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Jos Jansen (Banshee13)


DONE !! | Indonesian Air Force F-16C Block 25

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1:48 F-16C (Block 25/32) (Tamiya 61101)1:48 AGM-65 Maverick (Eduard 648151)8+
General Dynamics F-16C Block 25F Fighting Falcon
ID Military Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara (Indonesian Air Force 1974-now)
3 SkU, 3 W TS-1642 | Iswahyudi AFB August 2016 | FS36314 FS34148


11. August 2019, 19:07
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Jos Jansen
Started building an Indonesian Viper today, this is a nice warm-up for the aggressor GB here at SCM ...!

SCM aggressor GB:
SCM Aggressor Group Build Fall 2019 (1. October, )

My aggressor project this fall:
USAF | F-16C Aggressor 'Blizzard' | Project by Banshee13 (1:48)
11. August 2019, 19:23
Jos Jansen
Made the Aires cockpit fit today...
17. August 2019, 15:39
Stephan Ryll
Now I take a seat here ;)
17. August 2019, 15:41
Michael Phillips
You know I'm in! You are off to a very nice start. The Aires pits for Tamiya F-16s fit pretty well, I've found. I will show your progress to my wife, she will get a kick out of seeing an Indonesian aircraft built!
17. August 2019, 16:05
Slavo Hazucha
Nice warm-up & start Are you going for the semi-weathered state of the photo reference? Would be cool...
17. August 2019, 17:17
Maciej Bellos
Grabbed a seat!
17. August 2019, 17:59
Jos Jansen
@Michael...Nice to hear Michael that you are so enthusiastic and also nice to hear that your Indonesian wife is following this with great interest ... I will do my best to make a true-to-life Indo Viper... :)

@Slavo...Since today I have been in contact with an Indonesian spotter via FB, he sent me the ref pic of the TS-1642 which I want to make. He took this photo yesterday, so I want to make it that way ... but fully loaded with 1 x cl fuel tank, 2 x external fuel tanks, 2 x AGM 65 and AIM 9P at the wing tips.

@Stephan and Maciej....welcome mates ;)
17. August 2019, 18:20
Maciej Bellos
Nice photo of the actual plane!
17. August 2019, 20:20
17. August 2019, 23:26
In! :)
18. August 2019, 10:03
Slavo Hazucha
Jos, I absolutely suspected your exquisite works are supported by an international espionage network :D Great stuff bro ;)
18. August 2019, 20:31
Jos Jansen
Pit in progress... :)
27. August 2019, 18:36
Maciej Bellos
Looks good!
27. August 2019, 18:37
Slavo Hazucha
4th-gen-fighter-whisperer at work... Very nice... ;)
27. August 2019, 18:56
Sergej I
Nice! Following :)
Jos, are you planning to paint the oxygen tank on the seat-side green?
27. August 2019, 19:28
Patrick Hagelstein
What did you think of the Wolfpack tail fit? When Attack was still in business, I stacked up on theirs because I wasn't that happy with the Wolfpack ones.
27. August 2019, 20:15
Maciej Bellos
Judging from the photo the parabreak housing looks taller than it should.
27. August 2019, 20:23
Jos Jansen
The dragchute housing in the photo is from a Kinetic F-16 kit. The Wolfpack housing definitely did not fit, both for the width and the length, just worthless. Because the dragchute housing is not yet attached to the tail, it does not exactly look like true size, but believe me Maciej, this fits perfectly!

