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Johan Hammar (Plasticfantasti)

Battle Of Midway 75 years

The finished models in my project


2 12 February 2018, 07:38
Guy Rump
All really impressive 🙂
12 February 2018, 07:49
Jay Dubya
Want to see this in all their detail - watching
12 February 2018, 09:17
Johan Hammar
If you're on Facebook you can head over to the page Plasticfantastique (facebook.com/plasticfantastiquemodels/). There I post every plane I make with their history and more pictures.
12 February 2018, 17:28
David Januska
Nice work and perfect project to remember this battle. It's a pitty I'm not on FB. It will be really interesting to see more details on your perfect models.
1 August 2018, 16:17
Johan Hammar
I'm working on a section for this project on my web site. When the project is done I will launch it. I'm afraid there is still a few kits to be done yet though. 🙂
2 August 2018, 09:19
very nice collection
5 August 2018, 22:22
John Thomas
Very nice
6 August 2018, 12:52
Tim Heimer
Nice work, nice collection!
6 August 2018, 13:52
Roberto Rocat
What a nice collection 👍
3 November 2018, 09:14
Thank you for opening your beautiful theme park! Very good idea. Clean builds, well presented!
3 November 2018, 12:44
Johan Hammar
Thanks for all the kind words! If you want to see more pictures and read the stories about the planes at Midway you can head over to my project page at: plasticfantastique.c..tle-midway-75-years/
3 November 2018, 22:17
Casey Beckett
Love the B-26
15 December 2019, 23:22


17 images
1:48 Douglas TBD-1 'Devastator' (Great Wall Hobby L4807)1:48 TBF-1C Avenger (HobbyBoss 80314)1:48 F2A-3 Buffalo "US Navy Trainer" / "Battle of Midway" (Special Hobby SH48098)15+
Aichi D3A1 Val Model 11
JP 日本帝國海軍航空隊 (Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service 1912-1945)
June 1942 - IJN Carrier Akagi
Green over grey

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