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German Modeler (LukeIron)

Nebelwerfer 42, Waffen-SS "Herbst"



1:72 WWII German 21cm Nebelwerfer 42 and 8.8cm Raketwerfer 43 with crew (Caesar Miniatures H093)


1. January 2019, 15:35
Andreas Koziol
und wieder vom feinsten. finde die vegetation sehr gelungen.
1. January 2019, 18:41
Zsolt Czegle
Sieht echt gut aus! Die Uniformen sind fantastisch bemalt!
15. January 2019, 09:06
I really like the vegetation for this scale. Congrats!
15. January 2019, 09:27
Thomas K.
15. January 2019, 21:28
Michael Hickey
Great little dio.
15. January 2019, 22:06
your dios as simply incredible. i just love them
16. January 2019, 23:13
Frank Roth
Schaut klasse aus, aber waren die Granaten mit über 100 kg nicht zu schwer um sie einfach so zu tragen ?
13. February 2019, 13:36
Wim van der Luijt
How on earth did you paint those camouflage patterns? The dio looks really good, very nice piece
13. February 2019, 13:42
Bart Goesaert
Mighty fine paintjob on those figures... and love the scene in the fall...
a bit of a bummer that the end isn't opened up from the launcher. Have the same question as frank about the weight of the shells.
13. February 2019, 14:07
Nathan Dempsey
Wow! I agree that this is overall great work, but I'm amazed at the camo work on the uniforms of the soldiers.
13. February 2019, 14:10
Daniel Klink
Another fantastic dio Vegetation is on can feel the autumn atmosphere. Great work
And the uniform camo is amazingly done especially in 72
I would have done them a little bit more dull. But perhaps it is from the camera that they seem to be a bit glossy.
13. February 2019, 14:56
German Modeler
Thanks mates.
@ Wim it is a very time consuming work because there were hundreds of small dots made
@ Daniel yes they're not completely mat-finished and the light does the rest
@ Frank Also das ist ja das Set von Caesar und auf dem Boxart werden die Granaten von einer Person getragen. Hab mir da gar nicht so viel Gedanken gemacht, aber nach einiger Recherche bezweifel ich auch das man die alleine tragen konnte. Naja wurde OOB gebaut, beim nächsten Mal werde ich den Nebelwerfer 41 bauen da sind die Granaten nur um die 31kg schwer gewesen.

13. February 2019, 15:28
Amazing dio in scale 1/72!
13. February 2019, 17:23
playtime 222
Awesome. And as I type this I see the last comment says in 72nd... Double awesome.
13. February 2019, 17:27

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