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Tom ... (tom...)

Tamiya Citroen 2CV - Final

Some shots of the final build.


8 | 20. November 2018, 08:23
Very nice! Reminds me of my student days!
20. November 2018, 09:05
Daniel Klink
Love it! 👍
20. November 2018, 09:14
Johne 69
Top 👍
20. November 2018, 16:38
Looks nice! 🙂
20. November 2018, 18:48
Tom ...
Thanks, guys. Maybe some day I'll manage just part of what you can do and I'll be very happy indeed.
20. November 2018, 19:06
Martin Oostrom
Bla bla bla. Your Citron looks very mellow yellow. Very nice, Tom. Keep it up!
20. November 2018, 19:27
Daniel Klink
What?? Your Duck looks MArvelous in every perspective 👍
20. November 2018, 19:39
20. November 2018, 20:50
Tom Ballhoff
20. November 2018, 21:13
Daniel Klink
One little thing: The Laquer is a little bit too less on the shiny and polished side.
Even Ducks had a shiny and deep glossy Hull when they were new and well preserved 🙂
20. November 2018, 21:45
Tom ...
Ha Daniel, you make me laugh. At the moment I just struggle to not make a mess of airbrushing. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get to the point where I can control what look I really want. 🙂

And what I really want is to get good at weathering/realism. I find weathered models much more interesting. I think I should buy some miniatures and just practice painting them, that way I don't care if I mess up.
20. November 2018, 22:03
Bob Hall
Very Nice !!! BRAVO !
20. November 2018, 23:42
Dominik Weitzer
realy nice! well done!
25. August 2020, 05:45
Chaz Gordon
Nice work Tom, Didn't even know Tamiya did one of those, thought that was the exclusive domain of Heller.
25. August 2020, 14:24
Gary Dahlström
Wish I could give it two "like"s my daughter loves it as well.
25. August 2020, 16:03


1:24 Citroën 2CV (Tamiya 25415)
Citroen 2CV
FR Civil Standard Decals
6578 MD 75

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