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Ondrej Nasinec (Doggie242)

Convair F-106A Delta Dart


3. October 2018, 09:37
without looking at the project components, i know that the cockpit must have been from Aires. it looks really impressive. they know how to make details, and you know how to make the best of it!! Aires can be a pain to fit, but the details are amazing.
3. October 2018, 17:44
Ondrej Nasinec
Thank you for the comment. You're right about the fit of Aires sets, surprisingly here it wasn't hard at all. You only need to reduce the thickness of the kit side walls and then it fits perfectly..
4. October 2018, 06:18
Good to hear!
4. October 2018, 07:55
Awesome build! Looks fantastic!
9. November 2018, 22:49
Erik Leijdens
How could I missed this one? Amazing job, really good 106
9. November 2018, 22:56
Wim van der Luijt
I agree with the other mates.....excellent work!
10. November 2018, 08:24
A real eyecatcher!
10. November 2018, 19:48
Roberto Rocat
Lovely old school jet. Great work.
10. November 2018, 20:09
Gerald Willing
👍 nice work
11. November 2018, 08:08
Ondrej Nasinec
Thank you!
11. November 2018, 09:11
Martin Oostrom
Beautiful bird!
11. November 2018, 09:30
Eric Thornton
Lovely build, nice job!
10. January 2020, 04:51


1:48 F-106A Delta Dart (Trumpeter 02891)1:48 F-106A Delta Dart cockpit set (Aires 4660)1:48 F-106A Delta Dart pitot tube (Quickboost QB 48 364)4+
Convair F-106A-100-CO Delta Dart
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
194 FIS, 144 FIW, California ANG 58-0782
1980 - Fresno, CA

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