@Sergej I....On the pictures you can see the seat that is not yet ready, I am still working on the pit ... and yes the oxygen bottle is now green... ;)
27. August 2019, 22:17
Stephan Ryll
Looking good Jos
28. August 2019, 06:23
Sergej I
Jos, yoour half-ready seems done to me, so pls excuse my occasional stupid questions ;)
28. August 2019, 12:59
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks for the feedback Jos!
28. August 2019, 15:48
Jos Jansen
I was finally able to do some work again ... this is a dry run for the GB later ... ;)
7. September 2019, 18:53
Jos Jansen
Tail with the dragchute housing from the Kinetic kit is ready, also the Aires resin exhaust tailored. I made the final choice for the weapon load, three external fuel tanks, 2x AGM-65 Mavericks (resin from Eduard) and 2x AIM-9J Sidewinders from the Hasegawa kit: Aircraft Weapons: C U.S Missiles & Gun Pods.
8. September 2019, 20:23
Patrick Hagelstein
Agreed, that para housing looks splendid!
9. September 2019, 03:24
Erik Leijdens
Great work so far Jos
10. September 2019, 22:03
Holger Kranich
That looks yummie!
11. September 2019, 04:28
Jos Jansen
Thx guys, I add some extra rivets on the horizontal stabilizers... almost ready for the primer!
11. September 2019, 20:28
Slavo Hazucha
Looking seriously great, I need to get myself that piza-cutter wheel... :)
11. September 2019, 20:31
Konrad Limmer
Very nice Jos ! A little late but I'll take a seat here. Don't want to miss this cool build :)!
11. September 2019, 20:47
a tamiya kit missing rivets? who can you still trust in this world?! No seriously, really nice, I ll try to keep those rivet lines in mind for my GB viper
12. September 2019, 21:41
Jos Jansen
@Slavo... that piece of equipment is called "Rosie the Riveter", excellent tool!

Yes Daniel, I experiend that too ... now the rivets are almost impossible to see on the real Vipers ... but they are there!

Almost ready to spray the primer on it ...
15. September 2019, 21:32
Jos Jansen
Hans, that is called 'Carving Guide Tape', actually it's meant to guide you scribbing the panel lines, because then at least you can see what you are doing, but also using perfectly for riveting...
15. September 2019, 21:41
Donald Dickson II
Viper build! *plops down to watch*
15. September 2019, 22:30
Patrick Hagelstein
That carving guide tape is awesome to work with. It's stiff enough to hold it's shape but flexible enough to curve around airplane shapes.
16. September 2019, 00:25
Stephan Ryll
Very nice progress Jos
16. September 2019, 19:03
Jos Jansen
Thx finally applied the Black Primer & Microfiller from Alclad II...! :)
21. September 2019, 19:45
Slavo Hazucha
Looking pretty smug in it's temporary charcoal livery... Nice clean surface, the paint-job will be a home run!
21. September 2019, 20:17
Erik Leijdens
Looking good mate as always
21. September 2019, 22:54
Jos Jansen
Thx Slavo and Erik... ready with sanding. Damn... those Vipers are so beautiful...!!
22. September 2019, 10:12
Jos Jansen
I have not been able to meet the aggressor GB deadline, which is a great pity, but I want to deliver good quality work and focus on finishing my Indo Viper first. I am building this together with a modeling friend, who makes a Moroccan Viper. If all goes well, these two Vipers will be published in the Tamiya magazine.
5. October 2019, 16:59
Stephan Ryll
Looking very good Jos :)
5. October 2019, 17:04
Jos Jansen
Thx Stephan....and yes Hans you're right my friend...quality over quantity ;)!
5. October 2019, 17:11
Maciej Bellos
Take your time Jos, I expect it will be a great Viper. If your modelling friend agrees, post a picture of the finished Moroccan Viper too. And send us the link to the Tamiya magazine, or to a preview at least.
5. October 2019, 19:16
Slavo Hazucha
I am not really unhappy to hear about the delay of your Aggressor GB entry, myself having everything I ordered on the table except the actual model :D

