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Lenny Li (Dell007)

1/35 Bronco US Army M19A1 Twin 40mm Bofors AA gun GMC Korean War


10 | 10. August 2020, 02:02
Wow! Great result and great photos, too!
10. August 2020, 02:16
Lenny Li
I completed this model at the same time as the Dragon M4 halftrack. I had high expectation for this model as it's quite unique in terms of subject. It also attracts me for it's full details in the back deck.

This kit from Bronco is OK, although there are always some issues with Bronco's over-engineering. I just can't appreciate the way the road wheels were designed. The connection points with the torsion bars are tiny and easy to break - what's the problem with a good-old poly caps??

Similar issues can be found on the way the turret connects to the body. The turret is connected with the body with an O ring part, which means you need to glue it to the upper body first BEFORE gluing the upper body to the lower body. To make things worse, you need to glue the ammo box ring BEFORE proceeding to glue the turret. If you want to paint these major parts separately like I do, you are not able to fix the turret to the body at the end as it's impossible to glue the O ring after sealing off the body.

Another problem would be the wire guard for the auxiliary power unit on the right side of the fender. Bronco breaks it into 8 small pieces. It's not clear how they connect each other on the manual and neither are shown on the box art or anywhere. I had to search some pictures on line to find out how to connect them. Also it's impossible to complete it in the assembling stage if you want to paint the APU separately, as the wire guard connects to both of the ammo box ring and the main body. I ended up breaking part of it but I just lost the motivation to fix it.

Anyway it always been a very interesting experience when building a Bronco kit. Hope you guys enjoy!
10. August 2020, 02:22
Nathan Dempsey
Wonderful result Lenny. It seems you've tamed this Bronco.
10. August 2020, 02:31
Top job! Inspiring for me.
10. August 2020, 12:58
10. August 2020, 13:49
Rui S
I agree, great work. Beautiful result 👍
10. August 2020, 22:35
👍 Oh yeah! Well done on the different construction too..Interesting notes 🙂
11. August 2020, 01:23
Tom M

first class work
11. August 2020, 03:36


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