f-23 production engine you recreated here^^ 👍
8. February, 13:57
Maciej Bellos
Great job on the flameholders, as per the real production engines😉

My two cents, since the F-23 could as well be powered by the F-22's current engine, you could look for the F-22 exhausts.
8. February, 14:14
Jeramy Boileau
Love what you are doing!
8. February, 17:33
I really love this "what if idea", are you going to lengthen the fuselage like the F-22 did from the YF-22?
8. February, 18:01
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Daniel & Maciej for your constructive contribution - it bore fruit within hours... 🙂

Jeramy Thank you, I´ll try not to disappoint further down the road!
Otto unfortunately in your case I have to disapoint - I started this project as a +/- easy run to get back to the hobby-bench and extending the fuselage simply is not on the table here. I however do have a few (simpler) modification ideas accentuate the "series" nature of the final result...

So I gave the engine (the injector ring, specifically) another round of attention. This is what I really like on sclaemates... sometimes I do something and fell like "...yeah, perhaps..." but then some well meant comments put me in the "...nah, actually..." direction, which usually results in a much better result 😄 I hope this is what happened here - the rings definitely lost their MiG-feeling now.

Also, the shrouding was not used on the series F-23 engines, since the position of the exhausts on top of the fuselage already naturally covered them from most low-frequency radars and the shrouding proved detrimental to the supercruise performance, which was one of the key of the F-23 mission capabilities...😉
8. February, 18:21
Looks much better now, very convincing shape. 👍
8. February, 19:20
Jos Jansen
Nice detailed modeling report again Slavo, it is a joy to follow.
8. February, 22:28
...and of course the optional low observability exhaust kit can be fitted by maintenance in 30 minutes for high threat real world missions.😉
The extra bars made this rear end look more convincing and even more interesting -good stuff! 👍
8. February, 22:47
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, every build you do, you amaze us, mortals. And each time, I think that I've seen all what is possible. But that when one does not count on the master plane builder. You keep pushing the limits and you go beyond. it is such a pleasure to see how you deploy your talents and share it with us. I'm just in awe to see another magnificent build coming to life. Keep on posting, mate
9. February, 06:07
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Alexander, Jos, Daniel and Lode! After your comments I realized the engine department needs some additional love... Found a nice site that clarifies all (for the prototypes at least...):'


Pity HB apparently did not, or decided to widely ignore it... 😄 I had to add further detail into the afterburner chambers and the tiling was not present on the sides (only lines, no tiles) so there was work there...

I wanted to represent an engine of a service aircraft with some use & abuse, but nothing totally neglected. Considered several methods, finally decided for this - basic MRP metals airbrushed, followed by semi-dry-brushed color variations and some streaking with oils followed by a light-grey pin-wash...
23. February, 09:43
Konrad Limmer
Wow! Awesome looking nozzles👍!!
23. February, 09:48
Hanno Kleinecke
When words fail...... incomparable „engine bathroom", Slavo. Did you have to scribe that tiled looking area ? I hope not, because it would make my scribing look even more crude than it already does...... 🙂 👍
23. February, 10:15
Roland Gunslinger
The nozzles look fantastic 👍 Can also be helpful if necessary when re-entering the earth's atmosphere after a fight against Zaku Gundam.
23. February, 10:25
Gary Kitchen
Wow. That tiling looks better than my kitchen At home Slavo. 👍 very impressive as always.
23. February, 10:57
Outstanding work with the tiles. 👍
You should build a Space Shuttle some time in the future.😉
23. February, 11:20
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Konrad, Hanno, Roland, Gary & WhiteGlint!

@Hanno - no worries, only the sloped lines on the sides were scribed fully new. (still 4 sides that need to look roughly similar...) The HB kit, while not being in the league of the later AMK "technology show-offs", is generally good and the plastic reacts to attempts of modification in a welcoming & benign way...

@Roland - it´s actually following the secret re-entry heat-signature reductive plating, but I can´t talk about it too much here...

@Gary - would make your kitchen an instant hit with every home-insurance agent! 👍

@WhiteGlint - was thinking about the shuttle a lot - but will wait until a 48-scale model and a decal sheet with individual stencils for the tiles are available😉

23. February, 11:20
Maciej Bellos
Amazing job on the exhausts Slavo! I am speechless.
23. February, 13:07
Looks phenomenal, as always. 👍
23. February, 13:28
@Slavo, 1/48th Shuttle with individual stencils... make that dry transfer and that would be real fun (wet transfer with HGW kind of decals, and it can be done in no time 😛 )
23. February, 13:50
Stunning work there slavo! heavily inspired by the minstry of magic I guess? 😄 Looks absolutely convincing and really catches the eye 👍

In the light of our earlier rear-aspect-low-observability-discussion I cant help but wonder how these walls of perfect rectangular bricks would show up on a pursuing Su-35's radar scope...me and my heretical thoughts 😄
23. February, 14:30
Nathan Dempsey
I absolutely love this solution for the exhaust area. Very fitting for this aircraft. Inspiring us once more Slavo! Bravo!
23. February, 15:03
23. February, 16:29
James C
Once again, you continue to impress with your ultra realistic fine detailing! Just awesome Slavo!👍
23. February, 16:39
Sergej I
Love the ceramic tiles job 👍, I thought you were recreating a YF-23 hangar-toilet 😄
23. February, 17:13
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Maciej, Alexander, Spanjaard, Daniel, Nathan, Juergen, James & Sergej! Very happy you approve 👍, I was thinking a lot how to adress this, pictures of 48-scale YF-23´s I found did not convince me completely and a "traditional exhaust" look seemed too bleak a prospect... No idea if the Tiles used on the prototype would make it to series, but hey, now they did! 😄

