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SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild

Tom ---> SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild | Album by tom... (1:24)

Chris ---> Project 056 -- Australian Truck Group Build | Album by chrisagreat (1:24)

Nathan ---> SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild | Album by Plastic Addict (1:24)

Danny ---> SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild | Album by Dony (1:24)

Bozzer ---> SCM Australian trucks groupbuild | Album by Bozzer (1:24)

Martin ---> SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild | Album by Mahoo76 (1:24)


30 January 2020, 01:41
Tom ...
Don't worry. I've not started building yet. Just thought I'd share a pic of how the kit arrived. Thankfully nothing was damaged. Truck's as tough as nails!
30 January 2020, 01:43
Bob Hall
Neat !
30 January 2020, 06:40
I still have to get mine. Luckily, it's only 3 days delivery!
30 January 2020, 07:12
Martin Oostrom
OOB or custom job?
2 February 2020, 09:31
Tom ...
I think OOB for now, however I will spend some time looking at alternatives so that might change.
2 February 2020, 17:37
Lol, well you guys need to have a think and lay down a few rules
2 February 2020, 17:40
Bill Newcomer
2 February 2020, 18:14
Martin Oostrom
One rule: there should be an Australian connection. Any truck can do!
2 February 2020, 18:31
Tom ...
I decided to get the de-chroming done. Tested a piece of sprue with Super Clean and it worked but took an awful long time (nearly 24 hours). Have mixed feelings about the result. Stupidly I used a hard bristled brush to clean off at the end but I think that cause more harm than good, so will have some extra work polishing up the plastic for the primer... but that's in two weeks... meh.
4 February 2020, 03:38
Tom, try a test with thick household bleach.
4 February 2020, 18:54
Tom ...
Ah Bozzer, it's too late. The deed is done. Onward and upward...
4 February 2020, 19:04
Chris Greathouse
Tom. I'm there with you... I took a brush to the residue, but it too came out itchy and scratchy... But like you said, there is lots of time until GO time.
4 February 2020, 19:38
Chris Greathouse
Bozz, I tried bleach... it left a silty/sandy residue, I could wipe it away/off with a paper towel easily enough, but it was still there.
4 February 2020, 19:42
Nathan Dempsey
Would simple green work? The only other thing I have is bleach to get the chrome off.
4 February 2020, 20:24
Chris Greathouse
Bleach works according to bozz, just leave it in for a few-several hours, rinse it off well and you're good to go.
4 February 2020, 20:41
I found, that on a couple of kits, the chrome had a laquer on it. I haven't come across another yet, but when I do, I'm gonna try brake fluid to remove the laquer, then the bleach. If it works, I'll let you guys know.
6 February 2020, 20:40
My kit should arrive tomorrow, Friday at the latest. I'll start a thread when it arrives.
12 February 2020, 22:39
Danny Meer
Following 🙂
13 February 2020, 15:00
Tom ...
pic #3: Done some pre-assembly of pieces.

Question: In 1D it says to drill out some holes on the chassis but the holes in the instructions don't really match with the pieces themselves. What am I missing?
15 February 2020, 22:50
Peter Hardy
Tom, you have, I'll bet found the steering box issue. They have not replaced the part just stood it on its end on the right hand rail. I am scratch building a replacement.
15 February 2020, 23:17
@Tom. I have a feeling that the instructions are generic and sometimes things get missed?
16 February 2020, 01:01
Nathan Dempsey
They are very "maybe". As in maybe this goes here but maybe closer to over here... 🙂
16 February 2020, 01:03
Tom ...
I'm studying step 7 to see if there are in fact any missing holes. Dry fit, dry fit, dry fit...

Oh and I've completely given up on removing seams; too many and too strong. Some of the more visible ones I'll deal with but otherwise I concede defeat.
16 February 2020, 01:30
I'm gonna post some pics.
16 February 2020, 01:54
Martin Oostrom
What you're missing is Italeri logic. It's a very rare capability that only exists within the Italeri factory. When it leaves the factory, it dissipates in the air!
16 February 2020, 08:28
Tom ...
Got a little more done today. I'm curious on how others are going to do their paint/assembly order and what parts exactly need detailing.
22 February 2020, 21:59
Martin Oostrom
As I'm trailing EVERYONE, i'd like the answer as well. Pretty please?
22 February 2020, 22:03
Tom ...
Sheesh, what a pain it was to to assemble the fuel tank steps. I forgot to pre-drill the holes but actually I think it was easier without them.
23 February 2020, 01:50
Nathan Dempsey
I'm still deciding if I want the steps chrome or just regular aluminum. Since I'll probably be weathering I'll go for a more toned down look.
23 February 2020, 01:57
Martin Oostrom
Doing a shiny show truck myself, so I'll need super clear chrome parts!
27 February 2020, 08:07
Cab pics added to my album
27 February 2020, 19:22
Danny Meer
You made the right decision with not drilling holes....I did and now have 2 holes in both tanks that don't line up 🙁
And they are a nightmare to put together
10 March 2020, 19:36
Peter Hardy
Stop it Danny! You're scaring me!
10 March 2020, 21:20
Tom ...
I haven't been able to get to the bench at all the last few weeks. Great to see others are making progress. haven't even had time to comment. Life (other than corona) is sucking up all my free time. All I can do right now is lurk every few days! Take care guys and stay safe! Talk soon.
24 March 2020, 23:53
Martin Oostrom
Same for me Tom
26 March 2020, 08:16
Updated my album
17 April 2020, 17:41
Tom ...
Ugh, I'm so far behind. I have 170 unread notifications! Just slammed with work and family life right now. No energy to do any hobbies. Oh and the weather is gorgeous.. the porch is calling...
17 April 2020, 20:32
Peter Hardy
So Tom, lurking eh? Just an occasional peep? A peeping Tom?
17 April 2020, 22:03
Tom ...
Going to put this monster on hold for now. Been jonesing to get back to some kind of modeling. Will start my USRRC 427 Cobra as that seems like a straight forward build for the amount of time I currently have available. It's depressing see all the amazing work everyone is doing here. Very jealous. I look at my stash and just want to cry...
24 May 2020, 01:18
Peter Hardy
Did the same myself Tom, got frustrated as hell and started an OOB one day build that has stretched to three days so far!
24 May 2020, 01:53


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1:24 Australian Truck (Italeri 719)

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SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild in Moranbah
SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild
AU 15. February until 31. July 2020

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