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Tom ... (tom...)

Model T Fire Truck - WIP


15. January 2020, 17:42
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Tom ...
Is it me or is it the kit? I seem to spend most of my time scraping away seams. I think it's mainly me as I have an aversion to seam lines that is only getting worse.

I feel like I should have a separate "sanding" room with respirator otherwise I'm going to get modeler's lung....
15. January 2020, 17:52
Chris Greathouse
But seamlining is fun 😄 My desk and shirt are usually as flakey as your instruction booklet 😄
15. January 2020, 17:56
Tom ...
Figuring out how to do brass. So far doing Alclad chrome with Tamiya clear yellow is a winner for a nice shiny bright look.
15. January 2020, 22:51
that is thoroughly testing... nice!
15. January 2020, 22:52
Chris Greathouse
Woah, a bit testy? 😛 Thanks for the image... for the intentions on my egg van I like the 1st result 😄
15. January 2020, 23:34
Bob Hall
Neat !
16. January 2020, 02:09
I have been looking more a mirror gold finish for racing exhausts and that last spoon on the right is very close. Is your chart telling me you sprayed the Tamiya paints over the Alclad? Am I reading that correctly?
16. January 2020, 02:57
Chris Greathouse
Yes, 1 base, 2 chrome, 3 aqua gloss, 4 then looks like a 1:2 ratio of X24 + X27 on top, I like to clear coat these just to protect it all, but some don't.
16. January 2020, 03:18
Tom ...
Ah I should have been more exact in the labeling. It's mainly X24 with a few drops of X27 and the in the last one I put in a few more drops of red. You'll need to experiment with the ratios. Also I found that overall effect depends on how much of the X24 you apply so make sure to layer thin coats till you get the result you like.
16. January 2020, 03:31
Valters Orlovskis
Oh, so many sweet memories during building this kit... 😄
Good work for getting brass color. My attempt using AK Interactive Brass wasn't so succesfully, it comes out too dark because of black base.
16. January 2020, 09:31
That is in principle the same what ICM has done with the "brass" parts of the first Ford-T kits. I was not able to de-metallize it, until I realized, that there was a clear yellow layer on chromed sprues. After removing the clear yellow the baking oven cleaning spray works.
Nice test - I would vote for brass for most left or second from right😉
16. January 2020, 18:20
Tom ...
hmmm, the alclad yellow came out dull. However, I should clear coat it and see if it gets more of a shine.
16. January 2020, 19:08
Adam Gudynowski
Worth following 👍
16. January 2020, 19:25
Bryn Crandell
Worth following. The testing of achieving a decent brass look is great reference.
16. January 2020, 20:55
Bill Newcomer
I really like #3(b) or 5 from the left.
17. January 2020, 04:24
The brass figure was amazing, saved to me references folder : )
17. January 2020, 05:47
Tom ...
@bossy, sorry missed your question. I did both but putting tamiya acrylics over alclad was not a problem. Putting the alclad transparent yellow over the alclad chrome wasn't a problem either... however I did get both the base and chrome layers to fully cure first.

For my build I've gone for the spoon third from the right (clear yellow with a touch of clear red) and sealing it with the aqua clear gloss. I'll be posting pics of it later tomorrow.
17. January 2020, 06:09
Tom ...
Update, with pics:

#6: Did the brass pieces like I said above. The drawback with this method is making sure you get the look you want and it being consistent across all the pieces . The look of chrome and clear layers depends on how little or much you build them up, so getting it just right can be a bit of a challenge.

#7: It's my first time using Humbrol's liquid mask and it's brilliant. Used it to mask the interior of the spotlight so that it retained the chrome finish. Also used it to better mask the grill area of the radiator. Will definitely be using this mask more in the future.

