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This album is attached to project Panzerjäger I.

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1:35 Panzerjager I (Italeri 358)1:35 Panzerjäger I (Eduard 35 224)


1. March at 22:50:02 Share
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Slavo Hazucha I love these 30'ies suspensions. So much more fun than the unified later and modern look...
2. March at 17:36:36
Palo M And so many pieces to glue together!
2. March at 18:47:15
Rui S That's part off the fun ;) I'm in
4. March at 21:53:43
Palo M So far, everything fits reasonably well together. Just some sanding involved and I had to cut off a badly aligned piece in the back.
4. March at 23:00:09
Urban Gardini Oh, one of my favourites, let me grab a chair...
4. March at 23:39:43
Palo M There are two types of plastic - the wheels were very well made, but now I'm adding parts in the inside and those look old and have lots of imperfections.
6. March at 21:47:56
Slavo Hazucha The lil´fellow will need some putty and gentle sanding :) The off-center hole in the drive wheel does not look too authentic and the interior may require some attention too... Unless you want to point out the Achilles heel of open vehicles and make a post-grenade encounter treatment on the inside ;)

If everything goes wrong => this: [img1]
7. March at 09:25:24
Palo M Which off-center hole do you mean? As for interior - sure, that is going to be somewhat of a challenge. The tarp might indeed be a good solution for this particular piece. I think most of what is visible right now will be completely hidden in the end, but let's see (pun intended).
7. March at 17:23:20
Carlos Cisneros I think that he means the sink hole in the sprocket hub.
7. March at 18:21:05
Slavo Hazucha Photo 3, mat coordinates 100x30, slightly above...
7. March at 20:24:54
Rui S Well observed Slavo 8)
7. March at 21:13:36
Palo M Lol, right. That one will do.
7. March at 22:12:02
Palo M Sprocket hub fixed, first photo etched parts added. Tried Vallejo liquid putty, but it seems to shrink a bit as it dries. Will retry tomorrow.
9. March at 22:59:56
Palo M More photo etched pieces added, though seemingly no progress made. Shame a lot will be hidden in the interior from view. We'll *I* know it's all there and was a lot of effort.
13. March at 17:21:25
Slavo Hazucha Someone say we men only care about the flat visible "outside"... It´s the inside values, hidden from plain sight we are truly aiming for... Also, in my experience actual progress on a kit is just a secondary goal, mainly utilized for justifying further purchases ;)
13. March at 21:29:18
Palo M I'm probably too stupid for the photo etched parts - half of the steps in the PE manual reference pieces that don't exist in the kit's manual. Sometimes I can guess where they go by the shape, but there are some where I just don't have any clue.
18. March at 18:30:14
Slavo Hazucha Maybe they refference the other manufacturer on an Italeri/Zvezda kit... Watching Girls & Panzers for refference may help too, they have pretty accurate gear... ;)
18. March at 20:14:52
Palo M Lol. Definitely not the Panzerjager I, though.
18. March at 21:45:11
Slavo Hazucha Great to see the shopping-kart elements and both main armament pieces find their way to the model! ;)
9. May at 12:58:45
Slavo Hazucha This is what happens when early 30'ies armor design meets Minecraft... ;) Looking good with all the bits & pieces on now!
19. May at 20:52:52
Palo M Added diorama experiment photos. Still need to finish weathering.
31. May at 12:19:14
Palo M Fully weathered photos added. Need to give it a layer of varnish and it's done. Thanks for encouragement and comments, everyone!
7. June at 19:26:42
Holger Kranich Very very nice!
8. June at 12:59:43
Tim Heimer Nice work! Looks good!
8. June at 14:24:48
Bill Davis That is nice!
8. June at 14:28:41
Palo M Thank you, Holger, Tim and Bill! This model was on a shelf for 20 years, feels great to finally get it done. Now just to learn how to take representative pictures and off to the next! A Tamiya BT-7 awaits.
8. June at 16:50:37
Chris Greathouse Great weathering!
8. June at 16:52:42
Rui S I agree with Chris. More photos?
8. June at 22:24:51
Palo M Added a few more photos in its final state. Comments welcome!
14. June at 18:03:55
Slavo Hazucha I always admired these German vehicles which combine the Pz I chassis with fighting compartments hastily designed in Minecraft... You paid this idea a more than adequate tribute by wrestling this deep-'70ies rooted kit into its current shape & putting a rather decent paint- & weathering job on it - Good work! ;)
14. June at 18:56:40
Rui S Nice weathering, it looks great, but I whould give it a fine desert dust cover? Just My two cent HO ;)
14. June at 19:54:40
Palo M Rui - agree, I tried experimenting with pigments, but it's not fine enough. Maybe I should try one more time.
14. June at 20:20:05
Rui S Normally more accumulated, in the lower hull and horizontal surfaces ;) 8)
14. June at 21:35:29
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