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bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
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New: 18. December at 06:24:25
21. November at 07:26:30 Share
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bobinspokaloo Everything is primed...Mission Models primer is excellent and smooth.
27. November at 00:49:42
bobinspokaloo Testors 148 Golden Age Curtiss Racer - Basic painting is underway
02. December at 23:33:35
Ben M Watching...
02. December at 23:34:18
bobinspokaloo Testors 148 Golden Age Curtiss Racer - No real surprise the decals were not going to work...too, US roundel decals in various size on order...

...nice fresh decals will be nice, but this kit is so old, it has raised "idiot marks" for the we will see how they fit.
03. December at 05:17:14
bobinspokaloo U know...those decals are just about impossible to find....roundels like this or even close without the red dot in the middle....non existent

Soooo....some creativity may creep in here and this plane may have decals from some other country...that will have to fit over the "idiot marks" with a star in them and will look pretty odd...but., there it got "idiot marks" can be sorta idiotic...

No pressure, though...I'm thinking Italian decals!
03. December at 05:44:43
Ben M I think I have some us stars like that for my Ryan stm-s2. I'm doing Netherlands East Indies markings so I won't be using them.
03. December at 12:24:53
bobinspokaloo Thank you! I have some of those left over from my PT-20 build....but, they are a bit old as well.

It will be fun to put Aussie or Italian roundels on this.

03. December at 16:49:41
bobinspokaloo Went with Guatemalan five star roundels (yup, they worked fine)

rigging with wire and completion are close.
17. December at 15:00:05
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bobinspokaloo added the Rising Decals DONATED BIRDS PT. III (1:72) to their stash.
1:72 DONATED BIRDS PT. III (Rising Decals RD72079)
Rising Decals 1:72
RD72079 Multitopic
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December 17, 2018

bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
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New: 17. December at 15:18:42
14. November at 03:52:54 Share
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bobinspokaloo ICM 1-48 He70 Spanish Recon - All masking complete - phew! - cross your fingers, this will be interesting to see how it goes

Painting blue is next....then the real test
11. December at 03:48:52
bobinspokaloo ICM 1-48 He70 Spanish Recon - The masks are off - it seems to have gone well -this was a dramatic aircraft for sure

Lots of touchup to come - some paint peeling as well...but, the hard part is over
11. December at 13:39:47
Jozef Goos nice paint job
11. December at 15:45:00
Daniel Klink Whoaa! That looks really good and like a hell of masking job!! Well done
Really like it
11. December at 16:08:55
bobinspokaloo thanks, Daniel...i was holding my breath while the tape came off.
11. December at 21:35:04
bobinspokaloo ICM 1-48 He70 Spanish Recon - Lots of retouching on both sides of the wing and around the cockpit - several days of work but very close to sealing the paint and applying decals.

there is only so much retouching of retouching that makes sense...its paying off, though...this one is looking like it might be fun.
17. December at 15:21:22
Irving González so good work
17. December at 19:40:07
Gordon Sørensen Looking good, Bob!
17. December at 20:56:12
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bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
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New: 17. December at 15:42:27
28. October at 05:56:59 Share
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bobinspokaloo Lindberg 1911 Deperdussin rebuild - rigging started

Going with the double ended Type C turnbuckle from Gaspatch.

I tried with some success to combine the Bobs Buckles ends and sleeves into a dual ended piece, but, it just didn't match the look the Gaspatch pieces have.

On it will be a few days...

Meanwhile, a good result with the rear rigging with the scratchbuilt actuator arm and EZ line...a bit better than the first effort at this kit!
25. November at 03:21:55
bobinspokaloo Just realized there is a typo.

MMP-038 DESERT TAN is used, not MMP-033
26. November at 17:55:42
Mac Felsing This looks really good. I've got some EZ line on order for several of my projects.
10. December at 03:08:37
Ben M watching, I have this in my stash
10. December at 03:30:49
bobinspokaloo Lindberg 1911 Deperdussin rebuild - Wing rigging started -

Went with the simpler rigging option of small sleeves (Bobs Buckles) to duplicate buckles - it works in this basic kit, better than a fancier option like Gaspatch.

I tried the Gaspatch pieces and they are beautiful and will be used on later projects

Rigging is about half done and this one is close to being complete
12. December at 06:59:27
Mac Felsing Nice job on the rigging. I like your choice for the4 turnbuckles. Makes sense.
13. December at 02:02:52
bobinspokaloo Lindberg 1911 Deperdussin rebuild - Finished -

This was a fun project to see how the rigging skillset had evolved...EZLine makes it simple...

