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Out of Reach


17 19 August 2019, 01:02
Zach Wilson
tracked vehicles are new to me, we shall see.
19 August 2019, 01:04
Nathan Dempsey
Looking really nice so far 🙂
19 August 2019, 01:17
Tom ...
Wow, amazing! I have this kit too. You've done an incredible job! I'm really looking forward to building this but I've got a lot of weathering to learn first before I do.
19 August 2019, 03:38
Looking forward ......
19 August 2019, 10:14
Nathan Dempsey
May I ask what the scene is to be depicted? The project image looks like archeology of some sort...
19 August 2019, 12:41
Zach Wilson
That's what I'm thinking it's going to be, I still have some more tests to do before I fully commit.
19 August 2019, 14:18
Dmitri Kouterguine
Nice build! Looking forward.
19 August 2019, 23:04
Zach Wilson
finished this guy. The plastic tracks were much more challenging than I anticipated, so I ended up going with the Fruilmodel metal tracks which I am very happy with.
31 August 2019, 15:04
Nathan Dempsey
Came out great Zach! The dusty & rusty effects are well done.
31 August 2019, 16:54
Very convincing result! I like it very much.
1 September 2019, 14:57
Chris Greathouse
Very cool! I love all your stuff, amazing skills!
16 September 2019, 02:20
Zach Wilson
Thanks. I decided to take the Caterpillar build that I had done and juice it up a little bit, make something with a little more story.
16 September 2019, 02:25
Zach Wilson
Finished this project. Making clean assets that feel in scale is more challenging that I thought, but there you are.
22 September 2019, 18:04
Tom Ballhoff
Really nice Zach
22 September 2019, 19:47
Kace Wong
nice story... well delivered!
3 December 2019, 03:46
Bob Hall
Some kind of East/West Germany Iron curtain Futuristic Alt history dio ????? Looks great, super cool project !
3 December 2019, 06:08
Alec K
Very creative and well done 👍
9 December 2019, 16:03
Dash Rendar
Wow looking really nice! Great idea as well.
15 May 2021, 14:03
Very interesting and different dio
Creative mind i must say
7 March, 16:45
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Stunning work, Zach! 👍
10 March, 09:32


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1:35 U.S. Tractor (MiniArt 35225)1:35 YANMAR Combine YH6115 (Hasegawa 66007)1:35 Construction Worker Set A (Hasegawa 66003)1+
Caterpillar D7
US US Army (1784-now)

1944 World War 2 FR
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