This is once again a great show to watch, you put quite an effort into the prep layers & shading, looking forward how it turns out - no wonder you get stuff like this into the print
5. October 2019, 19:32
Erik Leijdens
Looking great already Jos
5. October 2019, 19:37
Patrick Hagelstein
Jos, again, please share a link to (order) that magazine! I have a Moroccan Viper in the stash as well and I'm for sure VERY interested! And off course, following THIS build with as much interest as well! :D
7. October 2019, 12:51
Bart Goesaert
Nice to see an F-16 in a non standard scheme....
8. October 2019, 11:21
Jos Jansen
I tried a new technique of shading & fading ... this worked out well. With this technique you have control over how many effects you want to apply with a color. Afterwards you can do fading by slightly changing the paint color. However, I made a mistake by making the parts that were over-sprayed with gray again black with Tamiya X-18 (then the surface remains nice and smooth). I sprayed too much under the blue tac, you now see thin black lines along the separation of the colors. This still needs to be corrected ...!
8. October 2019, 20:36
Erik Leijdens
Besides the little mishap with the X-18 it looks spectacular mate! The chosen colours are spot on for this Pinda Viper :)
8. October 2019, 20:43
Nathan Dempsey
Looking nice!
8. October 2019, 20:44
very nice finish, hope you dont have too much trouble repairing the lines!
8. October 2019, 20:57
Slavo Hazucha
Hope the corrections work out fine, the shading&fading effects job looks spectacular!
8. October 2019, 21:02
Patrick Hagelstein
Looks very cool! Could you explain a bit more what and especially why you did what you did?
8. October 2019, 23:10
8. October 2019, 23:10
Konrad Limmer
Cool ! The colours are looking nice!!
9. October 2019, 04:30
Stephan Ryll
Very cool camo pattern and colours Jos
9. October 2019, 17:42
Patrick Hagelstein
Those black borders, although not planned, look a lot like the color demarcations seen on Polish F-16s in certain light conditions.
9. October 2019, 18:08
Maciej Bellos
That's right Patrick! Looking good Jos!
9. October 2019, 18:18
Michael Phillips
Even with the black borders this is looking awesome so far! Getting excited to see the next steps here!!!
9. October 2019, 19:08
Donald Dickson II
I actually kind of like it with the black borders.
9. October 2019, 20:21
Cell shading camo :)
9. October 2019, 20:39
Jos Jansen
Thx you'all for your kind words! I managed to get rid of the black lines, sorry guys, I really didn't like that! I now let everything dry well, for the time being no progress because I am going to Ibiza for a week on vacation... 8)!
9. October 2019, 21:42
perfectly repaired! (resisting the urge to put in a certain vengaboys Ytube link...)
9. October 2019, 21:46
Jos Jansen
Haha...LOL :), thx Daniel!
9. October 2019, 21:52
Jos Jansen
@Patrick...let you know when they are published (not yet), when I have more time I will give you more details about the technique...
9. October 2019, 21:55
Patrick Hagelstein
Great! Thanks! And enjoy your vacation! 8)
9. October 2019, 23:10
Donald Dickson II
Nicely fixed up sir!
9. October 2019, 23:25
Slavo Hazucha
Looks much better this way, and none of the surface quality is lost by the fix A great starting position to attack the final appearance as per photo reference.

Enjoy Ibiza! ;)
10. October 2019, 08:23
Jos Jansen
Made some progress this week...
25. October 2019, 20:30
Stephan Ryll
Yes that's really nice looking Jos :) as Slavo said before
25. October 2019, 20:32
Jos Jansen
Thx Stephan...appreciate your comment mate!
25. October 2019, 20:53
Patrick Hagelstein
Impressive masking on that exhaust! :o
26. October 2019, 02:04
Jos Jansen
Thx Patrick...I could finally do some progress again!
26. October 2019, 07:37
Kees Kleijwegt
Looking great Jos!
26. October 2019, 08:00
Jos Jansen
Thx Kees, I'll take him with me next Saturday!
26. October 2019, 12:03
Konrad Limmer
Jos thats awesome !
26. October 2019, 15:16
Looking great
26. October 2019, 20:56
Jos Jansen
Thx Roland, Konrad and ForestFan... it is a joy to build this Tamiya kit. It is special to make an exotic Viper, because you don't see that often in model building. I am in contact with an Indonesian aircraft spotter and he regularly provides me with information and photos of the serial number to be built by me.
27. October 2019, 07:50
Jos Jansen
Tomorrow the panel line wash...
28. October 2019, 21:07
Konrad Limmer
Very inspiring Jos! I'll take your current build build a little as reference ;)!
28. October 2019, 21:37
Erik Leijdens
Stunning work so far Jos!
28. October 2019, 21:44
Jos Jansen
Thats a great compliment Konrad...thx !

