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Daniel Klink (Springbank)


Mitsubishi Ki.109 Interceptor completed

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One of the many desperate tries of the japanese Air force to decrease the overwhelming USAAF Air superiority...



This album is attached to project Mitsubishi Ki.109 Interceptor.

Albums: 1 with 41 images
1:72 Mitsubishi Ki109 Experimental Interceptor '107th Flight Regiment' (Hasegawa 02052)1:72 Ki-67 Peggy (Eduard CX068)
Mitsubishi Ki-109 Hiryu
JP Military Dai-Nippon Teikoku Rikugun Kōkū tai (Imperial Japanese Army Air Service 1912-1945)
107 Flight Reg. | 1945 | GSA8, GSA28, GSA47, GSA50, GSA61, GSA128, GSA131, GSA304


18. March at 21:54:45 Share
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Erik Leijdens Great subject! Never seen that aircraft before! Frightening mask set too..!
18. March at 22:10:56
Daniel Klink HI Erik, Welcome. One will only need halve of the masks for this version. No Turrets and no glass nose ;) But it is really a fascinating machine.
It is well done a real stunner though zero impact in combat ;)

Built the LS offering long ago .

18. March at 22:16:37
Greg Baker OK... getting in on the ground floor for this one.
18. March at 23:16:09
Daniel Klink This Tamiya big saw is absolutely lovely to work with...
8. June at 22:53:10
Daniel Klink BTW guys, If you ever want to build this - do not follow the instructions by Hasegawa where to cut the front fuselage for the nose
it is better to cut it ca 5mm further ahead. The nose diameter is too small otherwise.
9. June at 20:19:09
James C Another interesting subject. Watching.
13. June at 18:49:03
Daniel Klink Glad you found it and welcome JAmes
13. June at 20:39:53
Daniel Klink Hi Greg, of course a warm welcome to you mate... It i still enough place in the first row.. Take a seat and see how not to... :)
13. June at 20:42:26
Daniel Klink A lot of sanding and filling with the resin parts is required - as i feared....
3. July at 17:20:19
Nathan Dempsey Interesting subject Daniel. Looks great so far. Keep up the good work!
3. July at 17:29:28
Daniel Klink Thank you Nathan...i will do my best... but look at this mess :)
4. July at 13:01:16
Martin Oostrom Another Japanese never-heard-of-this-plane build? By DK? I'm in
4. July at 15:16:11
Soeren . Count me in ;)
4. July at 15:18:11
Daniel Klink The fit of the extra parts is a mess and as i said the instructions by Hasegawa are wrong. Do not cut
the nose section as sais there. Leave it as it is.
I had to reassemble the stripe which i falsely cutted off :(
4. July at 15:55:00
Daniel Klink Welcome MArtin and Soeren..
But this one looks like a challenging non typical for Hasegawa built.
But some others like Roland managed it without lamenting so should i :)
4. July at 17:19:15
James C Despite the challenges, you appear to be making some great progress
4. July at 19:14:03
Daniel Klink Thanks JAmes, some minor progress and in fact it was my fault with the nose in combination with Hasegawas confusing instructions.. One really has to cut off where Hasegawa instructs it in the manual
but they forgot to tell that you also have to remove the front cockpit section shown in Pic 3!
The last two pics show the correct nose setting for this version.
5. July at 10:26:35
Stephan Ryll Comming along nicely Daniel :)
5. July at 11:02:54
Roberto Rocat Love it. Following :)
5. July at 19:38:59
Daniel Klink Thank you stephan and ciap Roberto Glad that you like it..
But last night out of the blue my compressor did not stop running while i was sleeping. I forgot to witch him off. And the reason that the machine did not shut itself off, is a broken pipe.
See last pic .. DAmn now i have to look for replacement parts.
I hope the engine itself was not damaged because it was fairly hot when i pulled out the plug.
6. July at 09:22:15
Daniel Klink While spraying is out of question anyway continued masking and preparing the surface...
7. July at 14:31:59
Slavo Hazucha Still one rugged piece of gear, breaking a pipe then soldiering on until it got noticed... :) In the current heat, mine got so hot I could fry an egg on it even during shorter sessions...

