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Katya Hodgson added a new photoalbum.
5 | 17. October 2018, 15:23
Stefan Schneider
Have to watch the anime again :) nice model 👍
17. October 2018, 15:52
Katya Hodgson
Thanks! It's possibly my favourite anime. 🙂
17. October 2018, 16:41
Motatim Stanislaw
Was there an anteater's crew on the set?
1. April, 16:44

March 2, 2021

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2. March, 06:42

February 4, 2021

Katya Hodgson
Hobbylink Japan now has it available for pre-order, and states "January" as release date. Ark Models themselves however suggested it would go on sale 1st December.
24. November 2018, 21:48
Glenn .
Don't buy it from HobbyLink Japan TOTAL RIPOFF look on Ebay 🙂
23. February 2019, 03:42
Katya Hodgson
Got a friend in Moscow to buy it from the source.😉
23. February 2019, 06:26
Glenn .
Hi Katya, Yes i know where you got yours from! I was just telling everyone else not to get it from HLJ. I can't understand the price from them. I ordered one from the Ukraine should be here soon... Just ordered a couple of the new Amodel Gulfstream G550 kits also!
25. February 2019, 07:23
Katya Hodgson
Oh, yes, avoid HLJ! I assume they pay fees to get it out of Russia, then fees to get it INTO Japan, and then probably add on their own fee for providing it through their website...
25. February 2019, 07:43
Adam Barber
I bought mine direct from Russia to the UK, ,£26 all in, very happy.
4. February, 01:48

January 1, 2021

Katya Hodgson added a new photoalbum.
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Project: 1/35 T-26
1:35 T-26 (Zvezda 3538)1:35 Soviet 45mm 20K tank barrel fot T-26, BA10, BA6 (Aber 35L-174)
4. February 2019, 17:29
Daniel Klink
Indeed! For a 2 days build abrillant result! 👍 I see the small goodies with the tracks and the weathering techniques done superbly here..
But somehow i like the look of the Type 74 more. But thats just a question of taste..
7. February 2019, 12:54
Katya Hodgson
Yay! Thank you very much. ^-^

I just wish I had better tracks for the Type 74, the rubber band ones are nice and easy but you don't get the distinctive track sag...
7. February 2019, 12:57
Calvin Gifford
Lovely work!!
7. February 2019, 19:26
Katya Hodgson
Thank you! I think this is possibly my best tank yet.
8. February 2019, 08:07
8. February 2019, 22:26
Katya Hodgson
Just annoyed because the tracks on one side are sort of bent out towards the bottom, I assume the suspension parts moves whilst gluing since they only had a small attachment point, either that or it happened when I was putting the tracks on.
9. February 2019, 07:22
Richard Maxein
Hey, i had the same kit, but my T-26 was looking terrible. So I duried it. ;) :-D Seems like you've made the best of the awful kit.
1. January, 17:44
Łukasz Gliński
That's a really nice one, great to see you keep on building. It deserves more closeup pics (like the last one). 👍
If I may, I propose to start experimenting with Citadel dry-brush paints, they may look great on your tank(s)
1. January, 19:28

December 13, 2020

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13. December 2020, 12:36

November 20, 2020

Katya Hodgson added a new photoalbum.
10 | 31. October 2019, 09:17
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Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Katya ,,,, pitty to hear that ,,,,, it should be fun ,,,, a way of relax ,,, not to get stressed ,,,, i t happens to me from time to time but then I go for an easy kit , with minimal detal , brush painted ,,, like my retro-modelling projects
18. November 2020, 05:52
Katya Hodgson
Yeah, sadly it wasn't very good for my mental health... it was stressful and messy and took a long time, and I was never that happy with the results. 🙁

I'm not the most patient person so i'm not sure I was that well suited to this. Thank you all for your support though!

I have been enjoying working on the LEGO stuff, and instructions for some of my designs are even for sale on this website!
18. November 2020, 15:31
I'm sorry to hear that you found the hobby stressful Katya. In spite of what you think, your models are good. But modelling isn't important – the most important thing is to keep yourself well. 🙂
Enjoy your LEGO – I used to love it as well so I can see the attraction.
18. November 2020, 15:47
Hi Katya, I did not know something like LEGO instuctions existed! In some real way, the military subjects you made as a plastic modeller and observing the details on them, come in now quite handy. It will certainly help you in thinking out better LEGO instructions and that is a very creative process because you have to translate reality into a changed reflexion of the real thing. And it still has to come over as that specific tank or airplane. That is also very hard. But if this is more to your liking then so much the better that you found something satisfying to do.
I started plastic modelling when I was 10. Later on I bought an airbrush which I know only now, didn't work very well. I bought several cheap once on Ebay from China. All between 15 and 25 Euro. All were clearly knock-offs from - (Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Plus 2). That made the difference. One airbrush worked extremely well. Of the 8 I bought 3 work well, the others not so much.
But I still have trouble finding the right gloss coat on top of my enamel paints. My mission is to find the right way with the right products in the most simple way to make a model hassle-free and write a good artickle on that. Better than anything written before.
Who knows maybe one day you will start a new model again and it will be relaxing? Because of work I stopped for decades. My eyes were so tired that I could't model in my spare time anymore.
A curse for us ordinary modellers are also that inevitable we compare ourselves with the superdetailers and crack-modellers. I very much try to just make an acceptable neat model, nothing more.
Now with LEGO the painting problems are certainly out of the way.
For you its about how to make something with a limited amount of different pieces, inventing a new 3-D puzzle every time. It must be gratifying if you succeed in doing that. All the best!
20. November 2020, 01:33
Katya Hodgson
Thank you very much! It's definitely a challenge working with LEGO to capture details, but some of the techniques you can use are surprising!
20. November 2020, 17:34

July 15, 2020

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15. July 2020, 14:32

July 14, 2020

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14. July 2020, 21:28

July 1, 2020

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1. July 2020, 12:29

June 3, 2020

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3. June 2020, 06:21


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