Daniel - The Su-35´s seekers would be mislead to think that it sees an emergency jettison of the bathtub from a sekret Soviet space-station😉

Sergej - only when there is some serious hot sh*t going on! 😄
23. February, 17:39
Sensational! Masterful paint job 👍
23. February, 18:35
Erik Leijdens
23. February, 20:33
Mirko Römer
How I could I miss this? Stunning all the way!
23. February, 20:50
Jos Jansen
The eye of the master...your detailing is extraordinary good! Beautiful exhausts...👍
23. February, 21:32
Lode Schildermans
What to say...I'm quite speechless looking at these last photos. There is no comparaison this level of detailing. I know what detailing means, but never seen such keen work, Slavo
23. February, 23:35
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks bughunter, Erik, Mirko, Jos & Lode - I stand humbled & honored by the people I regularly steal tricks & inspirations from & get away with it😉
24. February, 20:54
Tim Heimer
You're work is always amazing!
1. March, 14:52
Black Baron
I love YF-23. The design is so beautiful. Been thinking for years should I get this kit. The exhaust bit is quite challenging and the wing to body seam has gotten a bad rep. Now you're saved me the trouble and I can just sit back and enjoy this build! Looking real good, as always. Converse on the pilot 😄. The HUD film looks great!
2. March, 16:19
John Thomas
Nice work
2. March, 18:17
Loving your work and your refusal to accept the limitations of the kit
20. March, 10:10
Alexander Grivonev
I like your "problem solving" approach and the thorough explanation. The exhaust tiles look amazing too👍
20. March, 21:20
Slavo Hazucha
Tim, Black Baron, John, Gidge & Alex - thanks for visiting mates & leaving words of motivation, most appreciated & needed!

@Black Baron & Gidge - I think the kit more than delivers for the sub-40 € price - what´s there is OK+ and while it is a plain base that needs work, what is in the kit works together just fine, particularly the fit and easy assembly... Rest depends on where you want take the journey to 🙂

@Alex - the freedom of doing a "what-if" F-23 really helps - I think I would have more trouble trying to find all spots & details to make a 100% correct version of one of the actual prototypes 😄
21. March, 13:10
Slavo Hazucha
So, some work has been going on, all in departments that needed time...

- Intakes... working out to be something of a nemesis of mine. Getting these to be smooth took 4 filling, filing & test-painting passes. Then there were the tubes, ending in a diameter that would hardly suffice a T-38... Creative solution with off-center applied Su-35 fans did a job here.

- Canopy - I got some nail holo-powder from Amazon, the stuff that looked most promising and hell, would it look good on nails... on transparent canopy though, it was either flaky or it created a layer that was not translucent enough - will have to try more products, I like the technique... I used the second best method then, with some colored Emsal (EU "Ersatz"-Future) dips... Sources say the F-23 canopy was about to look exactly like this... 🙂

- Wings - Cutting 16 parts from original 4 took some time, but the butcher´s business is done now and some interesting detailing and fitting together in "action" positions can start
21. March, 13:17
Really nice work so far, like the image with the cut-out control surfaces - looks like a very clean surgery! 👍
I guess the canopy is fine, I can imagine it being hard to get a satisfying result. For my F-22 I plan on trying out the "Interference Gold" pigments from Pearl Ex, they seem to have worked for some with the combination of Future. Maybe that's something you could try out as well if you plan on doing another stealth-fighter in the future. But it will look very nice on the finished model, I'm sure. 🙂
21. March, 13:35
Slavo Hazucha
Alexander, I´ve got a Hase F-22 in the stash - on that one, some solution for the "purple going gold sheen" needs to be implemented - no way around that since that´s how they are in real life 🙂. Luckily, I´ll have more time to try different products + the kit actually provides 2 sets of canopies (clear and toned). Wish more kits did that, really...
21. March, 13:50
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, your play with colors is already known, but this one, I didn't see yet. Keep challenging that talent of yoyrs and let us enjoy the trip
21. March, 20:30
Slavo Hazucha
Cheers Lode,

Building this kit compares to the AMK & HB MiGs cca. like building an Alfa-class submarine would to your Battleships... In acute lack of given sub-assemblies & details, one starts creating his own ones 😄
22. March, 10:34
What stand do you intend on placing this on? Acrylic rod?
22. March, 15:48
Black Baron
How did you cut the wings?
22. March, 17:31
Bill Gilman
Just caught up with this one. The YF-23 is one of my favourite modern jets, and I so much wanted it to win the ATF competition. Oh well...in any case, the paint work you've done on the exhaust tiles is exquisite. You've really captured that look.
22. March, 17:38
Slavo Hazucha
@Otto - I will use a metal rod & a wood base to have some weight at ground level - it´s quite a big model & I found this method working rather fine for me.

@Black Baron - deepened the lines a bit with a carving needle & then went through with a JLC razor-saw. the small angles were carefully cut through with a hobby knife

@Bill - in terms of shape innovation it keeps up even with the "6th-gen" concepts coming up now in the 2020´s... thanks - I went along the excellent sources from:


I´m sure you´d manage the same in 72-scale😉
22. March, 20:19
Is this project on hold?
12. June, 21:48
Nathan Dempsey
Hopefully it is just a video game that has stolen Slavo away.
12. June, 22:57
Gary Kitchen
Awesome stuff Slavo. I know that canopy isn't what you planned but the clarity and shine on the pre-dipped plastic is astounding. What treatment did you give it please. 👍
13. June, 07:10


In progress
1:48 USAF YF-23 (HobbyBoss 81722)

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