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Fiddler-interceptor-take 2


39 | 10. May 2020, 19:40
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Łukasz Gliński
Logging in here
10. May 2020, 21:11
Thomas Kolb
Definitely following this... just out of curiosity, when finished, where do you keep these large beasts?
11. May 2020, 09:20
Andy Ball
Welcome Thomas...yes this is definitely building into something that will need a hangar, (built in the back-garden!)...I think it's a little over scale, but heck...it's a biggie!!
11. May 2020, 09:31
Following on this channel too😉
11. May 2020, 17:46
Bill Davis
I have this kit. Watching with interest.
11. May 2020, 18:15
Ben M
watching, take two
11. May 2020, 18:23
Maciej Bellos
Brought my chair from the other room.
11. May 2020, 18:30
Andy Ball
Gentlemen, you are most welcome, and thanks for your voyeurism....
11. May 2020, 18:32
Ricardo Reis
Interested, love the plane, following!
11. May 2020, 19:41
Sergej I
In... again😉
11. May 2020, 19:46
Andy Ball
Thanks Ricardo and Sergej!! Sorry about the malfunction!
11. May 2020, 19:49
11. May 2020, 20:01
Dave Flitton
Following!!! Awesome work on the PE
11. May 2020, 20:02
Andy Ball
Thank-you Dave, a PE bending vice has helped. A bit!
11. May 2020, 20:44
Andy Ball
@Łukasz, "it's big, sure, but not as big as the Trump interceptor we're developing. It's very huge. Real huge"....
11. May 2020, 20:49
Wow... It's really huge!
12. May 2020, 18:54
Ben M
Well. Not sure I agree with the caption in #19. The Soviet far east is a lot of territory to cover. The Fiddler is a product of the 50's, with very thirsty engines. More modern aircraft can achieve equivalent range with a much smaller size, due to increased fuel efficiency.
12. May 2020, 21:53
Andy Ball
@Ben M: true, I was merely stating they had 'similar' roles as interceptors. The US and some allies had their share of massive 50's and 60's aircraft too..they all make for interesting historical subjects
12. May 2020, 22:01
Thomas Kolb
I think it is a beautiful airplane. But then I am a sucker for 50's and 60's jets, especially in that cold, natural metal finish. They have this raw, steam engine-like aesthetics that I think most modern, slick fighters do not.
13. May 2020, 04:41
Andy Ball
@Thomas: "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". It is raw technology...USSR had a huge job on their hands with the brief for this plane, and function and form came up with the Tu-128!
13. May 2020, 07:11
Ben M
I've been in love with soviet silver tubes since visiting the museum at Berlin-Gatow and seeing the SU-17's, MiG-15 & 17, etc. Yes, raw technology.
13. May 2020, 13:42
Slavo Hazucha
I´ll jump on the train too, this promises a good show! Very nice size comparison with the Flagon 🙂
13. May 2020, 14:09
Andy Ball
@Slavo: I think I've veered into 48 with this one, now you're looking in I'd better do it some justice!
13. May 2020, 21:23
Nikolaos Kouzinis
GOOD CHOISE Andy. Monster series Standing aboard
13. May 2020, 21:38
Andy Ball
Hey Nikolaos, plenty of room in this kit for your electronic wizardry!
14. May 2020, 12:57
Andy Ball
Added some more progress shots
21. May 2020, 19:57
Thomas Kolb
Nice progress, really clean work with the PE stuff!
21. May 2020, 21:14
Andy Ball
@Thomas: thanks.....gonna ask you for advice on the aluminium etc..? I have Mr Hobby (i) alumn., (ii) stainless steel, (iii) iron, and (iv) chrome silver- I've laid down some of the darker metals first on panels- now masked off: I then do overall alumn., with some panels = hints of stainless to give a subtle metallic contrast...: 2 questions: (1) is that the best way (darker on first, mask, then lighter)....and (2) should I coat with gloss over a metallic finish?, (I'm not too familiar with overall metallic finishes - so am asking my SCM fraternity!)
26. May 2020, 10:48
Thomas Kolb
@Andy, I am sorry, I am not familiar with the Mr Hobby metal paints, I only use AK Interactive Xtreme Metal metalizers - really great stuff:


