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Daniel Klink (Springbank)

What if He-177A6 (testbed for HL131) Autumn 1943 *miniGB*

The A6 Version was fitted with a electronical and hydraulical driven rear turret, equipped with 4 MG131 (13mm)
5 or 6 machines were evaluated until winter 1943
In this configuration pure Fantasy and a What if build


James C
This will be interesting 👍
4 September 2020, 19:06
Daniel Klink
Hi Mates,
next plane next GB Jens already presented his part here:
Mini GB: Heinkel He 177 A-3 | Album by BAT21 (1:72)

jens , i am joining lets get it go loose..🙂
4 September 2020, 19:09
Daniel Klink
Hi James and welcome... take a seat please for another "Birds with personality" built 🙂
4 September 2020, 19:15
Roland Gunslinger
Watching with interest 👍
Looks like a nice kit.
4 September 2020, 19:53
Sebastian Meyner
Following! 👍
5 September 2020, 11:59
Guillaume Blanchet
5 September 2020, 12:14
front row, please 🙂
5 September 2020, 23:12
Alec K
6 September 2020, 15:07
Soeren .
Gret start!
6 September 2020, 15:09
Daniel Klink
Welcome gentlemen, and i feel honored by your attenance 👍
6 September 2020, 20:47
Daniel Klink
Hm Eduard often missmatches the cockpit color with their colored pe parts.
before adding the rest of the Parts i will drybush it with a lighter Grey.
7 September 2020, 16:32
Clear parts of my kit don't look sharp enough. Daniel, is it the same with yours?
It would be a shame not to be able to appreciate such good interior details from the outside.

8 September 2020, 20:10
Gary Dahlström
I want to climb in and fasten my seatbelt. A+ Daniel.
9 September 2020, 17:00
Daniel Klink
Thank you very much Gary and you are welcome 👍
Cutted of the rear part of the fuselage for the altenative Turret pieces
9 September 2020, 19:39
Alec K
My clear parts look good, clear and no signs of finger prints or anything like that. I do have the Squadron vacu canopy for it, but the framing looks too prominent on both. Nice progress Daniel 👍
12 September 2020, 12:41
Soeren .
The cockpit lools really great!
12 September 2020, 14:48
Daniel Klink
Hi Alec, thank you.. Yes the framing is prominent and particulary not 100% correct but i can liv with it 🙂
@Soeren, Thank you mate 👍 Whats up ?
Hope to see or read something fom you again🙂
12 September 2020, 21:27
Soeren .
😢 Im fine thx.
Yeah probably - Im currently applying the decals of the Ohka
13 September 2020, 12:30
Łukasz Gliński
14 September 2020, 09:37
Daniel Klink
You are welcome Mate 👍
14 September 2020, 10:01
Daniel Klink
Tick, Trick and Track...🙂
14 September 2020, 21:16
Already glued the dropping weapons? Finish line in sight? 😮
15 September 2020, 18:46
Daniel Klink
No, still searching for original foto material of a A-6 the Turret question u know 🙂
Again chosen a version with nearly no original material..
Revell offers both choices without any hint or background information
Ift i have the free choice i would prefer the without B2 alternative
In the meantime...
No need to panic mate 👍
15 September 2020, 18:55
Andy Ball
Oops, better get on board for another Daniel-does-unusual!
15 September 2020, 19:13
Gary Dahlström
Not only is this looking great, it's just such an interesting subject that's being brought back to life from it's brief moment in history.
15 September 2020, 19:33
Stefan Fraundorfer
Nice cockpit Daniel. I'm following.
15 September 2020, 20:38
Daniel Klink
Hi Andy and Stefan welcome and thank you mates 👍
@gary thank you and yes they were short living most of them 🙂 Thank you mate..

