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Mirko Römer (MonoWyvern)

Unimog L1300, 4 Field Ambulance, 4 CMBG

Canadian Forces in Germany Field Ambulance Unimog, late 80's


10 | 29. January, 20:08
Mirko Römer
Not as bad as I read in some reviews. Yeah, part arrangement on the sprues could be better and instructions are no easy literature, in the end things come along well. Careful checking of part numbers and alignment during the build should be taken some more care of than usual. The container and cabin floor fit nicely then. No big deal and no Revell or Zvezda kit. But the result should be fine anyway.
30. January, 19:07
Mirko Römer
Black base coat and Gelboliv base colour sprayed. The cabin won't fit, if you don't leave it open on one side.
1. February, 18:30
Mirko Römer
Thank you Joshua! I somehow ruined the right cabin window, so I was forced to make a new one. This time half lowered and made out of two different pieces with a black demarcation between, which the kit doesn't have oob. The side indicators just in front of the doors were removed for this canadian version. For placing the big decal on the roof, I lifted the two rails and pushed the decal underneeth it.
The whole roof has to be turned a 180°, the instructions are wrong. I have seen this on other Unimog kits, too. For example in 1/87 scale, a good example for don't copy. 🙂 Although I thinned down Mr. Color's Super Clear III UV Cut flat coat with 50% Mr. Color rapid thinner, it turned out extremely flat. Maybe a tad too much, next time I'll mix in some gloss.
I also changed the the rear number plate holder, shortened the fuel canisters for a better fit of the rear cabin, installed a hook underneeth the front bar and the two horns above it. Canadian decals are from JBot (with every single number for the number plaque...plate), the MLC load class signs are from Modellcollect's MAN. The oob red cross signs generally are too small, but I didn't have others and it's not too obvious. At last, the crew got some unhealthy drinks for free because they decorated the cabin so nicely.
Next are wipers, mirrors and blue warning lights. I'm really looking forward doing this because the pe-parts are some of the finest I have ever seen. I'm not sure about the rear cabin's window covers...
23. February, 20:29


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