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Space Battleship Yamato 1:350


2 | 26. January 2020, 21:23
More photos will come soon...
26. January 2020, 21:35
Oh hell yeah! Brings back childhood memories of Saturday morning cartoons! I'm definitely following this!
26. January 2020, 22:00
Stephan H.
Oh nice. I have build a Star Blazers Andromeda some years ago which "only" came with lighting, but this one here looks like the new star inside the cabinet with all those functions. Good look for the upcoming steps. 👍
28. January 2020, 09:05
Thanks Stephan. I have more photos, not yet managed to post them here. Last days I have also made display case for her, while already for a while she was collecting dust. I will post soon more pics.
28. January 2020, 15:09
Added some more photos of the building process.
7. March 2020, 08:52
Stephan H.
Great thanks for the pics. I need to find a video of this. That is a more of a RC model than static display😉
7. March 2020, 18:20
I could later make video of RC functionality.
7. March 2020, 20:29
Stephan H.
that would be great
9. July 2020, 08:51
Choppa Nutta
Cool project ! 🙂
I'm guessing the RC aspect of this might be switching on the lights, turning the turrets and the weighing of the anchor ?
9. July 2020, 11:33
@Choppa Nutta, the lights of main engines, main cannon, moving turrets and sounds. Anchors unfortumantly not.
9. July 2020, 19:59
Choppa Nutta
Still though it is all very cool indeed !!
I hope you've got a green screen and some video editing software !! 😄 😄 😄
9. July 2020, 21:11


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1:350 Space Battleship yamato (Bandai 0146749)

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