#8: Really happy I bought the micro punch set. Got it mainly to do dial faces but it was perfect for doing the lamps.
17. January 2020, 20:49
Chris Greathouse
I may pump out cars like crazy, but man, the stuff you do is slow and with care and quality 🙂
17. January 2020, 21:57
Exactly what I thought: care and quality 👍
17. January 2020, 23:06
Tom ...
Aww shucks, guys. Too kind. I do try. However I've no illusions I've got a long way to go yet to build actual quality. [Looking at you, bughunter] Still, half the fun (misery) for me is trying to do a good job.
18. January 2020, 00:35
Björn Svedberg
Wonderful work so far! That brass looks excellent! 👍 I like your attention to detail and the nice build log.
18. January 2020, 09:08
Looking forward .........
18. January 2020, 16:25
Tom ...
I noticed that the brake lever doesn't have much of a hole to glue into later, so I drilled one and cut a piece out of the bottom of the lever so that it could fit down into the new hole properly. The pedals also look like they might be a bit precarious to glue in...
19. January 2020, 05:46
Chris Greathouse
What's the green sheet material with the punch set?
19. January 2020, 08:12
I see real quality here.... amazing job so far
19. January 2020, 13:47
Tom ...
Bah humbug. My fancy magnifiers broke! I'm powerless without them!
20. January 2020, 02:51
Bob Hall
Full Contact Model Building ? Tough Hobby ! LOL !
20. January 2020, 03:13
Chris Greathouse
Can those head magnifiers be used with glasses?
20. January 2020, 03:26
Tom ...
Yeah, they can. My only real complaint about those (except for breaking) is that they would get a bit sore on the nose bridge but otherwise they were perfect. I'm going to try out these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007CDJKM2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but I may well go back to the "spectacle" sort if I find them too cumbersome.
20. January 2020, 03:33
Tom ...
@bob, I might very well try them if the ones I have on order don't work out.
20. January 2020, 03:34
Bob Hall
I had to buy a second pair when my wife discovered how good the were and relieved me of my first pair, cheap yet effective and there at check out area at any Wal-Mart.
20. January 2020, 03:46
Tom ...
Body parts are painted and clear coated. Not happy with Tamiya's X7 (Red). It doesn't go down well and there is some weird pitting that happens. Same thing happened on the MG TC but much worse. In future going to look into some lacquer based paints now that I have my paint booth ventilation set up properly.
20. January 2020, 06:43
Bob Hall
Try the Testors Lacquer "Italian Red" stuff comes out great and is so easy !

1993 Ford Ranger Splash - Vibrant Red- | Album by springfieldm14 (1:24)

20. January 2020, 07:10
Tom ...
Managed to make a boo-boo. In my focus to dry fit the radiator and hood, I glued on the cab before mounting the engine. Oops. Had to pull the cab off. Wasn't a total disaster but not good either.
21. January 2020, 01:16
Tom ...
Tried out a new tool for placing flat pieces. Worked like a charm. Very happy with it. My only worry is that it feels like it'll get damaged really easily so will have to baby it.

Model Pal Vacuum Pickup Tool (Micro-Mark 81851, No)

No Model Pal Vacuum Pickup Tool (Micro-Mark 81851)
26. January 2020, 02:12
Tom ...
I have to say how much I like using a wet palette. Makes life much easier and saves a lot of paint. I can't imagine not using one now. I also enjoy hand painting with Vallejo paints. Much easier to work with than Tamiya, even with a retarder.
26. January 2020, 02:27
Bob Hall
That does look like a handy little tool ! Neat !
26. January 2020, 03:19
Chris Greathouse
Neat tool, I may have to look for it.
26. January 2020, 03:27
Tom ...
Finally got everything painted except for the brass plates on the wheel hubs and some kind of treatment for the tires but at least I can start assembling.
26. January 2020, 05:09
Tom, regarding the red paint. Revell and Humbrol have nice Red Enamels. I'll get you the number for the colour I'm using, when I get back in the cave. They go down great and thin really well. I used Humbrol enamel thinner with both, but you can use ordinary white spirit.
26. January 2020, 07:21
Tom ...
Thanks, Bozzer!

pic#16: Managed to get the brass hub plates done. Maskol to the rescue again. A bit of a convoluted process but came out fine. Not perfect for sure but good enough. If I was to do it again I'd do the brass first and then the main coat to see if that got a better result.

Started assembling the chassis and engine space. I have to say it's a very fiddly kit to put together. Was hoping to be much further along today.
27. January 2020, 01:21
Chris Greathouse
Damn dude! That's wheely good!
27. January 2020, 02:16
Tom, I'm curious about that liquid mask, is it like a latex, rubber, or silicone? Looks like you can do a lot with it...
27. January 2020, 02:21
Tom ...
@Chris: Very punny

@JD: It's rubber based. I'm finding it very useful indeed.
27. January 2020, 02:52
Tom ...
Got the underneath finished. Very fiddly indeed. Not looking forward to fitting the headlights at all.

