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Karl Ei Ütle (Kartul)

Flyhawk Bismarck


19. January 2019, 08:03
Stephan H.
Following. This surely will look nice with that dramatic base. One advice for base material, maybe for next project: "Styrodur" instead of normal "Styropor". Styrodur is very dense and has very tiny structure. That means, there is no need fill up holes with putty or so. Anyway your waves look nice.
22. January 2019, 07:24
Karl Ei Ütle
Well, thats what i had at hand and im covering it with multiple layers of paper anyway, so no need to fill any holes.
22. January 2019, 16:56
very nice work on sculpting those waves 🙂
22. January 2019, 23:14
Jason Gardiner
That detail for 1/700 is spectacular! I've been battling along with a 1/350 Bismarck that has nowhere near that detail.
23. January 2019, 22:14
Bart Goesaert
Mighty fine detail work....
25. January 2019, 17:01
Rick Corts
Great work so far! Maybe i'll learn something from you!
25. January 2019, 18:53
Karl Ei Ütle
First time working with this much PE, learning process for me too.
25. January 2019, 18:59
Stephan H.
Nice progress and most of all FAST progress. I wish I could finish projects with that pace. Keep it up 👍
30. January 2019, 07:24
Rick Corts
Indeed! Very fast. But it still looks really good! The PE is applied really well.
30. January 2019, 09:35
Karl Ei Ütle
Getting to work on her contributes to fast pace, though not much progress per evening due to absurd amount of PE.
30. January 2019, 20:34
Holger Kranich
I like what i see! The Vierlings must have been a hell of a work!
14. February 2019, 10:37
14. February 2019, 12:59
Andreas Koziol
I'm not a big ship-fan, but every time I see so big ship dios I'm really impressed. great job! 👍
25. February 2019, 13:58
I fully agree with Andreas.
25. February 2019, 18:24
Christian Bruer
Nice to see another one building ship models over here. Very nice result and finish 👍. Do you plan to add a wooden frame for the display?
25. February 2019, 20:00
Karl Ei Ütle
I do plan to add frame, but first i got to finish the model itself.
25. February 2019, 21:40
Karl Ei Ütle
Rigging done!
11. March 2019, 16:39
Karl Ei Ütle
Ill make finished album at some point..
15. March 2019, 15:40
Holger Kranich
Nice, nice!
15. March 2019, 15:54
And this is why I am so intimidated by ship modelling; seeing what can be achieved by someone who really knows what they're doing! Bravo!
21. May 2019, 20:53
Karl Ei Ütle
Well, it is only a third ship, so I wouldn't to be really knowing what I'm doing.
25. May 2019, 18:33
Slavo Hazucha
Great stuff! Excellent work on the model & the rough sea and gloomy atmosphere of the pictures just underline the "last journey" appeal of the scene 👍
25. May 2019, 18:38


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