I always cover the metal areas with glossy varnish to protect the decals and to be able apply oil based weathering without risking the metal surface. I use Alclad II Gloss Varnish or AKI Gauzy Intermediate Shine Enhancer for this.
26. May 2020, 16:47
Nathan Dempsey
I didn't realize how large this plane was. That Flagon looks tiny by comparison!
26. May 2020, 20:08
Andy Ball
Hi Nathan...indeed it's quite a size on this workbench...but I'm glad as 72nd can be quite a challenge in terms of handling in this scale........
26. May 2020, 22:21
Andy Ball
Hello SCM fraternity!! What's the best way to seal these Mr Hobby metallics (lacquer-based)?...I note that many of Mr. H clear lacquers are out-of-stock, and don't want to inadvertently spray a clear coat that may disrupt the pigments of these products. Help!!, please.....
29. May 2020, 11:21
Ricardo Reis
I would only risk Tamiya X-22 or AK Intermediate Gauzy. But I'm just saying, I never tested it...
29. May 2020, 16:19
Łukasz Gliński
GX ones perhaps? I sprayed the GX100 even over enamels and if you do it slowly in thin layers than usually it doesn't react. But don't do it with the UV- cut ones, they are way more aggressive! On the other hand we are talking the lacquer ones here, so naybe even those would work...
29. May 2020, 20:37
Sergej I
I would go first with Alclad 600 or AK Intermediate Gauzy, both are some sort of Klear and both level perfectly if applied with a brush.
When I dumped GX over AK Extreme Metals t turned too unrealistic, kinda like glass over metal.
29. May 2020, 20:51
Thomas Kolb
I second Sergej I, Alclad II Gloss or AKI Shine Enhancer are both really superb over both acrylics and lacquer based metal paints. They level out absolutely beautifully when applied with a high quality broad brush (I don't seem to be able to apply them nicely with an airbrush, but it may be just me and my lacking airbrushing skills).
29. May 2020, 20:57
Sergej I
Thomas, I thought I was the only one to not be able to airbrush those two into a shiny surface. And in addition, my airbrush needs disassembled cleaning afterwards.
These things are made to brush and level by itself I guess...
29. May 2020, 21:04
Andy Ball
Ł, S, and T...thanks for the hints chaps!! I now have her coated, (I used Humbrol's Clear, which has done the trick well, even with the a/brush). I have, however, ordered some Klear too. Photos to follow...I'm determined to dispatch Fiddler by the end-of-week.
1. June 2020, 11:47
Slavo Hazucha
Very nice progress Andy - the base metal coats look really nice & smooth - don´t hesitate to give it a weathering treat later, a Tupolev Interceptor would be used to some punishment by weather and "selective maintenance" 🙂

Seems the combo of the base model & aftermarket provides a really nice round package!
1. June 2020, 12:04
Thomas Kolb
That's a very nice and realistic metallic surface you've got there! Also a super clean and neat build - I am looking forward to the final reveal!
1. June 2020, 12:23
Metallic look in pic number 33 looks very nice.
1. June 2020, 18:49
Andy Ball
Thanks Thomas and Cuajete- I'll put some near-finished pix on soon. @Slavo: don't worry she'll get some Siberian weather abuse!!
9. June 2020, 22:25
Andy Ball
Reskit's Lyulkas have arrived- not sure if they add much though?....
16. June 2020, 20:07
Thomas Kolb
That looks like a pretty nice resin piece!
16. June 2020, 21:11
Andy Ball
@Thomas: it is, however not sure what the nett gain is....,there's much 'fettling' to be done to get them in there, and I'm not sure how much patience I have for this with about 4/5 kits in states of production I want to conclude some soon!
17. June 2020, 07:17
Slavo Hazucha
no point in taking steps back if the new parts do not really improve what is there... Better invest into things that actually matter, it´s all going on very nicely here...
18. June 2020, 20:43
Andy Ball
Well, I've had a go at the Reskit Lyulkas....and they are fantastic! So, I've had a "Road-to-Damascus" conversion..... I'll try and have a go at their painting - (help here guys!?, please!!)....so far only black-primed them....how does one metallic and burn them- Soviet style!?
20. June 2020, 21:02
Andy Ball
@Slavo: could you advise on suitable painting of said cans?, thanks!
20. June 2020, 21:03
Thomas Kolb
If they are like other soviet jets from that age, they are internally green mixed with black soot stains, externally dark gray metallic with surprisingly colorful deep blue/violet splashes on the petals. You can use AKI Xtreme Metal for this effect, they have a purple and blue metallic paint that actually looks pretty realistic.