Hm, the fit of the alternative part is not cool, not at all grhmpff.
16 September 2020, 12:50
Amazing interior detailing!👍
17 September 2020, 16:07
Wow beautiful job! Where did you find the kit?
17 September 2020, 17:36
Those interiors looks fantastic!
17 September 2020, 17:59
James C
Looks to be coming along nicely and as has already been commented on; that cockpit interior looks awesome inside the closed up fuselage. 👍
17 September 2020, 18:29
Daniel Klink
@neuling many thanks mate, glad you like it 👍
@Otto first thank you very much for your nice comment 👍
The kit was in my stash for about 10 years or so - hard to find these days!?
@Cuajete thank you much appreciated...
@james Thanks mate those words warms the scalers heart of mine 👍
17 September 2020, 20:30
Rui S
Great work as usual. 👍
Looking forward to see the next moves. I'm Very interested in this *mini GB*😎
17 September 2020, 21:15
Daniel Klink
Hi Rui, welcome and thank you very much for your encouraging words 👍
Glad you like and follow our Mini GB 👍
18 September 2020, 22:14
David Januska
Another of "mine" kits 😉. Mate, you are always ahead. I'll take a seat in the first row.
19 September 2020, 16:29
Guy Rump
Definitely watching this build Daniel, this one is in my stash also 🙂
19 September 2020, 17:04
Daniel Klink
Hi David mate, go for it and welcome to this event.. in terms it is one.
The Revell kit has its issues 🙂
@Guy you are very welcome and i hope to give you some orientation too 👍
21 September 2020, 16:20
Daniel Klink
The alternate housing for the rear turret looks so creepy.
And there werent panellines at all on it by Revell...
Do not know the englisch word for it but the rear looks like the thing that pets get ove their heads after a surgery 🙂
21 September 2020, 16:37
Andy Ball
We call it "The Cone of Shame" 😉
21 September 2020, 17:05
Daniel Klink
Aha, thank you Andy 🙂 That terminus fits perfectly to this thing
21 September 2020, 17:17
In Spain it is called a bell, 😄
Good progress, Daniel 👍
21 September 2020, 17:50
What paint scheme are you aiming for?
21 September 2020, 17:58
Daniel Klink
Hi Cuajete, i call it a bad compromise by Revell 🙁 They should have done a whole new tail section or just let this version pass them because if you want to display it correctly the instructions where and how much to saw and cut off is also not correct.
I did some surgery to get a better angle and form out of it but it still does not look like in Revells Paint scheme and plan.
They used pic 15 as sample i believe
I am really somewhat pissed off by this, and the fact that i did not mentioned this earlier.

