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Aluminum Overcast B-17


18. February 2019, 19:31
J Zero
First attempt at real adult modeling techniques, including filling, sanding, airbrush, varnish & weathering. Much room for improvement but I'm very pleased with it.
18. February 2019, 19:57
Tom O
Having built 3 of these myself I can tell you that, for a first time 'adult' build, this is really impressive. I know this kit very well and the quirks I had to overcome! Well nice, Jzero.
18. February 2019, 20:29
J Zero
Thank you for your kind comments. Spent countless hours on YouTube researching techniques, wanting to do the best I could, within reason.
I've had fun on this site listing all the kits I built as a kid. So far I've remembered 36. The last of those was done in the late 70s, so I figured it was time to grow up!
18. February 2019, 22:07
Clifford Keesler
Very nice B-17 well done.
19. February 2019, 00:24


1:48 B-17 Flying Fortress (Kits-World KW148094)1:48 B-17G Flying Fortress (Monogram 5600)

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