It was fun to do with the wing shading and the rigging....better photos will follow.
17. December at 14:46:14
bobinspokaloo I hate closeups...they show everything...some retouching and better photos will follow in a few days
17. December at 19:10:04
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bobinspokaloo added the Lindberg Deperdussin 1911 (1:48) to their completed kits.
1:48 Deperdussin 1911 (Lindberg HL506)
Deperdussin 1911 with 48 piece Puzzle
Lindberg 1:48
2014 | Changed parts
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December 10, 2018

bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 10, 2018
24. October at 23:00:41 Share
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bobinspokaloo That is just pure modeling art...

...the modeling immortalization of a single airplane, that saw no real action and never fired a shot in anger...

...but, worth the unbelievable artistic effort here.

Just astounding.
06. December at 06:07:15
bobinspokaloo ....and to think i just was doing a web search to find the right color for the cockpit....

..and this gem popped up.....

...pretty cool
06. December at 06:09:03
Ben M What the ... "one month effort"
06. December at 13:20:50
Wim van der Luijt I can tell it was only one month....he missed a few rivets :P time to hang around, I have to go and bury my modelling stuff in the yard ;(
06. December at 13:40:18
Ben M 1200 parts made from scratch in 30 days. 40 parts per day, made, fitted, painted, and assembled?
06. December at 15:18:55
Daniel Klink I wasn't in till today? Sorry, but now Iam
06. December at 16:39:45
Mac Felsing I'm watching too. Cool work. I like the story along with the photos. I'm learning a lot also. Thank you.
10. December at 03:00:34
bobinspokaloo HobbyBoss F4F-3S Wildcatfish - Fuselage stripped of paint, washed and partially rebuilt

The paint was building up from errors of one sort or another that needed fixing...eventually, it was time to start over.

Using a tip from Dave Flitton, brake fluid was went well and now, the painting process can begin fresh,
with new primer, etc..
10. December at 19:22:21
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bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 22, 2018
22. November at 18:02:46 Share
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bobinspokaloo be patient...there are a number of projects to complete before this one goes beyond the "idea" stage.
22. November at 19:25:00
Rick Corts Will follow this when you start!
23. November at 11:36:01
Zsolt Czegle Following also....
23. November at 13:30:50
Nigel Way cool, a bomber with its own fighter an early Battlestar Galactica! :D
23. November at 13:59:02
Olivier In fact it seems the small planes were used as dive bombers.
23. November at 19:45:56
Ben M Following, so when you get started, I can watch. I had seen this one and almost bought it, but then decided it was just too complex
10. December at 03:33:15
bobinspokaloo Its a commitment, for sure. There are some steps, like drilling the holes for the planes in the wings, that are not usual fare.

Its really a well made kit and is an inspiring build. The good news, the painting is pretty simple.

This might be a good January 1 start project.....then, the goal will be have it done by Spring.
10. December at 03:52:50
Mac Felsing I'll follow as well. Very interesting subject. I also understand about finishing some other projects.
10. December at 04:15:01
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bobinspokaloo and Mac Felsing are now mates.
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December 09, 2018

bobinspokaloo and Peter Roehrich are now mates.
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December 07, 2018

bobinspokaloo added the Unicraft Models Goodyear 39 LARA/COIN (1:72) to their stash.
1:72 Goodyear 39 LARA/COIN (Unicraft Models )
Goodyear 39 LARA/COIN
Unicraft Models 1:72
07. December at 03:16:18 Share
bobinspokaloo added the Scale Aircraft Conversions F3F-3, Gulfhawk Landing Gear (1:32) to their stash.
1:32 F3F-3, Gulfhawk Landing Gear (Scale Aircraft Conversions 32066)
F3F-3, Gulfhawk Landing Gear (for Revell/Monogram)
Scale Aircraft Conversions 1:32
2012 | New tool
07. December at 03:15:34 Share
bobinspokaloo added the OWL x Radio-Altimeter Aerials for Grumman F3F-3/F3F-5 Hellcat (1:32) to their stash.
07. December at 03:15:11 Share

December 03, 2018

BTW...remind me to not say anything that might be considered even the slightest bit critical of anyone's work here.

kinda sensitive, guys?

From now on, everything is perfect...or there will be no comment at all.
02. December at 18:21:01 Share
Martin Oostrom I think I know what you're referring to. I also think you stated your opinion in a neutral, non offending manner.
If you want to be critical, you're invited to my builds ;) Plenty of work for you there :D
02. December at 20:03:49
bobinspokaloo thanks, bud
02. December at 23:28:37
Ben M Same, I'm here to learn, learning involves mistakes. Please feel free to teach me new things
02. December at 23:32:51
Michael Hickey Yep, I always love it when someone can see the errors in my work and want to let me know, I'm a big boy I can take it. :)
03. December at 00:48:42
Greg Baker Luckily my builds are all perfection captured in plastic... but I can empathize with the sentiment. Please feel free to criticize Martin's builds to your heart's content. I can also make some suggestions as to who else could use a few stern critiques if you feel bored...
03. December at 00:56:58
Wim van der Luijt I never get around to building anything anymore, so fire away with the comments ;) And Greg is right, Martin is a big boy he can take it :D

PS I didn't like the rivets either.....