20. June 2020, 21:43
Slavo Hazucha
One can't but love soviet/russian engines...😉

I only found a good czech site for the Lyulka AL7 used on the Fiddler, there are come good pics on the actual exhaust section, of a well used aircraft:


As Thomas says, the green (same as on radomes & wheels) is used on new examples, but with frequent burner use, little of it remains and a beauty of scorched paint/burnt metal/heavy soot develops... 🙂 Notable exception are the burner rings, where the green often remains to be seen, depending on type (Tu-128, MiG-31...). The lovely blue heat discoloration can occur on the outside, but rarely inside of these engines.

On my recent project, I went:
- Titanium/burned iron base
- heavy layers & streaks of brown & black oil paint, put on as stripes in direction of exhausts, dried for about an hour & then roughly polished out
- very light foggy layer of metallic (titanium/gunmetal mix) to blend it all together

you can check it in the early staged of my Arctic Ambush project - on the Su-35, I went for a more brown tone, for the Fiddler, I'd use Black & Grey oil mostly with only a few brown stripes

Enjoy, for me the engines are always a highlight on a build!😉
20. June 2020, 22:26
Pierre Vauthier
It look truly amazing already
21. June 2020, 05:20
Andy Ball
@Thomas, thanks for the advice, duly noted!: I'll pick those paints up on another project - think I may be able to mix up colours with Mr Color.
21. June 2020, 07:30
Andy Ball
@Slavo: indeed Sir, you're techniques around the waste-pipe-areas as things to behold, and I'll have an outing with the brush too. Cheers for the references, they spring many interpretations to mind....this is the bit of modelling I love, how you emulate the real thing, but with your own prism of 'looks good to me'!
21. June 2020, 07:35
Andy Ball
@Pierre: thanks so much- I'm stretching myself on many areas on this build, it's super to have such encouragement, merci beaucoup
21. June 2020, 07:37
Andy Ball
Well, I'm in love with the Reskit engines!, I have painted them as per advice from Slavo, Thomas and others....now....to try and get them in the fuselage......"wish me luck, as you wave me goodbye"...
27. June 2020, 20:27
Pierre Vauthier
look very nice engine, good luck for the fit !
27. June 2020, 23:34
Andy Ball
Thanks Pierre. Will move to new level of anxiety as this stage starts!
28. June 2020, 07:27
Slavo Hazucha
Looking really good, inside & out 👍 - happy to have contributed some tips! 🙂
28. June 2020, 07:46
Nice engines.
28. June 2020, 17:39
Andy Ball
@Slavo....I'm still in awe of your clean, engine weathering techniques....if you haven't already done so....a masterclass on You Tube would not go amiss....
29. June 2020, 10:27
Andy Ball
@Cuajete, thanks...I'm not completely finished with them yet...may be another 'foggy coat' just to reduce the contrasts?.....
29. June 2020, 10:28
Slavo Hazucha
Andy thanks for the great compliment Andy... 🙂 But my mess on the table and heavily impulse-driven work processes are not ready for anything like a youtube tutorial... But I am really just starting to comprehend Russkie metalwork sciences and enjoying it quite a lot, so will see... 😄
29. June 2020, 13:29
Alexander Grivonev
Hey, did not notice there was another WIP on this beast👍 building one too right now. Nice NM finish!
29. June 2020, 13:36
Andy Ball
@Alexander G....I'm picking up my bat and ball, and going to play somewhere else....**your work is simply incredible!!**, (like you I did suspect some accuracy and size issues with the kit...unlike you: I didn't correct them!) Well, we'll have a brace of Fiddlers here on SCM, (I think there's another that has preceded my effort too).
29. June 2020, 14:51
Andy Ball
@Slavo "The Russian metallurgist"....has something of a "Breaking Bad" ring about it ;) .... NO...I really think there's much merit to sharing your alchemy on here!!
29. June 2020, 14:55
Alexander Grivonev
Andy, you can play with your bat and balls wherever you like 😄
You can build this kit oob and it won't be mistaken for anything else but a Tu-128. Doing it in hope that some Trumpeter ingeneurs might stop by and take a look 😄
I all honesty though, I do not understand how in our digital and globalized day and age where you can travel everywhere and take all measurements they still do inexplicable errors when engineering the kits. I mean screw some "tiny" details like the halfassed intake cones, at least they could get the overall size right...
30. June 2020, 15:35
Alexander Grivonev
BTW battling rn with the etched cockpit parts, I see you also resolved the fitting issues of the pilot dashboard by dremeling two huge notches into the side panels👍
Honestly, not a fan of PE cockpits. Will try to go for resin in the future
30. June 2020, 15:37
Andy Ball
Completely agree with the digital comments on accuracy...the subject in Monino[?] is a prototype, or early version...could that have lead to some accuracy issues-assuming they've used it as reference?....at least your research will not be lost on some a/market entrepreneur!! - I had to butcher many parts of cockpit, and nearly had a nervous breakdown when the seats weren't going in without ramming them in...so watch out there...plus the bulkhead between the front and rear cockpits was tricky too...
30. June 2020, 16:57
Alexander Grivonev
No no it goes further than your usual prototype/production differences...