I was planning to build this kit multiple times as I like the idea of building the same model over and over and applying what I've learnt to each new iteration. The goal would be to make each build better than the last and add new levels of detail and/or technique each time, like weathering say. I feel like that might be an effective way to improve. However I'm having second thoughts on using this kit for that purpose. Maybe the Isetta would be a better choice...hmmmm. Anyone else done something similar?
28. January 2020, 01:37
Chris Greathouse
The Isetta is a fun kit.
28. January 2020, 01:44
I say just keep building different kits...Each one should be better then the last one as you gain more experience. I don't like to have doubles of things, (I won't build ANOTHER Millennium Falcon!) You have great skills Tom, so naturally you'll improve over time. (Good advice for me, too)😎
28. January 2020, 01:50
Bill Newcomer
Tom, Simply build subjects you like. Your skills will grow as you progress naturally.
28. January 2020, 02:17
Tom ...
No worries, I'll keep doing other kits. I certainly have enough. I think having a parallel repeat build will help me avoid getting so uptight about messing the build itself. I get very nervous about trying anything new. This way I'll have one good initial build put away (popped the cherry so to speak) and then the rest are revisits with no real pressure. That's the theory anyway.
28. January 2020, 02:38
I accidentally deleted an album I called "Learning on toys from the dollar store" where I try new things like salt chipping, (which went horribly wrong!) on toys, and I was glad it wasn't on a nice kit! So that's been my approach to learning, doing tests and experiments on stuff ya don't care about before attempting the model...8)
28. January 2020, 02:51
Those brass parts look great!
29. January 2020, 05:44
Chris Greathouse
What a beauty!! So crisp.
29. January 2020, 05:59
red looks impressive and the brass.. what can i say ? 🙂
29. January 2020, 14:49
29. January 2020, 15:55
Tom ...
Thanks, guys! Car is complete. Next up are the two figures.
1. February 2020, 03:46
Chris Greathouse
Looking good!
1. February 2020, 05:46
Great build, looks stunning.
1. February 2020, 06:40
Bill Newcomer
Wow! That turned out sweet!
1. February 2020, 07:34
Tom ...
Putting the figures together was fun but required a lot of filling, scraping and sanding. More work than I would have guessed. There is a surprising amount of detail in the molds. Going to be interesting to paint.
1. February 2020, 23:01
Bob Hall
Cool ! A Box full of challenges I see ! Sweet Job my friend !
1. February 2020, 23:18
Tom ...
Thx, Bob. It has been a challenging build but educational too.
2. February 2020, 00:01
Donald Dickson II
Wow, missed this until now. Great job on the truck!
2. February 2020, 00:07
Chris Greathouse
Your guys look like they had an unfortunate run in with Blade (Wesley Snipes)
2. February 2020, 01:11
Tom ...
@Tom + Bill: Thx, guys. Much appreciated.

@Chris: Hmmm, maybe I'll leave it as an art installation. Call it "911: Trying to keep it together"
2. February 2020, 02:46
Brian Eberle
Awesome work on the brass. impressed.
2. February 2020, 06:04
Again, very careful and accurate work 👍 Impressive result, looks better then my T's😉
3. February 2020, 19:50
Dominik Weitzer
love it - looks fantastic! superclean result Tom.
3. February 2020, 20:05
Tom ...
Thank you guys. Bughunter, nice try but I've seen your Model T's and I got a ways to go yet. This year I plan to build the Light Delivery Truck and I'll be using yours and Roland's builds as my guide.

Ford T Light Delivery Car | Album by bughunter (1:24)

Ford Model T 1912 | Album by Roland (1:24)
5. February 2020, 22:03
Chris Greathouse
I like the TEXACO theme on these trucks.... It'd be handy to have that fire truck nearby. It'd make for a good dio too 😄
5. February 2020, 22:23
Bob Hall
What did you use for the skin tone ?
7. February 2020, 02:21
7. February 2020, 02:27
Tom ...
Just straight Vallejo Flat Flesh. No idea what I'm doing. Probably add some kind of brown wash to give them a more tanned/grimy look.
7. February 2020, 02:29
Bob Hall
Cool, I used the Model master, but i like that a bit better.
7. February 2020, 02:31
That [****]o tash has me laughing! Fantastic work buddy!!!
8. February 2020, 12:31
You can't use the word p-o-r-n-o? Well that's a first time for me.
8. February 2020, 12:33
Peter Hardy
Did you just see those pigs fly over then Bozz?

