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Tom ... (tom...)

Moebius: Invisible Man - WIP


Tom ...
Looking forward to this build. More of an art project feel to it.

While this has less pieces and simpler construction than say a vehicle, it's still quite tricky if you want to avoid having major seams and/or gaps. I'm also trying to figure a way to build the torso and coat and keep the waist coat section separate for easier painting. It'll be interesting.
4 April, 02:21
Exciting, looks challenging, I definitely watch it 👍
4 April, 04:44
Greg Baker
Sign me up for this!
4 April, 05:36
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Interesting project. 👀 👍
7 April, 10:04
Roland Revolvermann
7 April, 10:56
Tom ...
Finally tried out the new PS-290 for the initial priming phase and it's everything I thought it would be. Absolutely fantastic.

Here are some initial observations:

1. Going to take some getting used to. It is very different from the brushes I've used before. There is a lot air coming out and has a completely different feel. A whole new step up in airbrushing for me.

2. So glad I upgraded the compressor. Only used the fan cap so far but it feels like it needs a solid 30 PSI and maybe more. Was using Tamiya's lacquer primer thinned with Mr Color leveling thinner which together is very thin and it went on like a dream.

3. On the down side, the amount of air coming out also causes any dust or hairs nearby to be blown up into the paint work so going to have to work harder to keep the environment clear of such things. Annoying.

4. Did I mention a lot of air comes out? Oy Vey!

Looking forward to mastering this brush. It is going to make priming and clear coating so much better.

As for the model: I'm happy with the removal of the seam lines from the coat and pants. Thinking of doing another prime coat using Mr Surfacer 500, hoping it adds a mild texture that looks more like cloth... we'll see.
13 April, 05:13
Greg Baker
This is so neat. I have a few resin figures I'd like to tackle someday soon, so this is informative.
16 April, 15:06


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1:8 The Invisible Man (Moebius Models 903)

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