03. December at 13:51:50
Erik Leijdens Bring it on :D
03. December at 16:17:27
Treehugger The simplest and perhaps less confrontational critique would be about bad photography I think, so I don't think twice if I feel I want to point that out.

When it comes to commending, I only say the things I feel like saying. And if I have something negative so say, I think twice about it. :)

I don't like commenting on every model I see, not even if a model looks good, so don't get bummed out if everybody isn't giving the modeler praise.
03. December at 16:34:04
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November 29, 2018

bobinspokaloo added the ICM I-153 (Winter Version) (1:48) to their stash.
1:48 I-153 (Winter Version) (ICM 48096)
I-153 (Winter Version) WWII Soviet Biplane Fighter
ICM 1:48
2016 | Changed parts
29. November at 03:00:04 Share

November 27, 2018

bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
18. November at 06:50:08 Share
bobinspokaloo HobbyZone Jig....RU Kidding...a jig needs a build log?

yup...just look at all these pieces.....this is going to be one serious jig
18. November at 05:52:34
bobinspokaloo HobbyZone jig - 48 parts....i think...i may have lost track after 40....25 need to be cut out with a saw
18. November at 06:30:56
bobinspokaloo It is possible to screw this up - and, if anyone can Mr., Dyslexia can - yup, one of the screws ended up in the wrong place - take your time
19. November at 05:15:56
bobinspokaloo One construction note - it is possible to make the small wing setting even tighter with some cutting of the pieces - photos to follow in a day or so

Also, be careful with the magnet polarity.

Bottom line, this appears to be a very well made product, worth the money and potentially very helpful.
19. November at 05:20:06
Daniel Klink Thank you for the Demonstration. Is on my List now
26. November at 21:51:17
Alexander G. Hm, though recently about getting one of those. That thing is massive!
27. November at 06:19:28
Daniel Klink And i have one or two massive projects. Perfect but actually hard to get in germany as it seems
27. November at 08:26:50
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bobinspokaloo added the Yellow-Wings Decals U.S. Navy F3F-3 Bi-Plane (1:32) to their stash.
1:32 U.S. Navy F3F-3 Bi-Plane (Yellow-Wings Decals 32-003)
U.S. Navy F3F-3 Bi-Plane VF-5 (USS Yorktown) & VF-6 (USS Enterprise)
Yellow-Wings Decals 1:32
27. November at 03:54:21 Share
bobinspokaloo added the Peewit Canopy Mask: de Havilland DH-88 Comet - KP - (1:72) to their stash.
27. November at 03:47:42 Share

November 25, 2018

bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
22. November at 23:01:43 Share
bobinspokaloo A very cool and unusual B-17 model from Academy....this will be a painting challenge but, honestly, likely not airbrush...but rattle can.
22. November at 22:08:05
bobinspokaloo Some initial dry fitting shows this Academy kit has its weaknesses...I've heard the Revell B-17 is the best version.

This will take some careful fuselage matching
25. November at 15:54:30
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November 23, 2018

bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 22, 2018
22. November at 23:30:35 Share
bobinspokaloo This is a fun kit, with good photoetch landing flaps to use those new photoetch skills on...
22. November at 22:33:18
Ekki Following.
23. November at 18:43:13
Cuajete Me 2.
23. November at 18:47:07
David Thor Following!
23. November at 20:21:11
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bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 22, 2018
22. November at 23:22:57 Share
bobinspokaloo Nice kit! Very well tooled and looks like a pleasure to build.

Looking forward to painting this one.
22. November at 22:26:38
Greg Baker Oh, sign me up. I want one of these too.
22. November at 23:04:21
bobinspokaloo Cool plane, but boring name...

...should be called the "Le Dandelion" or something.
23. November at 02:40:59
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22. November at 23:13:40 Share
bobinspokaloo Nothing but fun here...this wont take long
22. November at 22:16:23
Greg Baker You've got an eclectic taste in model kits bob... love it!
22. November at 23:08:23
bobinspokaloo Just u wait....the crew will someday see this...

"Catapult with Alf"

Kawanishi Type-94-1 (Hasegawa E8, 1:72)

1:72 Kawanishi Type-94-1 (Hasegawa E8)
23. November at 02:38:06
23. November at 02:38:57
bobinspokaloo Have to add another VTOL aircraft....