Tore my etched parts already out to reconsider all the arrangement 👍 Butchering is going on. Man i hope the Neomega seats will fit...
30. June 2020, 17:09
Andy Ball
you raise an interesting subject Alexander- the Eduard PE is hopelessly over-engineered and exactly how you're going to see, say, the foot rests on the base of the e-seats is beyond me unless you pose them actually ejecting!? I'm leaving the canopies open to allow some interrogation of the work I put it to it.
1. July 2020, 08:22
Andy Ball
dropped the Lyulka's into the rear fuselage, not too much stress doing so in the end.
2. July 2020, 13:32
Alexander Grivonev
Nozzles looking sharp, Andy 👍 will also go with resin ones the next time
2. July 2020, 19:51
Andy Ball
Alexander, they're not a bad trade-off IMO
2. July 2020, 19:58
Slavo Hazucha
Looking very good there, nice fit in the end! & I know how hard it is to photograph the inside of an engine once on the model 😄
2. July 2020, 20:50
Thomas Kolb
That Fiddler definitely looks intimidating! Nice job! The Lyulkas look like a worty addition.
2. July 2020, 21:55
Andy Ball
**Humbrol Clear has dried milky-matt** (see latest photos).....please could I ask advice again?: do I try another coat of varnish?, do I try and buff it out?....I think I can get away with some of it as it does look in places like the NMF has oxidised a little, so I could get away with a 'weathering effect'...."gutted" to say the least though....
14. July 2020, 09:11
Łukasz Gliński
Too bad, I'd be furiously cleaning this already, but it's just me and I'm not the chemistry expert😉
14. July 2020, 09:29
Slavo Hazucha
Cheers Andy - I do not have any proven chemical solution to roll back what happened, but I´d embrace it & think/test how to move forward...

I think the effect has potential - patterns like you have really appear on worn soviet metal... on some areas it would IMO work even as-is, but possibly with some experimentation & washes it could be really nice - adding streaks & grime into it, seeing how a wash settles in and gets removed around the milky areas (test not on model 🙂 ), etc... For the decals, red stars do pale/wear significantly - depending on how much "contingency layers" you have under them before you scratch metal, I would try to sand them with a lo/mid-1000 grade pad or towel in direction of flight (ideally removing/reducing the transparent outlines made visible by the milky coat en-route...) pretty much until metal becomes visible in small areas + maybe add a dedicated white-oil color treatment...

The key decision is IMHO if you want to do a "wet" region dark weathering with strong streaks and grimy panels & residue on surfaces, or a sun-dried pale one - Mother Russia is really big and offers many choices 🙂
14. July 2020, 09:34
Alexander Grivonev
tbqh, it doesn't look THAT bad.

Concerning the decals, I am actually always going for that worn out sun faded look because it looks more natural. I my humble opinion too many modelers do a really nice weathering job but leave the decals untreated and fully saturated which gives the model a toy-like look. Check my MiG-25 build, i actually sanded the decals with a very fine sponge after applying and sprayed them with a transparent grey filter to give them a more realistic look.
So, decals are spot on👍
The metal surface, it definitely could pass as oxidized metal. Give this thing a nice brown/black wash, not too heavy and you are good. Seriously.
14. July 2020, 10:10
Alexander Grivonev

see how faded the star looks
14. July 2020, 10:30
14. July 2020, 10:33
Łukasz Gliński
That's a cool idea Alex, the grey filter may tone the milk down a bit 👍
14. July 2020, 11:13
Alexander Grivonev
No no, the "milk" IS the unintentional grey filter 😄