9. February 2020, 03:05
Tom ...
Finally done!
9. February 2020, 03:22
Chris Greathouse
That is some amazing work! The figs came out great!
9. February 2020, 03:51
Bob Hall
SAAAA WEEEEEEEE TAAAAA !!!!!!!!!! Awesome Job !
9. February 2020, 03:52
Nathan Dempsey
That really came out great. The figures are well done too 🙂
9. February 2020, 03:58
Peter Hardy
You want to be proud of that one Tom! Brilliant mate!
9. February 2020, 07:27
Bravo fella! That's definitely a showcase build, right there! A*
9. February 2020, 12:01
Tim Heimer
9. February 2020, 13:42
Donald Dickson II
Wow! That is flipping awesome!
9. February 2020, 15:39
Tom ...
Thank you all. Overall it turned out nicely and am very happy with the results. Of course there's stuff I wish was better but that's always going to be the case. Planning on doing this one again in the future but with the focus on subtle weathering all over to give it a little more realism/character. Or maybe just apply the weathering effects to this one directly? We'll see.

Going to get in a quicky build before the Aussie Group Build. Stay tuned for alien invasion....
9. February 2020, 20:25
Peter Hardy
You don't have time Tom.
9. February 2020, 21:23
Tim Heimer
Yea, but he wants to get another firetruck to Australia!
10. February 2020, 01:22
Bryn Crandell
That really looks amazing. The stache is a staple amoungst firefighters. Haven't shaved my off since basic training for the USAF and that was 33 years ago. AS soon as I graduated, I started growing it back.
10. February 2020, 02:23
Peter Hardy
It'll need floaties Tim. We're all flooded out now!
10. February 2020, 02:36
Donald Dickson II
Tom, Bryn can attest to this. There is very little weathering to be found on a fire truck. Even the older ones are clean. Things such as hoses, seats, tools and tires will be where you would do any kind of weathering. Paint, chrome and the like dont tend to be faded or dirty or badly scratched. Firemen are kind of anal about our fire trucks being clean. 🙂
10. February 2020, 04:26
Great looking model T Tom.

Sorry to hear that Peter.
In Ballarat ATM and besides a little dizzle it's dry here
10. February 2020, 05:13
Peter Hardy
LOL! Nobody but a Victorian could come up with that!!! It's dry with drizzle!!!! Love it!!
10. February 2020, 06:25
10. February 2020, 09:24
Yeah, to anyone else that doesn't make sense but that's the funny thing about drizzle.
If you're stuck in it you'll get soaked but the ground will still be relatively dry.
I'm a bit of a mongrel really.
Born in Queensland, lived in Adelaide for twenty five years and Victoria for twenty four in two stints
10. February 2020, 09:25
Peter Hardy
There is a road north you know Wilky!
Tom, what's next mate??? You still in the groupbuild? Looking at the detail work on the model T I hope so!
10. February 2020, 10:40
Dominik Weitzer
Wow, that figures looking amazing !!!
10. February 2020, 19:58
Tom ...
Thanks, guys. Next up is the Linberg flying saucer (from 1952 https://fantastic-plastic.com/lindberg_flying_saucer.html) that Polar Lights have released as Plan 9 from Outer Space: Plan 9 - WIP | Album by Cohort (1:48)
10. February 2020, 20:34
Bob Hall
I was Just watching those old Ed Wood Movies the other day ! This is gonna be good ! *pulls up seat with popcorn* I'm in !
10. February 2020, 21:02
Tom ...
yeah, it's so strange that these kits were actually used in the movie. The box says "a bizarrely authentic scale mode... All 61 rivets are accounted for and placed in exactly the same spots..."
10. February 2020, 21:23
Bill Newcomer
Definitely a build to be proud of.
11. February 2020, 03:16
Chris Greathouse
Hope there's another fire truck on standby because your truck is LIT!... I really like the color of the coats.
11. February 2020, 05:45
Alec K
Excellent work. I love the figs, and the red paint is just gorgeous 👍
11. February 2020, 12:39
Chris Greathouse
Thanks for your spoon table! I'll going to use that 1st spoon on all the chrome pieces on my Aussie truck, my chassis, and other details. The Cab will be dark green with details.
28. February 2020, 04:48
Christian W
V e r y n i c e! The figures Looking good and the Ford good too😉
3. June 2020, 04:17


1:24 Model T 1914 (ICM 24017)

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