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Daniel Klink (Springbank)


He-177 A6 (testbed for HL131) Autumn 1943 *miniGB*

The A6 Version was fitted with a electronical and hydraulical driven rear turret, equipped with 4 MG131 (13mm)
5 or 6 machines were evaluated until winter 1943

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In progress
1:72 Heinkel He 177A-6 "Greif" & Hs293 (Revell 04306)1:72 Luftwaffe WWII Part 7 (Falcon 42)4+
Heinkel He 177 A-6 Greif
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
W.Nr.0060/GP+SD/60/1 | Testbed for HD 131 October 1943 | RLM02 RLM65 RLM73 RLM72 RLM77


18 | 4. September, 19:00
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James C
This will be interesting
4. September, 19:06
Daniel Klink
Hi Mates,
next plane next GB Jens already presented his part here:
Mini GB: Heinkel He 177 A-3 | Album by BAT21 (1:72)

jens , i am joining lets get it go loose.. :)
4. September, 19:09
Daniel Klink
Hi James and welcome... take a seat please for another "Birds with personality" built :)
4. September, 19:15
Roland Gunslinger
Watching with interest
Looks like a nice kit.
4. September, 19:53
Sebastian Meyner
5. September, 11:59
5. September, 12:14
front row, please :)
5. September, 23:12
6. September, 15:07
Soeren .
Gret start!
6. September, 15:09
Daniel Klink
Welcome gentlemen, and i feel honored by your attenance
6. September, 20:47
Daniel Klink
Hm Eduard often missmatches the cockpit color with their colored pe parts.
before adding the rest of the Parts i will drybush it with a lighter Grey.
7. September, 16:32
Clear parts of my kit don't look sharp enough. Daniel, is it the same with yours?
It would be a shame not to be able to appreciate such good interior details from the outside.

8. September, 20:10
Gary Dahlström
I want to climb in and fasten my seatbelt. A+ Daniel.
9. September, 17:00
Daniel Klink
Thank you very much Gary and you are welcome
Cutted of the rear part of the fuselage for the altenative Turret pieces
9. September, 19:39
Alec K
My clear parts look good, clear and no signs of finger prints or anything like that. I do have the Squadron vacu canopy for it, but the framing looks too prominent on both. Nice progress Daniel
12. September, 12:41
Soeren .
The cockpit lools really great!
12. September, 14:48
Daniel Klink
Hi Alec, thank you.. Yes the framing is prominent and particulary not 100% correct but i can liv with it :)
@Soeren, Thank you mate Whats up ?
Hope to see or read something fom you again :)
12. September, 21:27
Soeren .
;) Im fine thx.
Yeah probably - Im currently applying the decals of the Ohka
13. September, 12:30
14. September, 09:37
Daniel Klink
You are welcome Mate
14. September, 10:01
Daniel Klink
Tick, Trick and Track... :)
14. September, 21:16
Already glued the dropping weapons? Finish line in sight? :o
15. September, 18:46
Daniel Klink
No, still searching for original foto material of a A-6 the Turret question u know :)
Again chosen a version with nearly no original material..
Revell offers both choices without any hint or background information
Ift i have the free choice i would prefer the without B2 alternative
In the meantime...
No need to panic mate
15. September, 18:55
Andy Ball
Oops, better get on board for another Daniel-does-unusual!
15. September, 19:13
Gary Dahlström
Not only is this looking great, it's just such an interesting subject that's being brought back to life from it's brief moment in history.
15. September, 19:33
Stefan Fraundorfer
Nice cockpit Daniel. I'm following.
15. September, 20:38
Daniel Klink
Hi Andy and Stefan welcome and thank you mates
@gary thank you and yes they were short living most of them :) Thank you mate..

