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Tu-95KM "Bear C"


19 | 9. December 2020, 17:45
Steve Pierre
Wow. I don't have that much courage to tackle that beast! The modifications came out great. The details and work done on the skin is awesome!
9. December 2020, 18:44
Dave Flitton
Massive! Very nice outcome for a huge vacform kit
9. December 2020, 23:31
Pierre Vauthier
I believe for one who go on vacuform, it need a bit of crazyness and a lot of courage. congratulatioj the result look amazing !
9. December 2020, 23:51
Thank you so much, everyone!
10. December 2020, 04:23
Picture no. 13 is spectacular!
10. December 2020, 09:31
Stunning job!
10. December 2020, 15:46
14. December 2020, 23:49
Super nice paint work
15. December 2020, 04:51
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, respect for handling the vacform so well 👍
4. August, 11:38
Simon Nagorsnik
wow, crazy stuff
22. August, 16:01
Oh, my favourite version. KM. I had no idea there was a kit of this version. I modeled this turbo prop plane in 3D. 🙂 The only trace of reference material for the tail gun, was a measly 100x200 px photo or something like that. 😄
22. August, 18:00
So, this plane share the same hull diameter as the US B-29. All stemming from some B-29's doing an emergency landing in Soviet Union, leading to Soviets re-engineering the B-29 and making their own bomber, and later they designed the Tu-95 from their B-29 clone iirc. The KM version was a platform for a crude radio guided cruise missile, which looked like a small jet. According to a book, the design was outdated with improved ground to air missile systems in USA.
22. August, 18:02
Slavo Hazucha
Vacu-form Bear?! Epic... 👍 excellent pics against the clouds too!
22. August, 18:03
The single huge cruise missile, was fitted on the underside of this plane, and was half sticking out at the bottom, with its two wings on the outside. A book on the subject said something like, it took 18 hours or so to prepare a nuclear warhead early in the 50's or so, but then they shortened the preparation time down to 3-6 hours or so in later years after that.
22. August, 18:05
22. August, 20:05


1:72 Tupolev Tu.20 Bear (Contrail )

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