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Thomas Espe (tekniskfeil)

Vostok I - WIP


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Robert Podkoński
Memories, memories - I built this model at least three times as a kid 🙂 Following, of course!
5. August, 19:13
Thomas Espe
Thanks for the like, Robert. Wow, did you really build it three times (or more)? Was it a special favourite of yours?
6. August, 06:25
Robert Podkoński
Thanks for your likes, too, Thomas 🙂 Frankly speaking, this was one of the easily available kits here in Poland in 1980ies and I most probably got them as Christmas gifts... I liked it much too, since it has the cosmonaut and interior 😉 Nevertheless, my favourites from VEB Plasticard were SAAB Draken, LET L-410 Turbolet and Aero L-60 Brygadyr...
6. August, 07:36
😎 👍
3. October, 04:27


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1:25 Vostok-1 (Wostok-1 Spacecraft) (VEB Plasticart 1518)

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