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Revell BMW Isetta 250 - WIP


5 | 20. March 2019, 04:13
Tom ...
The build quality of this kit is really good.

My only complaints are that there are:
1) A lot of seams on the sprue pieces (but not the body or the large pieces),
2) The sprue connections are really really thick and lots and lots of them to boot, so a lot of tedious cleaning up of edges...
3) Some annoying pin-marks
4) The undercarriage is one simple molded piece so is going to be a pain to paint cleanly.

The chrome pieces are of a very high quality. I still went ahead and de-chrome them (which was very hard indeed) as I prefer the Alclad chrome.

I do wish they did some better or more interesting texturing for the seat but I guess for the skill level of the product I can't complain.

Anyway I really like this kit. All the pieces fit perfectly. The quality of all the pieces is solid. However, it's going to take me a long time to complete as I want to create a vintage (and slightly weathered) look but I'm not sure how to do that yet... so if you do follow along be prepared for very slow progress...

20. March 2019, 06:00
Chris Greathouse
no slow.... go go go! 😛 Your alclad pieces look very good.
30. March 2019, 19:40
Tom ...
Yeah, slow process... nearly two years now... decided not to go vintage this time. planning to get this kit again at some point again (i.e. when I feel I'm better able to do vintage).
10. January, 10:50
Tom ...
I've started using Tamiya's lacquer thinner to thin out their acrylics and it's resulting in a very smooth finish. My only complaint is that is drys too quickly, which on one hand is great but when masking it does create harsh edges... However not having orange peel is a big plus...
10. January, 11:06
Dominik Weitzer
very interesting. like what i see - nice and fresh color
10. January, 13:04
Tom ...
Ugh, I tried to get creative with the door and managed to damage that paint job. As I custom mixed the colors (and don't have any left) had no choice but to strip all the paint (except the chassis) and start again....

BTW, using Windex to remove the paint was amazingly effective. Very impressed.
11. January, 01:18
How long did you have to have the pieces soak in Windex to strip the paint? Would that work on lacquer as well?
11. January, 01:30
Tom ...
Hi Skywalker. Not very long, a minute or so. It won't work with lacquer, I don't think. Only with water based acrylics I believe. In my Tiger I build I was able to use Windex to remove my bad weathering as luckily I had laid down a lacquer based clear coat before hand.
11. January, 02:40
Tom ...
Made some "chrome" strips for the door.
11. January, 02:49
Dominik Weitzer
New start hä? Thats always a little bit sad, but a new start will bring some changes or upgrades you've not thought on before painting.
It only can get better now 😉
11. January, 13:46
Tom ...
True that, Dominik! Part of the reason too, to start again, was because I had better ideas on how to go about it.
12. January, 07:56
Dominik Weitzer
on the finish line of my "General Lee", the paint started cracking. The body was done - paint, chrome, decals, clearcoat...and what a shiny finish he had!. That was a really hard point, to remove the paint. that time, there were no aftermarket decals on the market, so i wanted to print my own. after i removed the paint, i changed the trimlines around the roof and overhauled the complete front to fit better with the bumpers.
thats why i think, sometime the "Modelbuildersgod" gives you a hint, when you can make it better :-D .
13. January, 15:54
Chris Greathouse
This is one of my favorite cars on my shelf... Such an oddball car. Watching!
11. February, 03:10
Ben M
A local BMW dealership used to have one on display. One time I managed to talk a salesman into letting me sit in it. Such a weird and cool little car.
11. February, 03:12
Bob Hall
Second one of these I've seen on here this week, unique little spud for sure. Knock another masterpiece out of the park Tom !
11. February, 05:56
Chris Greathouse
I love how the steering wheel moves with the door when you open it to allow for more room to get in and out. Pretty ingenious of the developers.
11. February, 14:33


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1:16 BMW Isetta 250 (Revell 07030)

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