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Jean-Michel Tilquin (jetil)

Welcome in Normandy

Royal Marines Assault Support Group, june 1944.
The single tanks of the RM, and the single operational use of the Centaur, the underpowered version of the Cromwell...


21 | 10. March, 17:46
James C
That's awesome👍
10. March, 18:41
10. March, 19:19
Rui S
Another beauty. Well done 👍
10. March, 21:15
Hopefully the British don´t drink too much cidre .... the farmer might be a German agent trying to slow down the Alied advance with biological warfare .... Anyway: very nice scene, top paint work on tank and figures. Question: what are the markings on the turret for?
11. March, 09:56
Sebastian Meyner
Beautiful work! 👍
11. March, 11:14
James C
They were used by the Royal Marines Armored Support Group on D-Day.
The numbers on the turret were to provide a bearing for infantry outside the tank to be able to direct its main gun fire, as there is a telephone at the back for communication with the crew inside.

11. March, 16:19
Jean-Michel Tilquin
James put it perfectly. And you really have a lot of imagination, Neuling. Would you ever accept a drink from a stranger?
11. March, 17:42
Thanks James, very interesting information! - Jean-Michel: it depends ........
12. March, 10:14



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