I suggest so add some contrast with a dark wash and it will look great.
14. July 2020, 11:26
David Taylor
Had the same problem some time ago,switched to Revell varnish.I had to re-paint.
14. July 2020, 11:59
14. July 2020, 15:41
Andy Ball
wow!!....thanks all for the suggestions....I will do my best to turn 'lemons into lemonade' :)
14. July 2020, 15:52
Thomas Kolb
Andy, honestly, I don't think it looks half as bad as you describe it. It even might look cool with some dark gray weathering. But I know the feeling, I completely lost the fun of finishing my pink Airbus when the paintwork crashed.
14. July 2020, 18:18
Ben M
There is no model where you don't have to overcome a problem or three...
14. July 2020, 22:53
Andy Ball
Thanks Thomas, I'm reflecting on this one - how to clinch opportunity out of the jaws of adversity ????...but going 'heavy Soviet weathering' is the preferred thought currently
18. July 2020, 09:04
Andy Ball
So I've got back "on the wagon" with Fiddler....she's naturalising her coat in the Soviet far north-east: washes/edits/polishes
28. August 2020, 07:15
Thomas Kolb
Andy, I really like those dirty and oxidized aluminium surfaces. Nice job on the weathering.
28. August 2020, 07:28
28. August 2020, 07:36
Slavo Hazucha
You´re doing really great on the metal - looks just as it should on a well run-in Red Star bomber-scare! 👍

And now the clouding on the decals also definitely pays off as an unexpected win by-product 🙂
28. August 2020, 08:28
Andy Ball
@Thomas: thanks, I still think I've a wee bit more on touch-ups from the photos in natural light this morning by the looks
28. August 2020, 09:44
Andy Ball
@Gerald: danke!
28. August 2020, 09:44
Andy Ball
@Slavo: thank you for your patient vigil on this project, of course I'm eagerly watching your '104 NMF to plagiarise for future projects, and am glad I took your "rough her up and dirty her" advice. And for the plane too. ????
28. August 2020, 09:46
Łukasz Gliński
The reworking of the NMF turned out surprisingly realistic, Mr A. Not many of us would achieve it, even on purpose😉
The only thing that caught my attention is the nose (pic #62). I think it should be rather flat as it's made of some non-metallic stuff.
28. August 2020, 13:55
Mirko Römer
Very convincing finish. Yeah, the nose, but that's cured easily. Well done, Sir!
28. August 2020, 14:07
Slavo Hazucha
Soviet radomes, dielectric panels and diverse electronic covers more often than not got a green finish - the same green also goes on the wheels (but not the LG wells!). The green is generally NOT sun & weather-proof and first pales, later chips rather enthusiastically, losing the saturation completely... The wheels being in the shadow or retracted usually keep the tone best, the other surfaces not so much - I´m not saying black is impossible, on Tu-128, Su-15 and the like, but the green is almost never wrong, should you consider a re-paint:


28. August 2020, 14:39
Nathan Dempsey
I think your NMF came out great. If I can get my F-94 to come out that nice, I'd be very happy.
28. August 2020, 14:44
Andy Ball
@Slavo: Trumpeter's instructions stated a very dark grey, which I duly mixed with Vallejo's black and dark grey. I did suspect the radome may have been Soviet style green- I'll try and check colour references- I state I have pretty much finished this, may have to have a revision!
28. August 2020, 14:58
Alexander Grivonev
Hey Andy, the Tu-128s had green or grey radomes, depending on the unit they were serving in (as well as the tactical numbers which were blue or red). It is very tricky to figure out the combination which ones were which because of the lack of colored photos back from the day. Green radomes were more prevalent though. If you are going with green and you want to depict an airplane when they were in service you should go with a darker, glossy green. If you want a weathered out of service machine, you can use Slavo's pics as reference.

