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Royal Aircraft Factory Fe2b


54 25 August 2021, 11:21
Bruce Huxtable
Astonishing skillful work. Superb.
25 August 2021, 12:08
Thomas Espe
Just ... wow. I'm speechless. Beautiful!
25 August 2021, 13:14
Hanno Kleinecke
That is one of the - if not THE most impressive demonstration of scratchbuilding skill I've ever seen.
Compared to that, I'm just a kit - assembler…….
25 August 2021, 18:09
Daniel Klink
The heck !?!?!?! Awesome....
25 August 2021, 18:18
Robert Podkoński
Absolutely fantastic!
25 August 2021, 20:11
David R. Meizoso
How...? Oh my! But, wait... is that a real match or a 2:1 scale mock up? 😉
This is unbelievable and I bend my knee before you.
25 August 2021, 22:12
Thanks so much for all the kind words. I'm trying my best with it. 🙂 Still a bit unfamiliar with the scalemates interface though, so apologies for some of the images being sideways. Hopefully there is an option to rotate them somewhere.
25 August 2021, 22:43
Simply beyond words. Not only scratch built, but with the finest quality. And in 1/144!
To rotate pictures, just go to your album, click on manage, then advanced options and then you can rotate any if them
25 August 2021, 23:22
Aha! Thanks Spanjaard. That did the trick 😄
26 August 2021, 00:53
26 August 2021, 07:34
Greg Baker
I've been a huge fan of F_IV's work for a while now. Absolutely jaw dropping every single time.
26 August 2021, 07:44
i could not agree more! 🙂
26 August 2021, 08:39
Bernhard Schrock
Double wires in 1:144?? Extraordinary work. Chapeau!!
26 August 2021, 10:17
Thank you everybody. You are very kind! 🙂
Added a few more pictures from today. Detailed the booms a bit and finally got to see it standing up all by itself.
28 August 2021, 13:36
Christian Bruer
This is incredible and one of the finest craftsmanship I have seen so far. Very convincing work and finish 👍
30 August 2021, 17:21
Thank you again, that is very kind! New pics added. Homemade tail codes and rigging added to the booms.
4 September 2021, 23:53
Thomas Bischoff
a pleasure to follow and far beyond my skills 👍
5 September 2021, 07:33
New header pic. Added the bomb racks and more rigging. Plus my giant shilling just arrived in the mail! 😛
11 September 2021, 09:42
Christoph Schnarr
Wonderful model making. Great result, especially in this scale 👍
11 September 2021, 16:34
11 September 2021, 16:44
Modelling at it's best. Hat off
11 September 2021, 19:54
David Taylor
11 September 2021, 21:03
Robert Podkoński
What could I say what has not been said here... I am just speechless. Chapeau bas! (Could you describe the technique and its purpose on the photo #8, please?)
12 September 2021, 06:22
Hans Haag
That is King Scratchbuild!
12 September 2021, 09:16
Thanks everybody, I really appreciate the kind words. Its been a lot of work.
Robert, to answer your question; photo #8 was how I made the instrument faces for the panel in the cockpit. I brushed some paint on a non-stick surface and when it was touch dry cut disks out of it by pressing a sharpened piece of brass tube into it. I've since changed the way I do this however and switched to painted decal instead. You can make disks as small as .5mm without too much trouble. Here's some clearer images of it: [img1] [img2] Cheers!
12 September 2021, 11:06
Hanno Kleinecke
Absolutely spectacular ! Even more so because of that microsopic scale 👍
12 September 2021, 11:33
Robert Podkoński
Thanks for the explanation and tutorial F_IV, really appreciated.
12 September 2021, 11:39
Rui S
Excellent as always 👍
12 September 2021, 12:51
All finished and added some final pics. Thanks for taking a look!
Now I can go out and photograph some tiny trenches... 😛
10 October 2021, 05:09
Pierre-Christian Baudru
10 October 2021, 05:56
Simon Nagorsnik
Just a masterpiece!!
You need a lot of practice to do this.
Also the paint job is great!
10 October 2021, 06:03
I agree with Simon. 👍👍
10 October 2021, 06:06
Bruce Huxtable
Mind-blowingly fantastic work. Precision would be an understatement. Superb 🙂
10 October 2021, 06:26
Thomas Bischoff
Mind-blowing matches! A real piece of art 👍
10 October 2021, 08:13
looking at this beauty once more, and again, being completely in awe. may i ask how you glue the rigging without any apparent glue reside? is is like you glue the rigging by magic!
17 May, 20:40
Ricardo Reis
Wow, like... wow!!! 👍 👍 👍
18 May, 10:22
Bas Tonn
I thought 1/72 was small for WWI birds.... very nice this !!
18 May, 10:27
Matthew A
18 May, 11:10
Bruce Huxtable
Tame spiders! fantastic results 🙂
18 May, 12:01
this is awesome clockwork really well done
18 May, 13:07
Matthew A
Has details that even 1:72 modellers forget
18 May, 14:14
David Taylor
The rigging,how the hell???
18 May, 19:31
Sep deStamina
That rigging? - insane! Incredible work, and undoubtedly the finest 144 scale build I have ever seen.
18 May, 20:40
Thank you everybody, that is very kind! I love the FE.2 as a subject and would very much like to do a Heyford or a Taube in a similar manner one day.
Spanjaard, with regards to the rigging; I use fine wire which I roll flat and attach with thinned down PVA. It needs less glue compared to thread, as there is no tension in the line. 👍
22 May, 09:46
Pantelis Antonoglou
Just WOW!!! Congratulations for this build and of course for your patience!
22 May, 09:50
Thanks F_IV, how thin is the wire?
22 May, 19:04
I use 0.05mm nichrome wire. It is somewhat bright for 1/144 however, so I usually give it a wash of very thin grey paint to tone it down a bit.

23 May, 11:40
23 May, 13:06


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