21 September 2020, 22:30
Daniel Klink
@Otto nr 2 GP-SD is my choice 🙂
21 September 2020, 22:31
Alec K
What references did you managed to get for this Daniel (I.e. where does the pic 15 come from)? I am having trouble finding drawings, not to mention a riveting plan.
22 September 2020, 01:30
Daniel Klink
Piic 15 is from a russian site.
And i have to excuse a bit because the shape and no panellines is correct!
But the whole thing should be placed half a centimetre back to the rudder.
But that does not work because of the rudder adjustement on the fuselage halves.
But why they show them wrong in the paint schemes?
A colleagues sent me pics and they show clearly the position and that it is just one piece of metal added🙂
22 September 2020, 09:29
Alec K
Super! Thanks very much 👍
23 September 2020, 01:46
Daniel Klink
Glad i could help Alec 👍
So finally my interpreation of that heck thing is done. I can deal with it that way
Hop you like it..
23 September 2020, 16:39
Daniel Klink
It is time to think about the paintjob on this..
Because the main wings fits nearly perfect to the fuselage i decided to fix them after painting the fuselage sides.
Good idea or not? What do you think?
24 September 2020, 19:43
Alec K
Sounds dangerous 😄
24 September 2020, 21:45
Daniel Klink
Hi Alec Yap, a bit risky but this will spare me a lot of masking and handling will be much easier.
WIth the Emily Hasgawa kit it worked very good, so i am optimistic...🙂
Kawanishi H8K2 Emily und A6M2-N Rufe Base Dio | Album by Springbank (1:72)
25 September 2020, 16:18
David Taylor
looking good Daniel
25 September 2020, 17:48
Łukasz Gliński
I'm always afraid of adding the big parts after painting, but fingers crossed for the more brave ones of us😉
25 September 2020, 20:01
Alec K
Ah, I did not realize you have experience in this😉. I am here to learn, sensei 👍
26 September 2020, 12:08
Gerald Willing
Nice 👍
26 September 2020, 15:18
Daniel, experience is a great asset. I'm sure the result will be a success, whatever decision you make😉
26 September 2020, 18:55
Daniel Klink
Many thanks, David, Gerald, alec, Cuajete and Lukasz for the compliments and encouraging words.
Much appreciated.
ok the Emily had those big spars that made it easier but the fit to the fuselage was not so perfect as with the greif.
I had to glue them after painting and it worked out well. So Hope and see 🙂
26 September 2020, 19:43
Nice gun, Daniel 👍
27 September 2020, 18:48
Daniel Klink
Thanks Mate👍
27 September 2020, 22:30
Daniel Klink
so let us go the masking part.. the big part of the Canopy in front is not glued yet.
But the fit is not that bad.
28 September 2020, 15:39
Andy Ball
ah...like the Bolo we watch the hapless plastic gun barrel make its journey throughout all the modelling stages, and hope it survives!! 😉
28 September 2020, 16:02
Daniel Klink
This time it will Andy 🙂
BTW have to update the Bolo album.. The missing part is replaced with the gun 🙂
28 September 2020, 16:04
Holger Kranich
Den Bausatz habe ich auch schon gehabt. Lässt sich wunderbar bauen. Nur beim Fahrwerk muss man aufpassen.
28 September 2020, 16:48
Good masking job 👍
28 September 2020, 17:38
Daniel Klink
@Holger die großen Teile passen wunderbar ja, ansonsten hat der schon so seine tücken 🙂
@Cuajete Thank you 👍 Unfortunately the falcon Vacs doesn't fit that well with this edition of the Kit, so that i have to use the ones with the kit.
28 September 2020, 17:53
Daniel Klink
So ladies and gentleman. evells interpretation of an A6 is a complete What if.
The Testbeds for the rarturret were former Late A3's and not A5's
So all the wing mountings and other specs that belongs to a A-5 are wrong and should have been changed.
29 September 2020, 18:04
Shame to read that, Daniel... So the other A-5's boxes are wrong?
However, I'm sure that you will get a great what-if model.
29 September 2020, 18:14
Daniel Klink
No revell actually represent a A5 since the first release.
Ans also this is a A-5 what makes no sense because A5 entered service in June 44 and the A6 Testbed flew from Octobre 43 to January 44.
It could have been so easy if i had done better research before....🙁
This configuration from the kit never flew or took part in any missions.
29 September 2020, 18:20
But it looks relly good😉👍
29 September 2020, 18:26
Alec K
I say paint the bottom of the nose, add the AIMS ailerons and call it a conversion 👍 😄 😄 😄
29 September 2020, 19:48
Łukasz Gliński
Good to know Revell cheats here 👍
29 September 2020, 19:57
Clifford Keesler
OH yea watching this one. Nice.
30 September 2020, 00:50
Daniel Klink
Welcome Clifford, please take a seat 👍
Main Parts done and the wings are just provisional fixed but the fit of them to the fuselage is really smooth wow 👍 makes me foget the What if thing 🙂

@Cuajete I will sleep one more night about that 🙂
30 September 2020, 22:43
Daniel Klink
A real elegant design for a heavy bomber????
Next steps cockpit color for the Clearparts
Then a very thin Alu coat and preshading
1 October 2020, 10:41
David Taylor
MG still hanging on Daniel,good design apart from the coupled engines
1 October 2020, 17:14
Daniel Klink
Yap and another a 151 joined the adventure 🙂
The double engines were a stupid idea and the whole development process and requirements made a good base nearly inoperable for duty.
1 October 2020, 17:47
Daniel Klink
cheat is a bit harsh they just mixed things up a bit 🙂
And for 15-20€ at that time you get a oo kit anyway despite of the cleaparts.
They were not good by release no1 til today
1 October 2020, 17:51
Łukasz Gliński
Seems I'm not so much politically correct, am I?😉
1 October 2020, 19:44
Daniel Klink
You are right that Revell releases a A6 that could never turn out into a historical correct A6 (though no one knows how the 3 V-types were configurated), without massive scratch and conversion work.

So it is a bit of a cheat, becaus they sell the wrong basic Version with the "correct" Tail extra parts.
Why they were using a copied 3view which shows a total different Rearturret... hm.

Finally lets say they tried to sell the A5 tool as an A6 without big effort, which is considering the price ok.

1 October 2020, 19:51
Unless I misunderstand you...The A6 was never the testbed for the 131V, it was the planned production version based off the A5 with the 131V and other changes. Not sure where Revell supposedly screwed up here
1 October 2020, 20:14
Daniel Klink
Yap the correct type would have been He 177A-3 as testbed
Three late A-3 were used as testbed for the HD or HL 131 with 3 machines.(V32,V33,V34)
The A6 was planned as a variant of the A-5 (shown in the sketch above) but never realized.
So Revell should have done a what if named A6 with HL 131.
Or they should have made a new tool for the wings and clearparts.
But in terms of pricing and effort i understand they did not.

