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Terrible Millennium Falcon kit; decent results


Black Baron
Taking a seat
4 March 2020, 12:46
Stefan Schacht
count me in
2 June 2021, 21:32
Michael Osadciw
Ignore the wireless switches; they didn't work well! Image 8 is what I ended up with: one motions sensor switch for each circuit.
2 June 2021, 21:34
Alright! You're taking this old kit to the next level! ?
2 June 2021, 23:17
How can I miss this, nice progress with this old goody 👍
3 June 2021, 08:50
Michael Osadciw
Too kind! 🙂
3 June 2021, 14:55
very interesting
4 June 2021, 05:40
So tell us Michael, why this is such a bad kit? I assume that mainly fit issues, what with an older kit, but it looks pretty good to me.
4 June 2021, 07:27
Michael Osadciw
Apart from the bad fit, there are a couple of glaring omissions: The engine exhaust part is a big clear piece as well as the quad-gun ports. However, there is nothing behind any of them. I scratch built the gun pod bays and the engine exhaust was reworked with a paper mask that I put in between the clear part and the engine lights. The cockpit was missing a lot of major parts and the main saucer halves were warped. It's lacking in a lot of detail as well and is in a strange scale. BUT, because it wasn't that great I figured it'd be a good opportunity to put lights in something; if I wrecked it, no big loss. I don't have much time right now for this hobby which I love, and dealing with bad fit is not worth my time. If it's old, it better be a Tamiya kit. 🙂
4 June 2021, 19:02
There's one big issue with the kit which you didn't mention - its height. All the side panels are too tall, and thus the various after-market replacements so it looks more like the studio miniature and less like a toy.
4 June 2021, 19:52
I had been on the fence purchasing this kit for years, and now I know why. Those older kits, especially StarWars stuff are a real pain to build, and are sadly lacking in detail. Couldn't agree more. I still like to collect them though, probably because of the box art.
4 June 2021, 22:43
Michael Osadciw
Yeah, forgot about the height on the sides. The side panels look strange and the way their detail is molded they almost look vacuum-formed. Eh, I'm making up my own paint scheme so no worries about accuracy anyway. 🙂
6 June 2021, 01:16
Looking forward to your painting 👍
6 June 2021, 08:39
Rui S
Ohhh. Beautifull work 👍
25 July 2021, 15:56
We're in the endgame now… looking forward to the final reveal
25 July 2021, 18:24
Michael Osadciw
Hhehe. Thanks. 🙂
26 July 2021, 13:40
Michael Osadciw
I'm going to toss the clear canopy parts and grind out the clear bits on the gun ports and just leave the frames, or just scratch build the frames. They are just too thick and wavy to see all of the nice interior stuff I did.
28 July 2021, 14:26
Well, some of the original StarWars models did not have transparent parts, if i remember correctly 😉
28 July 2021, 15:16
Michael Osadciw
Good enough for me! 🙂
28 July 2021, 20:33
Black Baron
Nice work
29 July 2021, 19:03
Nice progress, I like the action photos
24 October 2021, 07:28
Congratulations Michael, I think she looks great. The paint and weathering are top notch, the lighting is awesome, and you take great pictures!
24 October 2021, 18:41
Michael Osadciw
Thanks! I appreciate the peer review. 🙂
24 October 2021, 21:53


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