Thx Erik...!
29. October 2019, 17:04
Stephan Ryll
Very nice progress with that Viper, Jos
29. October 2019, 19:03
Holger Kranich
Its already a stunner! :o
29. October 2019, 19:42
Michael Phillips
That looks fantastic! Really getting excited to see the next steps where she REALLY comes alive.
30. October 2019, 13:19
Holger Kranich
Interesting that Indonesia uses so old Sidewinders!
30. October 2019, 14:39
Murad ÖZER
indeed it's a unique camo and it's looking great already! 8)
30. October 2019, 22:24
arne vd burg
Excellent work so far Jos
31. October 2019, 05:37
Jos Jansen
Hey y'all...thx for your great compliments! Ready with the panel line wash and starting decalling. Together with a fellow modelling friend, we're building two exotic export Vipers...his will be a Viper from Marrocco!
2. November 2019, 22:15
Maciej Bellos
Two fantastic looking Vipers! Some info on the Morrocan Viper's colours would be much appreciated.
2. November 2019, 22:35
Jos Jansen
Thx Maciej...for the right Morrocan colors, get in contact with my buddy Jeroen Burger!
2. November 2019, 22:45
Maciej Bellos
Thank you Jos!
3. November 2019, 06:33
Jos Jansen
Decal-time... 8)
4. November 2019, 18:32
Patrick Hagelstein
4. November 2019, 18:42
Stephan Ryll
That's looking very cool Jos
4. November 2019, 18:43
Looking great! Both of them are very nice - they look happy together, don't seperate them ;)
4. November 2019, 19:37
Jos Jansen
Thx Patrick, Stephan and Daniel...! I also want to thank Alex Sidharta, he's an Indonesian spotter and provide me often great reference pics...!!
4. November 2019, 22:49
Jos Jansen
Exhaust nozzle ready with a layer of gloss, only a subtle wash!
7. November 2019, 21:40
Jos Jansen
Thx James, haven't seen you for a while here on scm...your comment is much appreciated mate!
9. November 2019, 08:53
Holger Kranich
Your work is very interesting to me, as i have started my F-16 C Agressor actually... Tamiya though.
9. November 2019, 16:27
Patrick Hagelstein
Well Holger, this is also the Tamiya one.
9. November 2019, 18:26
Holger Kranich
Ja, genau deswegen schaue ich doch so gerne zu! ;)
9. November 2019, 18:55
Patrick Hagelstein
OK, jetzt verstehe ich wie das gemeint war! :D
9. November 2019, 19:09
Piotr Golembiewski
Damn good looking Viper ! Keep it going ! :)
9. November 2019, 20:08
Jos Jansen
The exhaust and fuselage come together...
16. November 2019, 16:23
Murad ÖZER
we need sunglasses! 8)
16. November 2019, 16:32
Stephan Ryll
That's Comming along very nicely Jos
16. November 2019, 17:04
Sweet schemes, great execution
16. November 2019, 20:08
Jos Jansen
Thx Holger, Patrick, Piotr, Murad, Stephan, James C and Pierre...fantastic to hear that you appreciate my work :)!
16. November 2019, 23:07
Jos Jansen
Finally started detailing and pimping the undercarriage with a few decal left-overs and tomorrow some subtle wash on it...
17. November 2019, 20:19
Patrick Hagelstein
Nice JFS exhaust cover!
17. November 2019, 20:22
Jos Jansen
Thank you Patrick, these shutters are always discolored by spilled kerosene (I think) ... hopefully I did it subtly.
17. November 2019, 20:58
Patrick Hagelstein
If kerosine is coming out in it's original form, something is wrong. ;) Behind those two doors sits the Jet Fuel Starter (JFS). It's a microjet that starts up the main engine. When the F-16 starts up, those two doors open up and the first sucks in air, the second has a little flame coming out. When the main engine reaches a certain level of self sustainment these doors shut as the JFS stops operating.
17. November 2019, 21:35
Patrick Hagelstein
Hard to find movie clips of one operating but this is a nice shot of the forward inlet, actual turbine behind the black stripe marking and bare metal exhaust.
17. November 2019, 21:44
Patrick Hagelstein
Youtube Video
This is how it looks on a Raptor. Same principle.