The difference between the late A3s and A5 weren't that big but visible.
Ailerons and wing load capability Front
As there exists nearly no original material that shows the whole testplanes (V32,33,34) this is all
academic. But fact is A-3s were used for testing
So i marked this as a "What if" and so a bit of artistic freedom is given 🙂
1 October 2020, 20:34
David Taylor
They did do a prototype 277 with seperate engines which by all accounts was good
1 October 2020, 20:36
Daniel Klink
Yes but it was then no longer needed.. 🙂
1 October 2020, 20:38
I don't understand. Revell has released lots of what ifs, especially during the time period this kit was originally released. The kit says He 177A-6 so I'm not sure why anyone would assume it is the A-3 test bed
1 October 2020, 21:10
Daniel Klink
Because in Autumn/Winter (perhaps a A5 preprouction type) 1943 there were no other production types then late A3's available at that time the Evaluations with the first Rear turrets were made.
A5 entered Service not before Spring 1944. The chronology just don't match with Revells interpretation.
If they wanted to do a A6 based on a A5 etc they should have chosen a later Period with modified A5's.
In 1943 there just existed no A5 versions.
[url=[img1]]Bild "he177poduction8sjtx.jpg" anzeigen.
1 October 2020, 21:42
Ohhh do the painting instructions list the test bed?
1 October 2020, 23:37
Daniel Klink
Yes all three versions are named as A6 testbed for HL131 1943!
No V numbers are given
2 October 2020, 12:13
Daniel Klink
And til today the original markings of the 3 - A3 Testbeds for the Turret is unknown.
So i will just having fun with this build (which it is in general) and finish it as i like without
the claim of historical correctness. 🙂
2 October 2020, 21:11
Clifford Keesler
No matter how you do it, I know it will be great.
3 October 2020, 02:07
Christian Kohl
Wow. Very well done so far. Nice work!
3 October 2020, 05:29
Daniel Klink
Thank you very much Clifford for your heartwarming and encouraging words mate 👍
@Christian thank you, much appreciated. 👍
3 October 2020, 16:27
Daniel, being a what-if version, you can take the liberty of doing whatever you want, as a friend of mine did with his He-177 based in Sidi Ifni conflict (Morocco) 😛

3 October 2020, 18:29
I agree. A He 177 with Mediterranean/North African camo would look great, especially something like this:
Heinkel He111 H-6 (Revell 03863, 1:48)

1:48 Heinkel He111 H-6 (Revell 03863)
3 October 2020, 19:39
Daniel Klink
Both Very attractive but i have decided for RLM72,RLM73,RLM65 and RLM77 for the spots 🙂
Today i prepared the undcarriage, and tomorow first colorcoat will be added

4 October 2020, 21:34
Clifford Keesler
Looking nice Daniel.
5 October 2020, 00:06
James C
Looks to be taking shape very nicely Daniel. The landing gear struts and wheels look superb. Looking forward to seeing the airframe painted. 👍
5 October 2020, 17:39
Daniel Klink
Thank you Clifford and Jameslad you like the Gearwork 👍
Still waiting for the RLM72, RLM73 colors .. because i will start with the top of the aircraft surfaces.
Less area to tape later on 🙂
5 October 2020, 17:55
Those landing gear struts and wheels looks fantastic!
5 October 2020, 17:59
Clifford Keesler
That gun sure looks good.
5 October 2020, 21:41
Slavo Hazucha
Nice work, that tail quad looks really mean! 👍 Looking forward to the shipkiller Hs293´s!😉

6 October 2020, 09:03
Daniel Klink
Thank yo so much gentlemen, your words are really much appreciated 👍
@Slavo, yap 4 x 13mm with a Kadenz of 2900 shots per minute could have been a real match for enemy fighters. But as with many other developments, They needed the MG131 for the fighters, and Strategic bombers were already out of Importance anyway in 1943.
6 October 2020, 17:55
I wonder what ever happened to the 2 x 20mm rear turret? Was it better than the 4 x 13mm?
6 October 2020, 20:37
David Taylor
coming along nicely.
17 October 2020, 19:26
Daniel Klink
Hi Otto, I dont know if it was better but anyway the priority by that time of the Airwar in the german Air force was with the Fighter and Nightfighter units, and they needed the stuff badly.

