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Carl Boehm (michnet76)

Tamiya F-14A build

I present for your viewing my photo journal of the Tamiya 1/32 F-14A Tomcat build


25. January 2018, 14:36
Alexander Grivonev
Beautiful Tomcat!
1. February 2018, 17:40
Sarunas D
Excellent result. Shouldn't the right exhaust be open in A version Tomcat?
1. February 2018, 17:59
Peter Hardy
Carl, that is a stunning build of a beautiful jet. I am now going to go look at your wall. Brilliant Mate, just brilliant!!!!!!
1. February 2018, 21:06
Carl Boehm
Thanks Alexander and Peter, I appreciate the feedback.

Sarunas; Yeah I debated whether or not to have one nozzle open... A lot of modellers seem to. I did quite a bit of research into it back when I built a 1/72 F-14A early last year - This article has some interesting info on the technical reasons why it happens when shutting down the engines: http://www.anft.net/f-14/f14-detail-engine.htm

I scoured the net for reference photos and there seems to be a mixed bag of all closed or closed/open pics. After the aircraft has shutdown the deck/maintenance crew can manually close the starboard nozzle and seems to be the preferred state if it's going to be stowed for a while or for maintenance. When you see pics of Tomcat's parked and stacked up on the deck or in the hanger they often have both closed. I modelled my Tomcat at the point of being rearmed and readied for a sortie so went with both closed as I noticed in the reference pics I had. Personally I think it looks a bit odd, especially on a model, having one closed and one open even if it is scale accurate... Makes it look a bit googly eyed! haha.

Apart from my oversized scratch built canopy mirrors (my pilot has eyesight problems!), the least scale accurate part of this build would be the air brakes being deployed - I haven't come across any pics of a Tomcat with it's air brakes deployed whilst the canopy is open and still has the RBF tags, wheel chocks etc. I decided to do it anyway as it was a feature of the kit and added a point of interest when looking at it.

Here's a nice set of detail pics (low res unfortunately :/) of VF-154 105 in low vis scheme during deployment: http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/carrierairwingfivebg_1.htm She's quite weathered at this point in her deployment!
1. February 2018, 23:08
really nicely done.
1. February 2018, 23:29
Tim Heimer
Just awesome! I like it
1. February 2018, 23:44
Michael Hickey
Very nice.👍👍👍
2. February 2018, 14:01
Erik Leijdens
Amazing job 👍
2. February 2018, 14:15
Stephan Ryll
Very nice „cat" 👍
2. February 2018, 17:04
Wow what a project, looks great too!
2. February 2018, 19:20
Jos Jansen
That's a real nice Tomcat! Great job...
2. February 2018, 19:42


1:32 Grumman F-14A Tomcat (Tamiya 60313)
Grumman F-14A Tomcat
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VF-154 Black Knights 105
USS Kitty Hawk

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