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Aleksei Bes (Bercerkers999)

Ka-58 "Black Ghost"

Timeline:Started on October 27, 2020

Good day!
As a basis, a set from the "Zvezda" company Ka-58 in a scale of 1/72 was taken and slightly modified. I tried to make the model as similar as possible to real aircraft that have ever taken off into the air and adhere to the original idea of ​​the manufacturer - "The helicopter is invisible", so he tried to hide everything inside the fuselage as much as possible and make the angles of inclination of the surfaces as in the Su-57, F-35 , F-117.
What was done:
He made the cockpit from scratch, increased its size, re-made the cockpit canopy slightly changing its geometry, increasing its size and reducing its thickness. I replaced the dashboard with a photo-etched one, added RU, RShG, RRUDs, NV brake, side and rear consoles, ILS indicator. I made the cockpit with an eye on the Ka-52 cockpit. Made from scratch ejection seats K-37-800M.
Re-made air intakes using photo-etched mesh.
Made - an auxiliary gas turbine engine AI-9V slightly lengthening it in the rear due to the width of the fuselage, made a niche for AI-9V and its flaps.
Made niches with electronics.
I made a copy of the TV3-117V engine from resin and modified it a bit by adjusting it to the model. I also made a sash and a niche for the engine from scratch.
I tried to reproduce the air conditioning system as on the Mi-24 and made a niche for it.
I added a gearbox in the upper part, took the VR-24 gearbox as a basis.
Redesigned the exhaust hole (or rather, almost completely removed it and made it again)
Made a "ladder" inside the fuselage to the cockpit at the bottom and top.
Made and added antennas, including the SRO antenna, the Pitot tube.
I stepped down to an acceptable thickness, leveled / straightened the front and rear blades (I took blades from RAH-66 and AH-64 for the concept), imitated their sag. I worked on the bushing, re-made the swashplate rods and grinded off its plates, slightly changed the shape of the fairings. The main rotor itself tried to make it look like a coaxial scheme like on the Kamov Design Bureau's helicopters.
The front landing gear struts were made from scratch. A stand, a thrust mechanism, a folding brace, a brake hose, a stem mirror, a semiaxis, a wiring fastener are made. The wheel is taken from the Ka-52.
The rear landing gear was made. The stand was taken as a basis from the set and combined with the rear wheel from the Mi-28. Added hydraulic line and wiring mount, stem mirror.
All niches and doors were made from scratch.
The weapon compartment was made from scratch with an increase in its dimensions for 4 ATGM 9k113 "Shturm-V" in each. Retractable pylons have been made, a fire system, wiring and various components have been simulated.
Landing and search lights were made - as a basis, I took the headlights from the Ka-52, which I filled with glue from Revell for transparent parts and polished.
I made a cannon fairing from scratch. I used the GSh-23K cannon from QuickBoost as a cannon armament. I decided to reproduce the idea that was planned to be used on the RAH-66 - to put the cannon into the fairing to reduce the radio signature, for which I made a niche in the fairing for the cannon.
I made niches for ASO-2B blocks, I took the blocks from Microdesign.
Made an optoelectronic system in the lower part of the fuselage and a niche for it.
Made a sighting station in the bow and closed it with a transparent fairing.
BKO sensors (did not make them outside the fuselage due to the inclination of its surfaces), as well as aeronautical lights - hid them inside the fuselage. With an eye on the Su-57, F-35, F-117.
He removed the wings.
Replaced all weapons from the set. Used ATGM 9k113 "Shturm-V", Launcher module "Strelets" under the anti-aircraft missile system 9M39 "Igla-V".
The fuselage was leveled, straightened and given an angular shape similar to the Su-57 and F-35. I cut the joining again.
Coloring: due to the fact that the helicopter has an angular shape, I decided to make the appropriate camouflage. Again, experience for the future.
For the final assembly, I used the soil from Hansa. Paint from Tamia, Hansa, Ammo Mig, AK. Varnish from Tamia. Washes from AmmoMig.
I also used wires of different diameters, beer tin, sheet brass, aluminum tape. Plastic used from Tamia, ZIPmaket, Evergreen.
It seems that I have not forgotten anything.
Enjoy your viewing.

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1:72 "Black Ghost" (Zvezda 7232)
"Black Ghost" Russian Stealth Helicopter
Zvezda 1:72
7232 2014 | Changed box



1 | 27. October 2020, 12:54

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