Here is the picture of the "Hunky Soviet Servicemen" since you liked it so much 😄

29. August 2020, 09:13
Andy Ball
Oh my!!...Alexander- just getting over the nightmares from the original photo and now you show it again!, I took a leaf out of your report and added some internal detail to both open canopies. It will be with regret that my air intakes will not represent anything like yours and those on the photos..... As for the radome: I'm staying with very dark grey as Trumpeter suggested. I think some B&W photos look too dark for random to be green, but mine will be a bit weathered to be in keeping with the subject.
30. August 2020, 20:28
Andy Ball
@Łukasz: eagle-eyed as usual - I'm sticking with a shot of flat varnish over a slightly weathered grey radome- and will declare her done very soon!!
30. August 2020, 20:30
Andy Ball
@Mirko: thanks for looking in and your comments!
30. August 2020, 20:44
Andy Ball
@Nathan: I'm sure the F-94 will be utterly convincing! What metallic will you use?, have you decided?, I can certainly recommend Mr Color metallic aluminium- but not the smell from those lacquer-based paints!!
30. August 2020, 20:46
Nathan Dempsey
@Andy: I'm going to use the AK Extreme Metals. Like the Mr Metallic they are very strong smelling. I used them on my 1:144 Boeing 377 for the first time and learned so much (especially the unforgiving part) but was happy with the result.
30. August 2020, 23:18
Andy Ball
OK-dokey folks...., I am calling time on the Fiddler.....Sergei and Vlad have lit their afterburners and are the way to "The Dancing Fiddler", home to many pleasures in the deep Siberian winter. And that is a wrap.......,
[ For a better version...please visit Alexander's build...and I thank him for (a) the technical forthcomings of Trumpeter, and (b) wishing I had his skills!....well the plastic world now has a couple of these kits for others to learn from!! ]
1. September 2020, 20:13
Thomas Kolb
I think you can be proud of that model: the raw and stained metal surfaces are very realistic and those missiles look great too. A beautifully executed build of a seriously intimidating aircraft. All thumbs up!
1. September 2020, 20:22
Nathan Dempsey
I think it came out great Andy. Not an easy kit and NMF on top of that. It's a real beauty 🙂
1. September 2020, 20:22
I agree with Thomas and Nathan. Well done, Andy. Congrats!
1. September 2020, 20:26
Andy Ball
@Thomas: thanks for the notes and compliments. I'm looking forward to seeing the Fresco'17 finished and the Anto too!
1. September 2020, 20:49
Andy Ball
@Nathan: cheers buddy!
1. September 2020, 20:49
Andy Ball
@Cuajete: muchos gracias!
1. September 2020, 20:50
Sergej I
...me and Vlad have lit what..?? 😄

Great build there, Andy! Thank you for taking us through it, the result is byutiful. 👍
1. September 2020, 21:17
Andy Ball
Haha @Sergej: I hope you enjoyed the odyssey and the little back-story created for fun! Looking forward to Top Tomcat's finals too!!
1. September 2020, 21:50
Almost breathtaking - the engines, cockpit area, the metallic finish and the overall look and presentation. Quite A few imperfections here and there but they pale against all the beautifully made parts. Excellent model! 👍
1. September 2020, 22:35
Roland Gunslinger
WOW, thats a beauty! Congrats 👍
1. September 2020, 22:44
Łukasz Gliński
She looks well battered and convincing. The last pics remind me of the old Cold-War-era pics of Soviet planes encountered on high altitudes by NATO pilots 👍
2. September 2020, 07:13
Slavo Hazucha
A Beauty & a Beast in one go..!😉

I am happy to see how a presumed minor varnish mishap turned through a few right choices into a veritable charismatic feature - the used look suggesting a well run-in mid-to-late service life machine is very well achieved 👍

A really nice example of almost-OOB build (aftermarket allowed, but no major alterations of the Kit parts...) - I think the result resembles a Tu-128 absolutely sufficiently to make a modeller fully happy!