PS Did already some of that black and white preshading stuff with Gunze
17 October 2020, 19:27
Daniel Klink
Thank you David 👍
17 October 2020, 21:48
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Daniel, it's going to be a beauty.
17 October 2020, 23:17
Daniel Klink
Thank you mate, very much appreciated 👍
18 October 2020, 09:50
Daniel Klink
With colour does not look that strange and ugly anymore in my opinion..
18 October 2020, 15:48
Stefan Schacht
very nice so far, I take a seat.
18 October 2020, 15:48
Daniel Klink
Not as dark as i feared the RLM 73..Tomorrow the next coat will follow
18 October 2020, 19:14
David Taylor
Rear turret looks good.
18 October 2020, 19:40
Daniel Klink
Hi Stefan and David, welcome and thank you guys for your warm words👍
Hm i think this appears to be a little to colorful, but it is the 72/73 RLm numbers...
19 October 2020, 19:12
Good progress, Daniel 👍
19 October 2020, 19:38
Daniel Klink
Thank you mate much appreciated.
RLM 73 seemed to be not that dark at all and a greener green than RLM71

19 October 2020, 20:42
Clifford Keesler
Great progress Daniel.
19 October 2020, 20:53
Dave Flitton
Nice! Looking real good. Please continue
19 October 2020, 21:26
Andy Ball
Something about those sinister tones of green....
20 October 2020, 13:01
Łukasz Gliński
Indeed, looks like sort of Russian or Japanese green to me, or is it just the camera setting?
20 October 2020, 13:57
Daniel Klink
These are the newer AK colors RLM 72,73
20 October 2020, 14:04
Daniel Klink
Thank you Cliff, Dave and Andy 👍
20 October 2020, 22:30
AK real colors or 3rd gen?
21 October 2020, 11:27
Daniel Klink
Hm good Question!
Real colors def. not it just says
AK Air / New formula for Airbrush anf Brush!
22 October 2020, 12:33
I'm sorry, what are you saying?
22 October 2020, 22:25
Guillaume Blanchet
As always, superb shading!
23 October 2020, 00:10
Christian Kohl
Great work, Daniel. Very impressive, respekt. Very well done so far...!!
23 October 2020, 03:38
Daniel did you use both real colors and AK Air? Has a new Air line been released using the new 3rd Gen formula? Thank you
23 October 2020, 19:59
Daniel Klink
Hi Otto, no i have not used the Real Colors.
I dont know the 3rd gen colors honestly spoken.
Numbers are: AK-Interactive AK 2021 RLM 72
AK-Interactive AK 2022 RLM 73
New Formula is written on the bottles
23 October 2020, 20:37
Daniel Klink
Thank you so much Guillaume and Christian for your very kind and encouraging words, much appreciated 👍
23 October 2020, 20:39
The colors look unusual, more russian then german? 🤔
24 October 2020, 11:59
Patryk S.
I tnink another winner is reaching completion. Great result so far! As for the colors - I worked on several types of heavy military equipment - tanks in peculiar and I can say one thing - camouflage colors tend to fade, they look otherwise if the tank is clean, wet or repainted - and i seen several shades of one color depending on the producer or batch after a fresh painting. Maybe they had a lighter shade available when they painted this guy 🙂 Or maybe it's the correct color, as the war progressed the paint quality also deteriorated as for lack of qualified work force etc. Looks fine to me though. Good luck with finishing - following!
24 October 2020, 13:53
Daniel Klink
Thank you Patryk and Jens for the feedback.
The colors were unusual but in fact this was a unusual version 🙂
Just brushed thinned RLM76 to the sides and when the color dried i will go to the mottling and undersurface with a lighten up RLM65.
Thank you again for your warm and very encouraging words Patryk.
Yes i feel somewaht free with the colors because this whole thing is a What if in the end. And despite of historical correctness i like the combination..👍
8 November 2020, 19:04
David Taylor
looking good Daniel.
8 November 2020, 21:51
Daniel Klink
Thank you David, much appreciated👍
8 November 2020, 23:34
Clifford Keesler
Agree, looking very good.
9 November 2020, 01:02
Daniel Klink
Thank you Clifod mate👍
What a hell of a wok with this masking the spots...🙁
This might take a while
9 November 2020, 15:45
Good progress Daniel.
I have also used film for masking large areas, combining it with masking tape. With this I avoid using more tape or other material. I think it does its job well, if it is done with care to protect well the parts that should not be painted.
10 November 2020, 19:58
Mirko Römer
Already wrapped for christmas? Best self-present you could make yourself! 🙂
10 November 2020, 20:58
Guillaume Blanchet
Wow! the tape really worked well.
11 November 2020, 01:44
Daniel Klink
Thank you mates for your warm words👍
@ cuajete hi mate, it is really a swift way of masking👍
@ mirko yap knibbling off the Patafix is always childhood remembering and fun
@ guillaume yes that stuff is great, the color itself looks a bit pale perhaps i added too much white
But i think it will match in the end, and i am quite happy with the progress so far
11 November 2020, 11:04
Tim Heimer
That is looking good! My eye sight would need to be a lot better to do this good on this scale plane!
11 November 2020, 15:26
Clifford Keesler
Awesome Daniel.
11 November 2020, 16:23
Daniel Klink
Thank you Tim and Clifford, glad you like it 👍
12 November 2020, 00:27
James C
Very impressive looking camouflage Daniel. Intricate paintwork👍
12 November 2020, 17:39
Very nice camo 👍
12 November 2020, 19:26
Daniel Klink
Thank you James and Cuajete - looking a bit unusual but somewhow i like cartoon look...
Tada masks are off..
12 November 2020, 20:36
Daniel Klink
Hm really looking a bit like Candystuff..
13 November 2020, 09:58
Andy Ball
Great to see it coming along....sure looks big!
13 November 2020, 12:32
Gary Kitchen
Is this what they mean when they say an ugly ducking becomes a swan?
13 November 2020, 16:37
Daniel, are those panel lines (on the fuselage) naturally that deep or did you deepen them with a scribing tool? They looks so good they don't even need a wash!
13 November 2020, 16:53
Daniel Klink
Hi mates and thank you Gary and Andy for your warm commens👍

