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Hans Robben (Nebbor)


SCM Aggressor Group Build Fall 2019

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This album is attached to project TA-4J Skyhawk banana slug.

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In progress
1:48 TA-4J Skyhawk (Hasegawa 07243)1:48 A-4E/F wheels (Eduard 648214)3+


12. August at 15:34:08 Share
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Hans Robben Possible candidate for the Aggressor GB.
12. August at 15:46:20
Patrick Hagelstein Nah... But that's different for sure! You know what...go for that as well! :D
12. August at 16:13:05
Nathan Dempsey I like the camo. Definitely something different :)
12. August at 16:17:04
Soeren . Cool subject ;)
12. August at 16:59:03
Hans Robben Thanks guys, unusual camo for sure. And Roland is right: it really looks like ice cream!

Two scoops vanilla, 1 scoop pistachio, cream and chocolate sauce please!
12. August at 17:11:29
12. August at 17:40:44
Moritz Fentzahn Cool and unusual. I am in
12. August at 17:47:56
Daniel looks more like smurf ice cream^^
12. August at 17:53:52
Sergej I If, then in :)
13. August at 20:43:36
Maciej Bellos Following!
13. August at 21:55:59
Nathan Dempsey I bet this jet is REALLY hard to spot in the desert environment.
13. August at 22:02:56
Michael Phillips Following! I am considering a TA-4J for my submission to this GB as well...
14. August at 03:27:04
Jos Jansen Following...!
2. September at 13:23:57
Hans Robben Since both the F5E and Hornet are waiting for ordered parts to arrive and my A4E has some problems with sourcing decals I start my aggressor #5 for the group build. Will be OOB except wheels and maybe seats. All necessary items in the house so this one will surely finish.
4. November at 14:59:56
Nathan Dempsey I was hoping you would get to this one. :)
4. November at 15:01:01
Roland Revolvermann #5 Nice
I like that color scheme very much. Especially fresh painted it must have looked like a sugar bomb.
4. November at 15:40:58
Hans Robben OOB = quick build. Finished cockpit and intakes and joined the two nose and fuselage halves.
4. November at 17:06:09
Patrick Hagelstein That is a quick build for sure!
4. November at 17:48:26
Stephan Ryll Nice progress Hans
4. November at 18:46:03
Daniel Number 5 ladies and gentlemen! Will he get to ten? :D
Very interesting how the color looks different on the photos, a bit like a very bright version of the F-16N camo...will be another color mixing adventure huh?
4. November at 19:35:13
Hans Robben Daniel: 5 started but only 1 finished as of yet. And yes, this will be another custom mix job for all 4 colors I guess.
4. November at 19:39:33
Hans Robben The quest for the colors has begun. I have stopped at the mixes as seen in pic 6, more tuning needed for the beige colors (still too dark) and the mint color (needs more blue). Exception is the dark brown: the Akan seems a pretty good match
4. November at 21:17:07
Hans Robben One thing to add: the Hasegawa kit is a joy to work on, especially when compared to the Fujimi kit. So far zero filler in any form needed!
4. November at 23:46:55
Hans Robben Played with the custom mixes a bit more this morning, I think this is it. For those interested: the paints used and their ratios are in the project description.
5. November at 10:51:16
Hans Robben Primered, ready for paint!
5. November at 16:18:35
Maciej Bellos That's super fast! Should we call it a Hans Robben group build? Hehehe. Well done mate!
5. November at 19:11:56
Nathan Dempsey Very nice Hans!
5. November at 19:17:24
Hans Robben Thanks Maciej and Nathan.

Halfway through the 3rd color, getting tired. Tomorrow I will continue, now time to watch some soccer.
5. November at 19:55:21
Sergej I Hans, are you freehanding this or using putty? I really like the colours, they are spot on!
5. November at 21:37:56
Hans Robben Sergej: this is using putty. The real aircraft has pretty tight demarcations. The colors on this are open for debate but I settled on 1 photograph and tried to imitate those colors. Pretty happy how they match the photograph too.
5. November at 21:59:43
Sergej I Thanks Hans, had the same dilema with my Navy Viper.
6. November at 05:45:22
Nathan Dempsey The colors look great Hans. Minty!
6. November at 12:51:06
Hans Robben You're welcome Sergej, thanks Nathan. Minty indeed!

Third color applied, only the dark brown left to do.
6. November at 13:28:16
Harry Eder Nice paint job so far!
6. November at 13:45:50
Hans Robben Thanks Harry.

Last minute change for the dark brown. Brown is recommended as FS30140 I am going for FS30117, not the Akan 73098. Maybe I will change my mind back to Akan when the color is on, we will see.
6. November at 14:33:26
Nathan Dempsey I'm sure you'll get it right Hans. This is a very challenging camo from a color point of view. You're doing it perfectly.
6. November at 14:53:33
Stephan Ryll That camo is looking great Hans
6. November at 15:12:39
Hans Robben Thanks Nathan and Stephan.

Fourth and last color applied. Also a crash and 3 slat actuators less :(. Some scratch building required.
6. November at 19:12:49
Patrick Hagelstein Darn! Too bad about those slat actuators but the colors turned out beautiful!
6. November at 20:03:37
Sergej I Love it! The subtle gray and tan are spot on!
6. November at 21:59:30
Roland Revolvermann Agree, colors turned out great!
6. November at 22:18:20
Hans Robben Thanks Sergej and Roland. The "grey" is actually very lightened FS33531.
7. November at 11:18:19
Jos Jansen Love these special colors Hans, great job!
7. November at 17:35:58
Hans Robben For those who want to do this camouflage I found another straight from the bottle paint. MRP-256 is a perfect match for the lightest sand color.
13. November at 12:02:11
Patrick Hagelstein Whaddayaknow! I wouldn't have thought of using WWI 'color' on a modern jet. :D
13. November at 14:24:47
Hans Robben Think out-of-the-box Patrick ;)
13. November at 14:27:03
Patrick Hagelstein :D Yesterday I experimented with Hull Red, Deck Tan and Orange to get my brown mixed. I'm getting there... ;)
13. November at 14:30:45
Hans Robben I thought you ordered the MRP Red Earth?
13. November at 14:32:40
Patrick Hagelstein I did but it turned out too orange. I'll post some pictures of my mixture later today.
13. November at 14:56:23
Hans Robben FS30117 is the color of the original and the MRP version is a perfect match for my decals. Good luck matching your decals.
13. November at 15:05:59
Stephan Ryll Nice camo Hans
13. November at 16:17:44
Hans Robben Thanks Jos and Stephan.

Started with decalling but there is not much to decal. I have had ordnance with more decals than this TA-4J: 21 decals only.
14. November at 20:19:32
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