17. November 2019, 21:45
Jos Jansen
Okay thx Patrick, learned something again ... :)
17. November 2019, 21:50
Nathan Dempsey
More great work. Good video too :)
18. November 2019, 00:58
Patrick Hagelstein
You're welcome! ;)
18. November 2019, 00:59
Stephan Ryll
Very nice progress Jos
18. November 2019, 17:16
Jos Jansen
Thx guys...undercarriage in place...!
19. November 2019, 22:10
Jos Jansen
The Falcon is landed...on his feet...!
20. November 2019, 22:15
20. November 2019, 22:55
Stephan Ryll
Looking very good Jos
21. November 2019, 07:53
Jos Jansen
Thx guys, dragchute in place...all those f***king details takes time... ;)
30. November 2019, 16:00
Slavo Hazucha
Cheers Jos! I am sort of back from the abbys of immobilizing work- & life-issues overload and what a load of beautiful stuff to see here. Great job on the camo and a lovely tail end indeed! ;) I really like the exhaust details, the Aires kit really shines after the pro-treatment you gave it!
2. December 2019, 10:35
Patrick Hagelstein
You ARE actually checking up everywhere that has some kind of connection to the Aggressor Build and such. :) Good to have you back again Slavo!
2. December 2019, 14:08
Jos Jansen
Hey welcome back Slavo, it's always nice to get good feedback from you again. I am approaching the finish line and I am very satisfied with this exotic Viper. The aires exhaust is really great, I have had more problems with the aires pit, it didn't fit really well.
4. December 2019, 22:04
Patrick Hagelstein
That's what Aires cockpits are notorious for. And, to be honest, that's where they are right! I think Aires measure their cockpits exactly to the real ones but don't take into consideration that the kits they should fit into are compromised for buildability and scale. Meaning that in real life a cockpit is fit inside an aluminum skinned airplane and not an aircraft that has a wall thickness of 1mm x 72, 48 or 32. Either way, you did a great job making it fit! ;)
4. December 2019, 22:25
i love the details of Aires cockpits... but yes, they can be a pain to fit. very nice job Jos
5. December 2019, 00:12
Patrick Hagelstein
I totally agree with both Hans and Spanjaard. I love them too but they are a pain in the bum to fit in...
5. December 2019, 02:23
Jos Jansen
Slowly making progress...decals are sealed with Aqua Gloss and the weaponry is loaded... ;)
6. December 2019, 21:32
Stephan Ryll
Looking very good Jos
6. December 2019, 21:52
Slavo Hazucha
Great going Jos - looking better & better with each step. Cannot agree more on the exotic colors, really something out of the ordinary F-16 palette... Particularly like the turquoise/greenish color, like it looks rather different in light/shadow on the pics.

