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Messerschmitt Me 262A-2a KG51. september1944 „Rheine"


63 | 15. March, 00:54
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Daniel Klink
Time for the base cake 😉
15. March, 01:10
Daniel Klink
Hi Mates, what do you think about the ground base?
Does that look like a provisional Makadam runway
16. March, 11:47
Mirko Römer
After looking up Makadam on google: Yes! Very nice model and great dio idea!
16. March, 20:42
Daniel Klink
Thank you Mirko...much appreciated👍
The Inventor and engineer MacAdam - Makadam 🙂 or as we call it "Schotterweg"
17. March, 16:01
17. March, 17:02
How did you make the base? I really like it.
19. March, 18:02
Stefan Schacht
well done, it looks realy like a Schotterweg 👍
19. March, 19:59
Daniel Klink
@Otto,thank you it is quite simple just a board of styrodur acrylpaste for the structure and some fine Instantfiller mixed with water and some Chinchillasand. Than with various tones of earth and grey colored the whole thing with the Airbrush. The Grass is put on by wetting the areas with white glue mixed with water and little bit of dish soap, and then blow the grassfibres onto it with the bottle.

@Stefan thank you very much mate. Aus deiner Tastatur ist das ne echte Auzeichnung danke 👍
19. March, 20:15
Jan Peters
Groundwork is looking good. May I suggest adding a 'bay' for the aircraft, like in the aerial photo?
21. March, 16:50
Daniel Klink
Hi Jan, thank you mate ..the marked area will be the cutout of the bay..
There is still a lot of work to do wood planks and the small hills on each side will get some vegetation..
Pic 6 and 7 show the small walls left and right better
21. March, 17:47
Jan Peters
Ah, now I see, this will be very nice. For the wood planks wooden coffee stirrers you see more often these environmental concious days bv are ideal ;)
21. March, 18:41
21. March, 19:30
Sebastian Meyner
Very nice work Daniel 👍
21. March, 19:38
Daniel Klink
Thank you mates, glad you like the progress so far👍
21. March, 21:12
Daniel Klink
Some Material for the Base receive today
23. March, 13:53
Daniel Klink
How do you like the trees? Just posing the area around them is not ready
23. March, 18:49
Those trees looks great 👍
23. March, 20:36
Jan Peters
Some fine landscaping you've done
24. March, 11:20
Daniel Klink
Thank you Jan and Cuajete glad you like my landscape..a big Birch isn't it?
24. March, 18:59
Birch or weeping willow? 😛
I love the effect of the trunk 👍
24. March, 20:51
Jim J
Looking great, Daniel. The trees enhance the sense of scale. Nice!
25. March, 01:45
Erik De Smet
Very nice presentation, Daniel
25. March, 07:22
i like the trees, i like the model, i like the figures, i like it all 🙂
25. March, 09:25
Daniel Klink
Thank you cuajaete, Jim, Eik and Spanjaard...really motivating and happy you like the vegetation efforts...
@Cuajete it is a so called "Hängebirke" in german translated Hanging Birch!? 🙂

Without Fuel there is no way to start btw🙂
26. March, 14:14
Jan Peters
Ohne Treibstoff geht nichts :)
Is that a resin kit?
26. March, 15:07
Daniel Klink
Hi Jan, so sieht es aus 🙂
It is the Roden kit ..
Opel Blitz Kfz.385 Tankwagen (Roden 730, 1:72)

1:72 Opel Blitz Kfz.385 Tankwagen (Roden 730)
26. March, 15:24
Mirko Römer
Und wie das aussieht... sehr gelungen nämlich! :)
26. March, 17:04
Daniel Klink
Danke Dir Mirko 👍 Das geht runter wie Öl
26. March, 19:02
Daniel Klink
The Roden Blitz takes a bit of a surgery, sanding and filling but is a good kit..
And is ready for painting now
The Fujimi (dark Gray) goes together like a charme👍
28. March, 18:58
Nice tankwagen, Daniel. Will you build it with the engine exposed?
28. March, 19:09
Daniel Klink
Hi Cuajete..thanks mate 👍 No the hood will be closed..
For me there is no sense in keeping the engine Hood open while refueling 🙂
28. March, 19:13
Brian N
Looking good !
29. March, 05:35
Daniel Klink
Thank you Brian abd welcome👍
29. March, 12:21
You are right, Daniel 👍
29. March, 19:15
Daniel Klink
So 1,5 day gone since spraying Gunze Dark yellow aqueos.. and still it feels not really dry and grippy...
So patience is needed... The Blue canvas is just the base color.
hades of grey will follow🙂
The Fujimi Blitz is a bit like Lego, but fits nearly perfectly.
30. March, 21:04
Jan Peters
That's quite a traffic jam forming there Daniel :)
31. March, 19:06
Daniel Klink
Hi JAn, Yes and therefore back to nature and in the woods 🙂
31. March, 22:41
Artistic trees 👍.
1. April, 19:19
Christian Lehmann
Habs irgendwie nicht mitbekommen, ist aber ne tolle Scene. Bin gespannt darauf sie fertig zu sehen.
1. April, 20:45
Daniel Klink
Danke Dir Christian👍 Ja ist auch alles was unübersichtlich geworden hier 🙂
1. April, 21:39
Roland Gunslinger
Looking good 👍
1. April, 21:40
Daniel Klink
Hi, so the natural walls on each side of the bay got its vegetation etc..and i would say it is finished so far..
The Pilot got a very nice place to rest..doesn't he? Iam looking for a deckchair in my stash 🙂
1. April, 21:41
Łukasz Gliński
Hi Daniel, what have you used to make such a nice set of trees in this scale?
2. April, 11:52
Daniel Klink
Hi Lukasz,
i used this birch blank ba mininatur
and those leaves also by mininatur

