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Kit Kabinet (Luka)

Hungarian Heinkel He 170 (Revell/Matchbox)


15 | 18. March, 09:56
Alexander Grivonev
Awesome👍 How did you make the engine conversion?
18. March, 11:10
Kit Kabinet
Thanks! The main radial engine parts are part of this kit, but I added some extra detail with a PE saw (panel lines) and some thin plasticard (cowl flap extensions).The engine itself got some push-rods and the crankcase was shortened, so the prop would sit deeper. The prop spinner also received a base plate.
21. March, 21:50
Rui S
Very nice & different paint job 👍
22. March, 00:05
Łukasz Gliński
Great finish of this old kit 👍
Nice colours, though I still lean towards the opinion it was painted in RLM61 RLM62 RLM63 scheme.
I have a feeling I've seen it somewhere online some time ago, am I right?
22. March, 09:42
Simply beautiful!👍
22. March, 09:50
Kit Kabinet
Thanks all!
@Łukasz Gliński; I was a bit unsure of the 61-62-63 combo as I don't know if the Hungarians used the same colours as He 70s in the Spanish Civil War.
I have posted this model elsewhere on the web, but that's only quite recent; like last week. So it is likely someone else's model that you may have seen before, as I think I have seen it as well.
22. March, 15:04
23. March, 05:09
Lex Jassies
Once more suprised by a airplane type I didn't know😉 My compliments for the build and painting 👍
23. March, 08:14


1:72 Heinkel He 70 G-1 "Blitz" (F-2/170A) (Revell 04229)
Heinkel He 170
HU Military Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierő (Royal Hungarian National Defense Air Force 1938-1945)
2.Palatabla Felderito iskolszazad F.4+04
1942 - Szekesfehervar

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