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Adrian Forest (aforest)

Panther Cuckoo WIP


23 | 16. May, 04:30
really interesting subject!!
17. May, 14:35
James C
Cool subject and following 👍

A bit of info on the tank if interested:

Youtube Video


Youtube Video

1. June, 17:43
Michael Osadciw
What? A Mark Felton video I haven't seen yet! Sweet!
1. June, 23:22
Adrian Forest
The Cuckoo video is nice, but it's missing a lot of the detail in other reference sources! Prime example is the left rear stowage bin on that 3D model.
2. June, 06:50
Michael Osadciw
This is a great subject, and gives me a reason to build a more modern Panther kit; lots of diorama possibilities too. Maybe with a Universal Carrier delivering some 75mm ammo for a fun size contrast. I can't wait to see it. Regarding your chipping, maybe you can do just a little Dunkelgelb using a sponge?
2. June, 12:39
Adrian Forest
I did consider a dio with a Universal Carrier, actually! I'd love to recreate something like the shot of them driving along the wooded path from the reference album I've collected for this project. And as far as modern Panther kits go, this Takom kit is excellent. I'd definitely recommend any of their series of Panthers, based on my experience.
2. June, 13:05
Michael Osadciw
Cool. A good subject for my first Takon kit. 🙂
2. June, 21:03
Ahmet Eren İspir
Looks good so far!
8. August, 21:17
Michael Osadciw
Are you just going to do a little sponge chipping instead of hairspray? I figure that the OD color must have been fairly new so it won't have gotten wrecked too much. Looking good!
8. August, 22:05
Adrian Forest
Yeah, there's definitely going to be chipping, because Cuckoo was used in action, but like you say, the SCC 15 would be fairly new. It'll probably be some very light sponge and brush chipping. Definitely more dust/dirt than chipping on this one, and most chips will be superficial, exposing the original DG base.

The bigger concern for me right now is just that it's impossible to say how thorough the respray job over the original DG base would have been, that is, how deep would it go, especially on the overlapping/interleaved road wheels. For simplicity's sake I'm just painting everything green and assuming anything too deep to be resprayed will be too hidden to be very visible on the finished model.
9. August, 00:36
Michael Osadciw
Good idea. I'm sure it would have been sprayed quickly in the field, so I doubt it would be perfect.
9. August, 15:10


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