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Tini Hendriks (Teeage)


Immediately I was intrigued by this vehicle. As it was a modelhit ten years ago I had great trouble to get all the wanted parts.
So I payed the motherload for the figures. But I wanted them.
I also read more about the Italian Soldier in general and in particular the Arditi.
The 10th Arditi Regiment was formed again in WW2 as an answer to the British L.R.D.G. and the S.A.S. as the Arditi were disbanded after WW1.
The Germans had great respect for the Arditi!


Tini Hendriks
The whole chebang
22 May 2021, 21:07
I'm in.
23 May 2021, 04:08
Nathan Dempsey
Following ?
24 May 2021, 22:33
Olaf Voigt
25 May 2021, 19:34
Michael Osadciw
Yikes. Was the fit that bad or was it modifications for the upgrades?
25 May 2021, 21:41
I have this kit. Dug it up to confirm so on photo 3 there is a noted fit problem. Hmm think I will bury it back into the stash ;/
25 May 2021, 22:18
Tini Hendriks
I was not being used to such soft plastic and the fitting probs Robbie stated. The little pins were a bit conic so it kept pushing itself out of the holes and then I pushed too hard. I talked to som peeps who build it and bought a building explanation of it on Modelersite. Panzerserra built it too, so I'm convident to tackle the problems which are mainly the allignment of the wheels. (I hope ?)
25 May 2021, 23:10
Tini Hendriks
Think I fixed the camber issue @Robbd01
29 May 2021, 15:10
So... On top of the chassis fit problem there is a camber problem. Guess I need to follow this to see what other nasty things you find building this thing. Sad because I think that is such a cool looking vehicle. So Italian (I mean that in a good way)
30 May 2021, 21:11
Stefan Schacht
nice start, count me in.
30 May 2021, 21:21
Se ve estupendo... Muy buen trabajo
It looks great ... Very good job
14 October 2021, 17:25
Tini Hendriks
Thanks, have to admit that the last weeks I more and more enjoy the building of it.
14 October 2021, 18:33
great job so far, I've built it too and the whole process was... problematic. The terrible instructions provided by Italeri didn't help either, especially regarding the color scheme, but I see that that wasn't an obstacle for you. Be careful, tough, I think you attached the cannon magazine upside down. Looking at other completed models, many other modelers made the same mistake. [img1]
14 October 2021, 19:52
Tini Hendriks
You are right, @grappa_0_0_0. Just in time to turn it around 😉. Thanks, mate!
And yes, a pitty the brand produces such a nice kits, but in poor conditions…

14 October 2021, 21:31
Ben M
29 October 2021, 20:18
Awesome project!
31 October 2021, 02:06
Tony G
Fantastic!!! Glad you corrected the Tricolore! ..... will be doing this one myself at some point.
31 October 2021, 16:51
Bella macchina !
31 October 2021, 18:07
Tini Hendriks
So, that's it. Basta. Maybe a diorama in the near future. I thinking about it.
It was very educating, both reading about Regio Esercito (the italian army) and building.
I loved to use the LifeColor paint, pigments and washes.
A pitty there are so less Italian figures.
5 November 2021, 21:01
Guillaume Blanchet
Great work! I really the design of this vehicle.
5 November 2021, 21:23
Guy Rump
Great build, congrats 👍
5 November 2021, 21:50
Tini, I was going to ask you about the paint. But you answered already.
5 November 2021, 22:18
Rui S
Great work 👍
Imho, I would say, boots over the rear deck, would scratch it a bit more, maybee? 🤔
6 November 2021, 15:24
Tini Hendriks
Yes, You are right I will give it a shot.
7 November 2021, 13:42


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1:35 Camionetta AS 42 Sahariana (Italeri 6452)1:35 AS42 Sahariana Bodenplatten (Royal Model 496)1:35 AS42 Sahariana (Italeri Nr.6452) (Royal Model 495)5+
AS-42 Sahariana
IT Regio Esercito (Royal Italian Army 1861-1946)
Raggruppamento Sahariano R.E.792 B
1943 World War 2 TN
Italian Sand

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