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Jan Raska (Yearzero)

M1A2 Abrams OIF 2003


14. May 2018, 06:17
Thomas K.
very nice!
14. May 2018, 06:28
Jan Raska
Thank you Thomas
14. May 2018, 07:27
Bob Hall
You Want to make it REAL Authentic put a few bags of sunflower seeds and some Copenhagen tobacco cans on top ! LOL AHHH Memories ! Beautiful Work !
14. May 2018, 22:27
Jan Raska
Thank you guys! Thx for the link Robert!
15. May 2018, 05:07
Nam Soo Lee
oh ,looks great I need to get this on my stash.
15. May 2018, 05:40
Jan Raska
Thx! I can recommended it for (very) easy build and planty of accessories (but many shortcomings are present in this kit), next time I choose some Rye Field Model Abrams for sure
15. May 2018, 06:12


1:35 M1A2 Abrams (Tamiya 35269)1:35 120mm M256 M1A1 Abrams (RB Model 35B106)1:35 US M1A1/A2 Abrams (Tamiya 35273)5+

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