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14 | 29. June, 14:55
Andy Ball
Pretty much 'hot off the first batch'
29. June, 14:59
Villiers de Vos
There is still something futuristic about the Vulcan. I will be following. On my wishlist is one in 1/48 🙂
29. June, 15:22
Andy Ball
Hi Villiers: it's pretty impressive in 72nd, so it would be HUGE in 48th…..it's looks were also very organic and natural too….like a giant manta ray?….wonder if the boys at Avro were inspired by this?
29. June, 15:46
Dave Flitton
29. June, 15:49
Villiers de Vos
Hello Andy, I agree that the design may have been inspired by a giant manta. I would like it in 1/48 to go along with my Lancaster. Like most "addicts" in our hobby, I have an extensive wishlist.
29. June, 16:18
Robert Podkoński
I have read somewhere that a Vulcan was able to outturn Lightning in a dogfight... It is a pity that we cannot see Vulcan in flight anymore...
29. June, 17:37
29. June, 18:22
Maciej Bellos
29. June, 21:55
Thomas Bischoff
count me in!
3. July, 17:55
Mirko Römer
4. July, 05:52
Palo M
You could still rewatch Thunderball 🙂
4. July, 07:52
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, pic #1 shows how lucky you are, A.! 😄 We're all jealous, aren't we folks? 😉
4. July, 08:47
Robert Podkoński
Jealous? Me?...ok, you've got me, Łukasz 😉
4. July, 14:17
Gary Kitchen
Count me in too.
4. July, 14:29
Palo M
I should start the Victor in my stash before buying the Vulcan. (Yeah, right, as if)
4. July, 18:42
Guy Rump
Following with interest 👍
10. July, 06:49


1:72 Avro Vulcan B.2 (Airfix A12011)

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