But next time i will buy one already assembled because there are cheaper and you just have to modify here and there because there are really well done.
2. April, 12:22
Alexander Grivonev
Wow, the trees look amazing👍
2. April, 12:30
Daniel Klink
Thank you Alex really much appreciated 👍

@lukasz The small trees are made with weed flock (summer) also the area around the trees and real small woodparts collected over the years from here behind my house:

To the right u see the model for my birch
2. April, 12:30
Jan Peters
Nothing like real nature to use as example
2. April, 12:47
Daniel Klink
Yap Jan, Mother nature does it best..
What a pity that most of the "important" people on this planet aren't able to appreciate that.🙁
2. April, 13:09
i could not agree more.....
2. April, 14:39
Rui S
That vegetation is looking great 👍
2. April, 15:24
Daniel Klink
Thank you Rui very much appreciated especially considering your Dio work 👍
2. April, 17:55
Daniel Klink
Pimped up the back of the Roden Blitz a bit with sparebox parts...
2. April, 17:55
Rui S
Nice work on the Opel too 👍
2. April, 22:16
Daniel Klink
Thanks again Rui, too bad that there is no option to show the Canvas open
2. April, 23:27
Once again an interesting and lively diorama. I am just not convinced by the gray colour of the Blitz tarpaulin. Brown or sand would have agreed more with me.
8. April, 21:47
Daniel Klink
Hi Oly..yap i am also not sure though the instructions say Light Bluegrey.
8. April, 22:33
James C
That's impressive Daniel 👍
8. April, 23:53
Gary Kitchen
Fabulous dio. Are the other three getting something as special? 😄
9. April, 06:56
Beautiful diorama und models, Daniel 👍
I really like the grass. It's so patchy.
9. April, 07:06
I fully agree with WhiteGlint. 👍
9. April, 10:19
a fantastic diorama, that is certain.
9. April, 12:17
Jan Peters
Great job Daniel!
9. April, 17:46
Nice dio, Daniel 👍
9. April, 19:51
Daniel Klink
Thank you very much for your motivating words, hints and positive comments.
Very much appreciated 👍
9. April, 21:26
Jim J
Looks great Daniel. The placement of the vehicles and figures certainly gives the impression of lots of movement and activity. Well done. Congrats.
10. April, 01:03
Oliver Zwiener
Super Diorama - top !!!
10. April, 08:52
Erik De Smet
I like the black dog guarding the grey guy in the back
10. April, 09:10
Alec K
Excellent dio Daniel 👍
12. April, 12:08
Daniel Klink
Thank you so much gentlemen..👍
@Jim Happy you like it, it was a busy airfield always threatened by Big Bomb Raids and lots of manpower and material was there for the first missions of the new Plane..🙂
@Erik hehe, thanky but he is not guarding him he is instructing him 🙂
Thanks Alec and Oliver..much appreciated and glad you like the little scene.
13. April, 16:07
Christoph Schnarr
Nice work 👍
17. April, 14:57
Daniel Klink
Thank you very much Christoph...👍
17. April, 21:01
Stefan Schacht
Very nice result 👍
17. April, 21:59
Daniel Klink
Thank you very much Stefan, still the Kettenkrad needs some care and attention!
21. April, 08:51
Patryk S.
As always an exelent result! Congratulations on both the dio and the pictures!
21. April, 09:36
Daniel Klink
Thank you so much Patryk.. now i call this finished and completed
It was a fun build the kit not in whole but iam quiet stisfied with the result.
22. April, 20:28
Łukasz Gliński
That's a very lively dio, now I'm jealous my hangar is not 😉
23. April, 07:24
Perfect, Daniel 👍
23. April, 17:31
Rui S
Very well done, Daniel 👍
24. April, 13:14
Daniel Klink
Thank you for your encouraging, warm words Lukasz, cuajete and Rui!
Glad you like the outcome👍
The Hangar yap 🙂
26. April, 11:32
David Taylor
Nice B/W shots.
6. May, 20:18
Daniel Klink
Thank you David...
Yap i like them too... Those are inspired by Lukasz.. btw 👍
7. May, 21:34


1:72 Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a (Revell 04166)1:72 Me262A-1/2 "Last Ace" (Academy 12542)1:72 Messerschmitt Me262A-2a ‘Sturmvogel’ (Airfix A03090)3+
Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
III./EJG 2 19(White)
December 1944 - Lechfeld

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