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Marc Schnitzler (PetroAlchemist)

Academy Graf Spee


6. October 2019, 14:15
You can probably knock down some of the paint edges along the masked water line, very carefully with fine sanding paper, before adding a gloss coat, otherwise, maybe leave it, as sanding paint will require adding a gloss coat to look ok again. There is also a danger of sanding through the paint if you also sand the flat areas with thinner layer of paint, which is ofc undesirable.
6. October 2019, 14:41
Martin Oostrom
Mmm. I've got this one as well, somewhere on my shelf of half finished. Perhaps I can find some inspiration here?
6. October 2019, 15:57
Marc Schnitzler
Thats a good idea, i think i will give it a try 😄
You think 1500er Sandpaper can do the Job?
I added my inspiration for my one in this Album😉
6. October 2019, 16:33
I am not sure. Also, best add some masking tape around the hull, so you don't scratch the paint elsewhere. As I commented before, I am assuming that you will add a gloss coat, else, probably not a good idea, sanding plain paint tend to look, bad.
6. October 2019, 16:48
Marc Schnitzler
Later i saw these Edges comes from the Hull Part, maybe the mark to cut the Hull for a waterline model.
10. November 2019, 16:10


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1:350 Admiral Graf Spee (Academy 14103)

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