Hm, the fit of the alternative part is not cool, not at all grhmpff.
16. September, 12:50
Amazing interior detailing!
17. September, 16:07
Wow beautiful job! Where did you find the kit?
17. September, 17:36
Those interiors looks fantastic!
17. September, 17:59
James C
Looks to be coming along nicely and as has already been commented on; that cockpit interior looks awesome inside the closed up fuselage.
17. September, 18:29
Daniel Klink
@neuling many thanks mate, glad you like it
@Otto first thank you very much for your nice comment
The kit was in my stash for about 10 years or so - hard to find these days!?
@Cuajete thank you much appreciated...
@james Thanks mate those words warms the scalers heart of mine
17. September, 20:30
Rui S
Great work as usual.
Looking forward to see the next moves. I'm Very interested in this *mini GB* 8)
17. September, 21:15
Daniel Klink
Hi Rui, welcome and thank you very much for your encouraging words
Glad you like and follow our Mini GB
18. September, 22:14
David Januska
Another of "mine" kits ;). Mate, you are always ahead. I'll take a seat in the first row.
19. September, 16:29
Guy Rump
Definitely watching this build Daniel, this one is in my stash also :)
19. September, 17:04
Daniel Klink
Hi David mate, go for it and welcome to this event.. in terms it is one.
The Revell kit has its issues :)
@Guy you are very welcome and i hope to give you some orientation too
21. September, 16:20
Daniel Klink
The alternate housing for the rear turret looks so creepy.
And there werent panellines at all on it by Revell...
Do not know the englisch word for it but the rear looks like the thing that pets get ove their heads after a surgery :)
21. September, 16:37
Andy Ball
We call it "The Cone of Shame" ;)
21. September, 17:05
Daniel Klink
Aha, thank you Andy :) That terminus fits perfectly to this thing
21. September, 17:17
In Spain it is called a bell, :D
Good progress, Daniel
21. September, 17:50
What paint scheme are you aiming for?
21. September, 17:58
Daniel Klink
Hi Cuajete, i call it a bad compromise by Revell :( They should have done a whole new tail section or just let this version pass them because if you want to display it correctly the instructions where and how much to saw and cut off is also not correct.
I did some surgery to get a better angle and form out of it but it still does not look like in Revells Paint scheme and plan.
They used pic 15 as sample i believe
I am really somewhat pissed off by this, and the fact that i did not mentioned this earlier.

21. September, 22:30
Daniel Klink
@Otto nr 2 GP-SD is my choice :)
21. September, 22:31
Alec K
What references did you managed to get for this Daniel (I.e. where does the pic 15 come from)? I am having trouble finding drawings, not to mention a riveting plan.
22. September, 01:30
Daniel Klink
Piic 15 is from a russian site.
And i have to excuse a bit because the shape and no panellines is correct!
But the whole thing should be placed half a centimetre back to the rudder.
But that does not work because of the rudder adjustement on the fuselage halves.
But why they show them wrong in the paint schemes?
A colleagues sent me pics and they show clearly the position and that it is just one piece of metal added :)
22. September, 09:29
Alec K
Super! Thanks very much
23. September, 01:46
Daniel Klink
Glad i could help Alec
So finally my interpreation of that heck thing is done. I can deal with it that way
Hop you like it..
23. September, 16:39
Daniel Klink
It is time to think about the paintjob on this..
Because the main wings fits nearly perfect to the fuselage i decided to fix them after painting the fuselage sides.
Good idea or not? What do you think?
24. September, 19:43
Alec K
Sounds dangerous :D
24. September, 21:45
Daniel Klink
Hi Alec Yap, a bit risky but this will spare me a lot of masking and handling will be much easier.
WIth the Emily Hasgawa kit it worked very good, so i am optimistic... :)
Kawanishi H8K2 Emily und A6M2-N Rufe Base Dio | Album by Springbank (1:72)
25. September, 16:18
David Taylor
looking good Daniel
25. September, 17:48
Łukasz Gliński
I'm always afraid of adding the big parts after painting, but fingers crossed for the more brave ones of us ;)
25. September, 20:01
Alec K
Ah, I did not realize you have experience in this ;). I am here to learn, sensei
26. September, 12:08
26. September, 15:18
Daniel, experience is a great asset. I'm sure the result will be a success, whatever decision you make ;)
26. September, 18:55
Daniel Klink
Many thanks, David, Gerald, alec, Cuajete and Lukasz for the compliments and encouraging words.
Much appreciated.
ok the Emily had those big spars that made it easier but the fit to the fuselage was not so perfect as with the greif.
I had to glue them after painting and it worked out well. So Hope and see :)
26. September, 19:43

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