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OEZ Su-7 BKL/BMK Build

Another Covid-19 Build


14 | 20. September 2020, 06:04
Ludvík Kružík
It is an age-old kit, but with a little work it can be used to build an interesting machine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the next building. What marking did you decide on?
22. December 2020, 18:58
Jim Lash
Hi Ludvik yes a surprisingly good kit for it's age. I am going with the all metal Russian finish, mainly to learn metal finish skills. I've never done an all metallic paint scheme. Cheers
25. December 2020, 17:08
Ludvík Kružík
Creating a realistic-looking metal surface is not entirely easy. But this is not even impossible. Every start is difficult, but I believe the result will be nice.
27. December 2020, 11:23
Ludvík Kružík
Congratulations, the metal surface looks great 🙂
25. January, 22:05
Slavo Hazucha
Oh, I remember this kit from the time it came out! It was quite a feat for it's day!

Will gladly watch the final stages...
25. January, 22:16
Jim Lash
Ludvik thanks for the moral support, Slavo yes It's an interesting Kit for the age.
I'm burnishing the metallic finish with q-tips while putting on a chalk panel line wash. This is knocking down some of the shine and newness, it actually work very well.
27. January, 07:02
Nathan Dempsey
Looking great! I'm excited to see more of this build.
27. January, 16:58


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1:48 Su-7BKL/BMK (OEZ 02)

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