You'll surely find a proper occupation until the pipe is sorted, some fancy detail on the landing gear or the engines perhaps? ;)
7. July at 15:22:12
Daniel Klink Hi Slavo, spare Part is on the way. I will replace the whole safety valve.
Yea the engines are a wide field for upgrading with this kit but as the covers are very narrow and there will be a big venti behind the spinners you will see nothing afterwards , when you do not want to show it under maintenance with opened Cowlings.
But i have enough other projects that i should take care of, like the base for my Emily and other stuff. :(
7. July at 15:57:24
Daniel Klink Compi is fixed
9. July at 12:55:12
Bart Goesaert Nice looking aircraft. Didn't knew it either. Will you do a spaghetti camo (Also known as a Jens camo)?
9. July at 13:45:16
Nathan Dempsey Good to see your compressor back to work! Even my wife agrees that this piece of equipment is of upmost importance!
10. July at 16:13:27
Daniel Klink Welcome Bart, nice to have you here!. No i will do the Prototype scheme as on the kit cover
Hi Nathan, yes and i had a bit of luck that the egine survived it.
So i am able Introduce Miss Peggy Marble :)
10. July at 16:16:13
Murad ÖZER following with great interest, beautiful subject.
10. July at 17:30:34
Guy Rump Looking great so far Daniel :)
10. July at 18:12:13
Daniel Klink Thank you Murad and Guy much appreciated mates
First thin layer of IJA Khaki Brown
11. July at 13:29:01
Slavo Hazucha Aaah, that moment when all the color is on a Japanese WWII bird without a scratch... Never to last long... ;)
11. July at 13:32:10
Daniel Klink Hi Slavo, for this special machine it will.. Cause it was not used widely and except of some small scratches caused by maintenance work on it, there will be no damage or battered hull.
11. July at 13:40:44
Bart Goesaert Looking good, don't know whether it is still a small step shining through at the nose...
11. July at 13:51:55
Daniel Klink Hi Bart, thank you and do you mean the shadow in front in the last pic?
11. July at 14:05:30
Bart Goesaert Yes, it can be putty/primer shining through also...
11. July at 14:11:13
Alec K Looking great Daniel. Hope you are doing ok
11. July at 14:15:47
Stephan Ryll Comming along nicely Daniel
15. July at 15:59:59
Daniel Klink Hi Mates, thank you for your interest and nice words
@Bart it was putty shining through..good eyes
@ALec: Thank you...well it is getting better but both events in a short time surely it took its toll, and i have no problem to admit, that i needed professional help.. And it was the right decision getting it.
15. July at 20:32:02
Cuajete Nice job so far, Daniel!
15. July at 22:26:27
Daniel Klink Thank you my friend
17. July at 10:24:11
Alec K Glad to hear. Hang in there
17. July at 19:44:27
James C Looking awesome Daniel
17. July at 20:02:19
Daniel Klink Hi Alec, will do my best ..thank mate
@JAmes Thank you very much, though i could have done better with the resinpart on the back iam quiet satisfied to with the outcome so far
18. July at 10:45:25
Soeren . Looks fantastic so far Daniel.
18. July at 10:47:28
Slavo Hazucha Looking very promising on the final meters! That factory-new paint finish is really nice to look at.
18. July at 11:03:03
Stephan Ryll Comming along nicely Daniel
18. July at 18:11:21
Daniel Klink Thank you very much Soeren, Slavo and Stephan for your nice comments. Much appreciated
18. July at 21:04:09
Daniel Klink Completed, and served on a cookie :)
19. July at 19:13:18
Stephan Ryll Great work and a nice dio Daniel
19. July at 19:15:57
Slavo Hazucha It looks just perfect on the cookie The color combination turned out as an excellent background IMHO... I only now noticed it's 72 scale!! That's one great surface finish and super-fine panel work... Top job Daniel
19. July at 19:28:28
Daniel Klink Thank you so much Stephan..
@Slavo that are some really encouraging and nice words.. much appreciated and thank you mate
19. July at 19:52:27
James C Very impressive Daniel.
19. July at 21:16:47
Nathan Dempsey Wow Daniel, that came out great. Love that shading that spills over to the rising suns.
20. July at 01:36:38
Greg Baker Man... that is just FANTASTIC work. A real beauty. Makes me want to build some Japanese WWII planes...
20. July at 04:32:51
Alec K Excellent work again Dan
20. July at 12:31:33
Daniel Klink Thanx mates for your kind and encouraging words
@Nathan thank you and i have to say this hasegawa Decals were really smooth and good.
@Greg Thank you mate and just Do it...please
20. July at 13:41:45
Guy Rump Great work and a fantastic finish Daniel :)
20. July at 15:22:24
David Januska Nice result Daniel. As allways, congratulations.
20. July at 15:34:55
Soeren . Awesome result Daniel!
20. July at 17:53:57
Cuajete Very nice, Daniel. Fantastic job. Congrats!
20. July at 19:27:28
David Januska Daniel, what colour is on the top? It is something like kasshoku tea colour?
20. July at 19:34:19
Andy Ball Fantastic result!
20. July at 19:42:16
Daniel Klink Wow Thank you Gentlemen for your nice words and compliments and that the rather rare subject seems to please
qDAvid Yes , but i mixed it from Vallejos 71.287 and 71.285 80/20 percent and filtered it at the end with 71.330 Khaki Green No3 very thin layer.....
For 1/72 the Ak color which is really great looked too dark for me.
20. July at 20:37:42
Tim Heimer Nice Looking work there!
20. July at 23:34:06
David Januska Thank you, looks perfect and realistic.
21. July at 04:45:01
Chris Greathouse Cool plane dude! I really like the panel lining outcome/result. :D
21. July at 05:08:59
Neuling Red dot on camouflage colour: war machines can look like works of art. Very well done Daniel!
21. July at 12:38:20
bughunter Great result with a really nice painting
22. July at 13:51:29
Stefan Schacht very nice
22. July at 16:04:43
Clifford Keesler Awesome job.
22. July at 23:57:42
Jim J Wonderful! I really like the result of the subtle preshading and the diorama base really makes a difference.
23. July at 02:47:06
Tim Heimer This is Daniel's fingerprint in the model world. It is good work!
23. July at 03:48:14
Greg Baker Always look for the monster cookie... That's Daniel's claim to fame!
23. July at 07:00:47
Tim Heimer COOKIE!
23. July at 12:06:12
Cristian Bordina Greta job! Congrats!!!
23. July at 12:30:26
Roland Sachsenhofer What an interesting subject, what a great model- you did a marvelous job- again!! The vignette underlines the effect of the model, well done!
23. July at 19:00:54
James C Fantastic result mate.
26. July at 20:56:52
Daniel Klink Many, many thanks mates for all your encouraging an nice comments.. I am really blushed a bit.
Cheers the cookieman :)
27. July at 18:13:17
Łukasz Gliński That looks great
27. July at 20:55:06
Daniel Klink Thanky you Lukasz..
28. July at 18:17:39
Roberto Rocat Great work, bravo!
29. July at 16:21:27
Daniel Klink Hi Roberto and Grazie Mille amico mio
29. July at 19:50:22
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