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Mathieu (Mathduv)

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In progress
1:32 Focke Wulf Fw 190D-9 (late) (Revell 04725)


6 | 9. November 2020, 10:34
Rui S
As said I take a front seat ;)
9. November 2020, 21:12
10. November 2020, 02:34
Patrick Hagelstein
Ah! Gerhard Barkhorn's mount. I'm interested.
10. November 2020, 07:30
Murad ÖZER
OOOOoooo! 8)
14. November 2020, 19:05
Hello Rui, Clifford, Patrick & Murad. Welcome to this build log. I have been busy on the computer a lot for the Dora, but this part will be unfolded later. For the good old modeling, I got my pawns on the beautiful Eagle parts cockpit. It will mostly be kept for a later build as the installation requires heavy mod on stock parts to get fitted. However it serves as an inspiration for recreating the most visible parts that needs enhancements: the back of the seat, map holder and so on. The ip is the magnificent yahu. Hardest thing now is to get the right RLM66 mix to blend the ip in. Cheers
14. November 2020, 19:09
14. November 2020, 20:26
Hi Felix, Welcome along.
I found some spare time to crack open the magnificent Airscale Placards and Instruments. I think it does really bring life to any cockpit.
RLM66 is such a pain to photograph, it was impossible to get a decent pic with the phone.
15. November 2020, 17:35
Clifford Keesler
Very nice cockpit.
15. November 2020, 18:20
Hi Clifford, thank you for your encouragements!
Last pics before the fuselage closing. The removable motor pod contains one mini dc motor and the cr123 holder. It does connect to the switch wich is hidden under the hole on the upper cowling, I guess it's the crank starter hole on the real thing. The upper seatbelts aren't worked out yet as I intend to put them lying on the fuselage sides. Next big chapter is onto the wheel wells. Cheers
27. November 2020, 20:09

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