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Nefer Gora (Nefergora)

Admiral Graf Spee

Trumpeter 1:350


5 | 8. August, 19:55
I vaguely recall reading something about the rear anchor point, did you move it?
8. August, 20:21
Nefer Gora
Yes, I cut it out and turned it over
8. August, 20:27
Hah, what the hell. The anchor point on the Trumpeter kit is 90 degrees off. 🙂 I just realized. One might wonder, if they have eyes in their skull, the people that design the moulds. Even if they saw this on a drawing somewhere, they should have looked at photos imo.

I am reminded of the old Airfix Vosper torpedo boat kit in 1:72 (supposedly an export version). I had to cut out one of the port holes and move it up the hull a little, to make all the port holes symmetric. All the port holes were also drilled out and replaced with bits of cleanly shaped styrene cylinders.
15. August, 07:28
Rui S
Looking great 👍
12. September, 13:04


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1:350 Admiral Graf Spee (Trumpeter 05316)1:350 Admiral Graf Spee Wooden Deck (ArtwoxModel AW10078)1:350 Admiral Graf Spee (Eduard 53045)1+

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