@Otto thank you and no they come with the kit that way.
14 November 2020, 00:33
Daniel Klink
So now comes the part when it is time to think about the Cookie 🙂
15 November 2020, 14:13
Clifford Keesler
It is looking very impressive Daniel.
15 November 2020, 18:23
Daniel Klink
Thank you so much Clifford!
Really glad you like it Mate👍
17 November 2020, 00:39
Tim Heimer
Looking good!
17 November 2020, 05:42
Daniel Klink
Thank you Tim, much appreciated👍
17 November 2020, 10:47
Guillaume Blanchet
It looks fantastic! The pattern on the side came out very well. Good works!
17 November 2020, 12:43
James C
It's an ugly looking brute, but your doing an amazing job on it Daniel 👍
17 November 2020, 17:01
David Taylor
Nearly a swan.
17 November 2020, 17:10
Guy Rump
Excellent result Daniel, the camo on the side is sublime 🙂
17 November 2020, 17:15
Soeren .
Really great result my friend😉
17 November 2020, 17:16
@Janes C
The plane, like the model, is beautiful!
17 November 2020, 17:20
James C
@OttovonLindberg - Beauty is in the eye of the Beer-holder😉👍
17 November 2020, 17:24

Great work Daniel! Congrats on getting it done!
17 November 2020, 21:00
Daniel Klink
So many thanks guys for your warm and encouraging words 👍
It is not finished without blades though a whatif, wouldn't work
But literally it is a beauty and a beast at the same time
17 November 2020, 23:59
Fantastic, Daniel... Good solution for the problems.
Waiting for the end😉
18 November 2020, 19:45
Daniel Klink
Thank you mate...
Hope you are not still waiting for the base?
18 November 2020, 21:00
Daniel did you experience fit issues with the canopy?
18 November 2020, 21:45
Daniel Klink
Yes Otto, it is in fact one big fit issue with the Clearparts...
And it is not only the fi but also are tey not that thin and clear as you would expect of a rather modern kit. An the aftemarket options aren't really fitting better.
But that is the only really big issue that comes with the kit and regarding the price for it, it is ok and you can handle this with a little extra effort.
18 November 2020, 21:55
Clifford Keesler
It is looking better all the time.
19 November 2020, 01:29
Daniel Klink
Thank you Joshua and Clifford, that encourages my will to start with the millions of stencils
20 November 2020, 13:46
Tim Heimer
I agree with Cliff!
20 November 2020, 14:39
stencils will be the icing of this beautiful cake 🙂 (painful as they can sometimes be, they make a huge difference)
20 November 2020, 16:12
Daniel Klink
Yes well, than we start with a fair amount of AlcladII Aqua Gloss.
20 November 2020, 17:42
David Taylor
Getting dressed for the prom,brill.
20 November 2020, 21:54
Roberto Rocat
Nice one 👍
21 November 2020, 10:52
Clifford Keesler
Awesome job Daniel. Your skills sir are amazing, a real beauty.
24 November 2020, 23:11
Lochsa River
Great paint work, Daniel!
25 November 2020, 00:13
Christian Kohl
Daniel, what should I write about it? The model turned out absolutely beautiful! Breathtakingly beautiful! Great, clean work !! Congrats mate 😉
25 November 2020, 04:51
David Taylor
Absolute stunner.
25 November 2020, 17:32
Fantastic result, Daniel... Very nice What-if model. Congrats! 🙂 👍
25 November 2020, 19:17
Daniel Klink
Thank you so much mates for your nice, warm and encouraging words..
They are really much appreciated....👍