MV-22B Osprey USMC VIP (Hasegawa 02159, 1:72)

1:72 MV-22B Osprey USMC VIP (Hasegawa 02159)
23. November at 02:39:49
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November 22, 2018

bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
22. November at 20:42:25 Share
bobinspokaloo This is another crazy WWII you enjoy masking canopies...this one is for you.
22. November at 20:24:12
Gordon Sørensen Who doesn't love a good masking session? Not get enough masking with the He-70? Looking forward to watching your build, Bob!
22. November at 20:57:37
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bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
22. November at 20:18:25 Share
bobinspokaloo Hasegawa Kyushu J7W1 SHINDEN - this is a rebuild, this time with photoetch - it will be awhile before this one gets built.
22. November at 19:26:18
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bobinspokaloo added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 1 images
On hold
22. November at 20:14:16 Share
How do you add information or add a kit to the database?

I just found a Hasegawa kit (09277) that is listed with the model number, etc, but the photo and the description are different. The scalemates version has "Tokyo defender" written on the box, mine says "capital defender"

How can I add this to the database?
21. November at 02:51:03 Share
Spanjaard Could it be possible that it is just a rebox like
Kyushu J7W1 Shinden (Hasegawa 09195, 1:48)

1:48 Kyushu J7W1 Shinden (Hasegawa 09195)
22. November at 10:20:01
Wim van der Luijt That rebox had the wrong title btw....changed it to Metropolitan Defence 1946 like it says on the box

@Bob: On the top of the page you have a button labelled "contribute" in the same row as "home" and "newsfeed" once you click that you will a " add kit" button. Remember: same product # but different boxart = reboxing....have fun!
22. November at 13:23:00
bobinspokaloo thanks gents...did the update this morning.
22. November at 17:38:38
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November 21, 2018

bobinspokaloo added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 21, 2018
21. November at 01:39:51 Share
bobinspokaloo OK...this is impressive, Scalemates....I've never heard of this company, but YOU have!

Found this is in a little out of the way shop in the western US, mixed in with a bunch of brand new Hasegawa models.

Lee Fogel jumped in with some quick info about LTD...only 6 models total from that company, which was quite open about the limitations of the molds.

Looking forward to this one....never heard of LTD...never heard of the Boomerang
21. November at 00:46:51
bobinspokaloo Pretty impressive out of the box...vacuformed canopy and resin parts.
21. November at 00:48:17
bobinspokaloo Sometimes, its sobering to read the notes about these planes...

...apparently, an American P-38 once mistook a squadron of these for enemy planes and shot them down.
21. November at 03:16:02
J W It was just the one bob' - and us Aussies are prepared to let bygones be bygones (the crew still painted an Australian flag on the side of the P-38 ).
21. November at 06:28:13
bobinspokaloo I don't know...

Here is a direct quote from the instructions...

"A Boomerang of 4 Squadron was lost to a P-38 in November of 1943"

Did I misread that? Maybe they meant the Boomerang was part of Squadron 4? Not that 4 Boomerangs were shot down?

Good to know it was only one! Much beer must have been paid for, to make up for this.
21. November at 06:36:39
Wim van der Luijt I'll be following this one.....have one LTD kit in my stash and I know how crude the plastic is....but they made a couple of nice subjects....
21. November at 07:25:01
21. November at 10:11:26
J W Oh, and you Yanks can probably also claim A46-88 too
21. November at 10:13:47
Wim van der Luijt Great site, thanks for the link!
21. November at 11:46:08
J W There's a great photo of the victory flag, in this article gents:
@Wim - ADF Serials is a great resource for those interested in the RAAF and their aircraft. Along with the following you are pretty well set -
Now if I could just stop collecting and web surfing, I might actually get building!!!
21. November at 12:07:31
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bobinspokaloo added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 3 images
On hold
21. November at 01:21:30 Share
bobinspokaloo OK...this is impressive, Scalemates....I've never heard of this company, but YOU have!

Found this is in a little out of the way shop in the western US, mixed in with a bunch of brand new Hasegawa models.

Looking forward to this one.
21. November at 00:26:00
Lee Fogel It's not a bad kit. Early limited run stuff from the 1990s. They did six aircraft total and were sold thru MMD/Squadron only.
21. November at 00:33:47
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bobinspokaloo added the LTD Models Commonwealth Boomerang (1:48) to their stash.
1:48 Commonwealth Boomerang (LTD Models 9806)
Commonwealth Boomerang
LTD Models 1:48
1996 | New tool
21. November at 01:21:12 Share

November 18, 2018

bobinspokaloo added a new project.
18. November at 06:47:59 Share

November 14, 2018

bobinspokaloo added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 18 images
In progress
14. November at 01:01:57 Share
bobinspokaloo This looks interesting...and a real challenge to paint.
14. November at 02:53:29
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