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Jim J (Hoss WA)

Adlertag - Bf 109E-3, Adolf Galland

Adolf Galland's mount from the Battle of Britain, August 1940


Jim J
The main build is now complete. I was a little disappointed with the number of sink marks and molding errors around the edges. Much more flash than the typical Eduard kit. It's just a little extra work and I'm happy with the final result of the build. I used Master barrels for the guns and a Quickboost gunsight. Painting is next.
16 October 2020, 20:54
Erik Leijdens
Smart cockpit Jim! Your build looks good too. I'm eager to see you paint job. I'm building a 109 too at the moment, you can never have to much 109s !
17 October 2020, 07:15
Sergej I
Oh wow, a clean build and the details of 32nd scale are just stunning... 👍
17 October 2020, 07:19
Jim J
Thanks Erik and Sergej! Much appreciated.
19 October 2020, 01:34
Rui S
Looking good 👍 I'm in
20 October 2020, 20:07
Jim J
Thanks Rui. Main camo painting is complete. Mr Color lacquers were used for the RLM 65,02,71 scheme.
23 October 2020, 17:34
Jim J
This one is now complete. I'm happy with how this one turned out. It's an interesting scheme. Thanks for looking.
11 November 2020, 02:19
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful 109, very well done.
11 November 2020, 03:38
Very beautiful result and realistic presentation in open air scenery! 👍👍👍
11 November 2020, 10:18
Rui S
Beautiful model. Very well done 👍
11 November 2020, 22:14
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic model Jim! The backdrop is great too, looks like a real scene
11 November 2020, 22:25
Stefan Schacht
very nice
11 November 2020, 22:28
Jim J
Clifford, Neuling, Rui, Erik and Stefan — Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. Much appreciated.
12 November 2020, 00:45
Outstanding Jim. A real masterpiece
12 November 2020, 16:49
Nathan Dempsey
Elegant finish there Jim!
12 November 2020, 16:57
James C
Outstanding work Jim👍
12 November 2020, 17:08
Daniel Klink
Fully agree with James 👍 Awesome result and pictures again Jim 👍
12 November 2020, 17:19
Jim J
Mathieu, Nathan, James and Daniel - Thank you for the very nice comments. I'm glad you like it.
13 November 2020, 02:07
Dejan Lukic
Great looking Emil...just perfect
12 July 2021, 19:49
Daniel Klink
Indeed Perfect!!! WOW!!!
12 July 2021, 20:01
12 July 2021, 21:32
Jim J
Thanks for the nice comments mates! This project was a little involved than expected — some molding fixes and the rigging arrangement — but I'm really happy how it came out. Glad you like it.
13 July 2021, 21:47
Niels Cnossen
Really really nice job, I had the same experience as you discrebed, love the camo scheme and rigging! Now I want to buy another 109 E 😉
20 August 2021, 18:18


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