I also like the R-4 loadout with 2 pairs of SARH/IR variants - should be sufficient to monitor and in case of need de-BUFF a close-to-border Air Sector 🙂
2. September 2020, 07:38
Andy Ball
@Alexander: I thank you for your comments- this build is faithful to current skills level. I think I know what to do to move on a level: that is watch and learn from you all and practice, practice, practice. "The more I practice, the luckier I get" to paraphrase a quote!
2. September 2020, 21:43
Andy Ball
@Roland: thanks again for the comments-great to have you along for the build!
2. September 2020, 21:44
Andy Ball
@Łukasz: glad you thought Cold War pictures too- hence why the B&W photo of the belly is on there! Thise grainy evil empire photos in air references from the 1970s was the allure, the verboten!!
2. September 2020, 21:47
Love how its come out, just wish there was a 1:48 one
2. September 2020, 21:47
Andy Ball
@Slavo: so much inspiration from you, Sir...and as always: gracious with your comments- yes, I am mildly annoyed that T'mptr have made at least the big mistake with the intakes- so bleeding obvious!, but it does look like a Fiddler from a reasonable distance!, and I see her workhorse-life in those panel shades and tones!, I bet Alex G is working on an aftermarket set series for this subject! :)
2. September 2020, 21:51
Andy Ball
@Augie: yep, you're right...the world needs a 48'r Fiddler...with corrections as noted! And, thank-you
2. September 2020, 21:56
Łukasz Gliński
That's true Mr.A, those pics look even more interesting when you take a look at them being located on this side of the Iron Curtain...😉
In some cases we learned about the existence of some hi-fi Soviet military stuff only from such pics, they were even more top-secret here.
PS. Somehow I missed the pic#2 earlier on 🙂
3. September 2020, 08:23
Alexander Grivonev
That is one mean looking bird Andy, the heavy weathering turned out great!👍👍
10. September 2020, 14:15
Andy Ball
@Łukasz: that's an interesting comment regarding the even more secretive disclosure of planes to a so-called E-Bloc ally!
10. September 2020, 18:28
Andy Ball
@Alexander: can't wait to see yours - will you spare it the dirt?....
10. September 2020, 18:29
Łukasz Gliński
Well, it's a matter of fact, it was easier to find the information on your side 🙂 Here it used to be available only to the part of the military personnel. The others could only look for some leaked western sources, which were filtered anyway 🙂
10. September 2020, 19:12
11. September 2020, 19:43
Andy Ball
Thank you Nikolaos!
14. September 2020, 14:38
Guy Rump
Another excellent build Andy, the used and weathered look is perfect. Manufacturer issues apart, a triumph 🙂
14. September 2020, 20:31
Andy Ball
thanks so much again Guy for following, and we learn a lot (of weathering and NMF techniques) from one another on here
14. September 2020, 21:17
Tom Beighley
Looks fast just sitting there. Love the weathering.
15. September 2020, 03:50
Andy Ball
Hey Tom!, thanks for looking!! Appreciate your comments!
15. September 2020, 10:56
Gordon Sørensen
Great looking Fiddler, Andy! The cockpit looks really good. What colour did you use?
15. September 2020, 13:44
Andy Ball
Hi Gordon thanks for the comments- I used Vallejo 70.808 for the base and then toned it with enamels if I remember!
15. September 2020, 23:06
Patryk S.
Fantastic build! Congratulations! The paintjob looks great!
18. September 2020, 09:15
Andy Ball
Thanks Patrick!, it was a challenge to bring the paintwork back to something more realistic!
18. September 2020, 09:44
Andy Ball
Sorry*Patryk*: autocorrect :(
20. September 2020, 08:54
Живко Джаков
I like this plane. And the model is magical.
22. January, 21:51
Amazing detail mate!
22. January, 21:57
Andy Ball
Thanks Jivko- it's certainly impressive even in 72, I know a few folks want to see this in 48 too! (=Huge!!)
23. January, 15:47
Andy Ball
Cheers Munkyslut! Thanks for popping by!
23. January, 15:47
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Congratulations Andy. Excellent job. Impressed
5. February, 09:15
Andy Ball
Cheers Nikolaos! Could do with some lights!?????
22. February, 23:19
Guillaume Blanchet
Congratulations!! It's an amazing metallic paintjob!
23. February, 00:36
I agree with Guillaume. The presentation against the dark background is excellent. 👍
23. February, 10:02
Slavo Hazucha
The dark background & real sunlight work magic - @Neuling I recall another photographer using the sun as the finished models best friend😉

The metal tones look superb in that setup & the Engines too, definitely an aftermarket part that delivers 👍 - in respectively skilled hands, of course...
23. February, 10:16
24. February, 10:51
Andy Ball
Thank you all for those concluding remarks, Guillaume, Slavo and Neuling I loved this kit- unusual and impressive- I know others have commented on its accuracy and I see with justification why. It still commands a presence on the modeller's shelf and am sure would draw attention at any club or fare.
29. March, 17:22
Alexander Grivonev
This looks oddly familiar 😄
Did you add some detail inside the canopy? Seems like it.
29. March, 18:23
Andy Ball
@Alexander G - just a bit of detailing- actually plagiarised from your sources!
30. March, 09:22


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Tupolev Tu-128M Fiddler
SU Military Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily (Soviet Air Force 1918-1991)
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