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1/2 & 1/2 JR.


8 12 February, 16:28
Zach Wilson
A quick build I did for a family member - his dad's old 1932 Ford Coupe dirt track car. My uncle is the smaller of the two kids standing on the car in the historical photo and his dad is the gent leaning up against the car in the other. I went with a die cast base, partially for scale, partially cause I couldn't find a plastic model I liked the quality of.
12 February, 16:34
Alex K
Thumbs up - I love such personal / family history projects! 👍
12 February, 16:52
Rui S
An eyecacther 👍
12 February, 17:24
Villiers de Vos
A beautiful little hotrod.
13 February, 06:19
Simon Nagorsnik
Looks nice- good job- like it😄
13 February, 07:17
Lochsa River
nice and yellow
13 February, 07:48
Yellow and nice 👍
13 February, 09:29

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