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F.2A In Kobayashi Design What if


13 | 28. March 2018, 14:18
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Looking very well so far. Watching.
29. March 2018, 19:37
Daniel Klink
Welcome, and it could take a while.. too much projects at one time 🙂
3. October 2018, 15:23
Daniel Klink
Next step with the What if experiment.. Ready for more colour 🙂
Will use it as a kind of test platform
14. October 2018, 22:06
Maciej Bellos
Following! Even if it's a What-if.
15. October 2018, 15:53
Daniel Klink
Welcome Macjiel 👍
15. October 2018, 16:30
15. October 2018, 18:30
Daniel Klink
Welcome Ekki👍
3 coats of Kawasaki Green-gay added..
16. October 2018, 12:48
Holger Kranich
LOL you mean Green-Gray? 🙂
16. October 2018, 12:50
Daniel Klink
🙂🙂🙂🙂 of course i meant Green Gray
16. October 2018, 13:00
Unless you meant "gay" in the old-fashioned sense. ;)
16. October 2018, 16:25
Well done so far, Daniel. Nice "gay" color 😛
16. October 2018, 17:23
Roberto Rocat
I'll follow :)
16. October 2018, 17:52
Daniel Klink
Welcome mates, I feel honored by sour interest. And another small foto-update. Starboard side nearly ready. Hope you like it so far.
17. October 2018, 16:34
Rick Corts
Looking Awesome Daniel! Great work so far
17. October 2018, 17:11
Roberto Rocat
Good progress 👍
17. October 2018, 19:35
Martin Oostrom
Daniel, you need to update your spelling checker. Green-gay?
Sour interest?
Comments are almost as entertaining as your build. Your Lightning looks great 👍
17. October 2018, 19:58
Daniel Klink
Thank you @ Rick and Roberto for your encouraging words 👍
@Martin, indeed i should have an eye on that before i get sent off here 🙂 Honoured that this fun project seems to please.
Hm, really funny and so colorful, maybe a little too much of everything. Working with the Vallejo chipping medium is somewhat unprecise.. The scratches and badges came out bigger than planned.

18. October 2018, 14:45
Rick Corts
How did you come up with this project and color scheme? That always has me amazed by "what if" projects.
19. October 2018, 16:19
Daniel Klink
Normally i built only WWII props but the EE Lightning has always been on my List and i thought that the colorful Kobayashi camo should match
with the F1 plane Lightning 🙂
19. October 2018, 18:56
Nathan Dempsey
I like this "what-if" color scheme. I think it looks great on the Lightning.
20. October 2018, 03:16
Es-haq Khosravi
20. October 2018, 09:22
Daniel Klink
Thank you Nathan and Es-haq, very much appreciated 🙂
Foolishly i broke the canopy and as expected to it glue didn't work out well.
Already asked for replacement parts from Airfix
20. October 2018, 21:42
Greg Baker
That... is completely awesome! I love it!
20. October 2018, 23:06
Marcel Klemmer
Well progress Daniel and very worth about the canopy.
21. October 2018, 08:34
Daniel Klink
Thank you Greg and Marcel 👍 Yes that i smashed the canopy is really annoying. Now i have to reorder the paint mask also and i have to spray it not fixed to the Fuselage grrr.
The Project is nearly finished just some more spletterig and washing and it is done
22. October 2018, 19:52
Kees Kleijwegt
Great what if in a cool scheme! 👍
22. October 2018, 19:57
Daniel Klink
Hi Kees, Thank you very much! It is finished now. Just waiting for the spare Canopy
24. October 2018, 15:14
Maciej Bellos
Even with the broken canopy, it looks great. Well done mate!
24. October 2018, 17:06
Alec K
Very well done Daniel. I love the chipping work 👍
24. October 2018, 17:28
I indeed with Maciej. Very nice scheme and fantastic result. Congrats!
24. October 2018, 17:29
Roberto Rocat
Lovely work, it looks really great 👍
24. October 2018, 17:53
Rick Corts
Great work Daniel! Love it!
24. October 2018, 20:14
Holger Kranich
Very nice what-if!
25. October 2018, 07:05
25. October 2018, 07:29
Stefan Schacht
Hallo Daniel, cool idea and nice model. Cheers Stefan
25. October 2018, 07:58
Greg Baker
I love WHIF projects and this one is sweet. Looks fabulous.
25. October 2018, 14:32
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Very original, and well done indeed!
25. October 2018, 16:28
Daniel Klink
Thak you all Guys! The many positive Reaction let me feel really good 👍 🙂
25. October 2018, 21:31
Lee Fogel
That's a FABULOUS idea for a 'whiffer'!
25. October 2018, 21:40
Daniel Klink
Thank you very much Lee 👍
26. October 2018, 23:19
Great work! 👍
27. October 2018, 17:50
Daniel Klink
Thank you Ekki much appreciated 👍 This is my first "Soldering Lamp" for many years.I thin i'll do 2or 3 mor of them in the future.
31. October 2018, 10:05
Daniel Klink
Still no answer from Airfix about the spare canopy. Could somebody here help....perhaps????
17. January 2019, 20:07
Write again, Daniel: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/contact

Insist is to get😉
18. January 2019, 18:55
Daniel Klink
Wrote again two times .. Still just autogenerated answers... We will take care ..Hm not the best service in my opinion
9. March 2019, 10:49
I remember that Airfix had a very good spare parts service, but I think the quality of this service has been decreasing a bit since a few years ago. My last experiences were not positive either.
11. March 2019, 12:29
Daniel Klink
Hi Mate sorry for my late response.. But still no sign of canopy replacement 😭
14. December 2020, 11:17
Oh... shame to read this, Daniel...
It occurs to me that you can maybe restore the piece as best as possible (cyan in the gap + sanding + polishing) and then try to vacuum the piece (filling the part with blue-tack or similar to try to prevent it from breaking again due to vacuum pressure. You would have to build a small vacuum forming machine or try to buy one. But this would be nice to be able to make your own canopies on other models). Another option would be to try to get the kit part from another brand to leave it open on the plane.
14. December 2020, 18:45
These are the only vacuform canopy I have found:

1. English Electric Lightning F1/2/3/6 (Aeroclub C033, 1:72)

1:72 English Electric Lightning F1/2/3/6 (Aeroclub C033)

I guess it will be hard to find 🙁
14. December 2020, 18:54
Roberto Rocat
I never got any replacement for a missing Airfix canopy, I was ready to pay for it. Good luck.
17. December 2020, 20:04
Daniel Klink
Hi Roberto Hope you are doing well?
I assume we sahre this experience with the Airfix service.. i am looking for the kit as a cheap catch .
29. December 2020, 23:05
Roberto Rocat
Doing still ok here, thank you! As for the airfix service, in the end I had to buy another kit to get that canopy...Oh well.
10. January, 11:45
Daniel Klink
Hi Roberto, happy to hear this from you 👍
And well i assume i#LL have to go th same route with the replacement 🙂
28. March, 21:25


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