Now i am preparing a little base that should show a small cutout of the Bordeaux airbase in 1943.
Grass is ready and now i will go for the Maintenance area...
25 November 2020, 23:01
Daniel Klink
So this is completed.
Thank you all gentlemen for your interest, support and patience with this one 👍
Next poject is waiting
27 November 2020, 14:16
Łukasz Gliński
Eyecatching 👍 Miss the swastika, but still, it does look grand.
27 November 2020, 14:21
Daniel Klink
Thank you mate 👍
Yap, they are missing. In germany it is forbidden to show them even on scale models etc
You have to hide them in Exhibitions or geman forums. So i left it out here
27 November 2020, 14:28
James C
It looks fantastic Daniel. Congrats on a stunning looking build 👍
27 November 2020, 17:19
Daniel Klink
Thank you James, very much appreciated..👍
27 November 2020, 23:30
Stefan Schacht
Hi Daniel, well done, hope to see you and the Heinkel next time in Siegen. Cheers Stefan
27 November 2020, 23:36
Alec K
Great build Daniel 👍
28 November 2020, 02:50
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful Daniel.
28 November 2020, 03:01
Top result you achieved here, Daniel! And clever decision to omit the swastika (§ 86a Abs.1 Nr.1 Strafgesetzbuch) ............
28 November 2020, 10:15
Juergen Klinglhuber
Great Build! 👍 👍
28 November 2020, 12:02
Good grief! What a good greif! Absolutely lovely job you've done there Daniel.
28 November 2020, 15:45
Guillaume Blanchet
This plane have a very interesting landing gear setup. Nice build !
28 November 2020, 16:10
Murad ÖZER
everything about this particular ac is interesting, not just the lg. amazing build Daniel, would be a stunning addition to the display cabinet! 👍👍👍
29 November 2020, 18:20
prelude BCh
Very nice result .
30 November 2020, 15:50
Daniel Klink
Thank you all so much for your overwhelming positive feedback guys👍
@stefan yes that would be great 👍
1 December 2020, 13:14
David Taylor
Good Greif,good Griffi.
2 December 2020, 13:48
Tim Heimer
Looking better every time i see it!
2 December 2020, 16:34
That scene promises to be spectacular!
2 December 2020, 19:01
Daniel Klink
Thank you David, Tim and Cuajete...very much appreciated words mates 👍
Still some details on the base but i am confident to finish this in 2020 🙂
22 December 2020, 15:39
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful Daniel well done.
23 December 2020, 18:25
Daniel Klink
Thank you so much Clifford 👍 Just a few bits to do
29 December 2020, 23:04
Slavo Hazucha
Ha, happy I made it back before this bird takes off for the Test! 🙂

Very nice job on the big canvas, particularly like the sides and the grey-grey camo patterns 👍
1 January 2021, 15:05
Daniel Klink
Thank you SLavo..very much appreciated 👍
6 January 2021, 22:41
David Taylor
Stunning widowmaker.
10 October 2021, 14:57
Daniel Klink
Thank you David.. Added some "better" pics!
10 October 2021, 17:04
Tony Tonov
Stunning Greif, Daniel! Wonderful build, much tempting me to start mine too.
12 October 2021, 21:06
Chris Toocool
il est beau ! bravo.
13 October 2021, 05:07
Robert Blaschke
Nice one. I like the way it looks. Good job.
13 October 2021, 06:05
Daniel Klink
Thank you Tony, Chris and Robert for your nice and encouraging words- very much appreciated!👍
@tony go for it 👍
15 October 2021, 21:19


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