+ I am getting really hyped now for fitting my Aires pit & gearwells to the poor Hornet... :)
6. December 2019, 23:57
Jos Jansen
Thx Stephan and Slavo...! @Slavo, the colors are really successful, especially the greenish one. The colors on my reference photos are also different every time. I can now see this effect in my photos as well, very special, I think the greenish turquoise has really succeeded ...! I hope your Aires pit will fit...
7. December 2019, 07:21
Jos Jansen
... almost ready for the final photoshoot!
11. December 2019, 20:23
Erik Leijdens
Can't wait Jos!
11. December 2019, 22:10
Donald Dickson II
Looking forward to it!
12. December 2019, 00:16
Michael Hickey
I love the colours on this Viper, you really nailed it, perfect.
12. December 2019, 00:26
Jos Jansen
Thx Erik, Donald and Michael...the finishing takes a lot of time, just placed the HUD ...
14. December 2019, 18:16
Stephan Ryll
Very nice work Jos
14. December 2019, 18:19
Looks beautiful Jos, look forward to seeing it finished
14. December 2019, 19:18
Patrick Hagelstein
Wow, I like the HUD's shimmer!
14. December 2019, 20:10
Slavo Hazucha
Saying that the HUD totally shines is kind of stating the obvious, but it just does! ;)
15. December 2019, 11:41
Jos Jansen
Thanks Stephan, ForestFan, Patrick, James and Slavo...I have decided to install Model Masters static discharges, they should be placed there!
20. December 2019, 20:31
Jos Jansen
Finally...she is done, my Indonesian Export VIPER...enjoy!
28. December 2019, 14:29
Tim Heimer
Nicely done!
28. December 2019, 14:35
Another perfect result jos, colors rock and weathering is spot on
28. December 2019, 16:00
Maciej Bellos
Many many likes Jos! She is perfect, this exotic beauty!
28. December 2019, 16:28
Konrad Limmer
Just perfect! What a build Jos! Great !
28. December 2019, 16:51
Murad ÖZER
perfect indeed, enjoyed it very much from start to finish Jos, big huge kudos you should be proud!
28. December 2019, 17:18
Top notch.
28. December 2019, 18:40
Nathan Dempsey
Perfect finish there Jos. Be proud of it :)
28. December 2019, 19:58
Patrick Hagelstein
Whauw! And also a great base! Subtle but effective in showing the bird.
28. December 2019, 20:27
Clifford Keesler
Wow, very nice one Jos.
28. December 2019, 21:19
Jos Jansen
Many thanks Tim, Roland, Daniel, Maciej, Konrad, Murad, Neuling, Nathan and Patrick...I appreciate your comments enormously, nice words from also fantastic good modelers !
28. December 2019, 21:20
Patrick Hagelstein
Please remove me from your list of fantastic good modelers..... I'm nowhere near those guys and you! :D
28. December 2019, 21:50
28. December 2019, 21:53
Nathan Dempsey
I thought I was on the "Sometimes I get it right but not usually " list. :)
If I can get my paint to be somewhere in your calibre, then I'll be a happy man.
29. December 2019, 05:41
Slavo Hazucha
Excellent work again Jos! You really got all the peculiarities of the pattern just top notch right, the "sparkle" in the green, the nature & extent of the weathering for the region & all... Classy work mate!

+ the stand is also a really cool idea, I think I like it more than "50 shades of runway" :)
29. December 2019, 06:42
Stephan Ryll
I agree with all the mates :) that is really cool Jos, great work
29. December 2019, 09:54
Spot on, beautiful work!
29. December 2019, 10:25
Soeren .
Fantastic looking Falcon!
29. December 2019, 10:26
Jos Jansen
Many thank...Patrick, SCM, Nathan, Slavo, Stephan, Pierre and many kind words from you'll, that gives me so much inspiration and joy to continue with my next project, a Hasegawa 1:48 RAF FGR Mk.2 Phantom...!
29. December 2019, 13:49
Jos Jansen friend, I can only agree with you very much, fantastic how you give your feedback, that really helps me! I want to thank you especially for your constructive inspirational words...awesome mate :) !
29. December 2019, 13:54
Jos Jansen
@Patrick...everyone is equal here, I also appreciate your feedback enormously, thanks mate... ;)!!
29. December 2019, 13:57
Ronny Verlaek
Pfoeeeee , nice work , i like this bird and the colorscheme .. :)
29. December 2019, 16:04
Sergej I
Perfect skill, perfect result!
29. December 2019, 16:22
Patrick Hagelstein
:D That comforts me a bit. You're welcome mate!
29. December 2019, 16:33
Slavo Hazucha
Credit where credit's due Jos! Watching how you put "soul" into all these beautiful jets is a feast for the eye & learning curve in one... Wish you a lot of those -job done!- moments in 2020, as a friend & 4th-gen "brother in arms", albeit a very slow one ;)
29. December 2019, 22:04
Jos Jansen
Thank you so much Ronny, Sergej, Patrick, Slavo and positive responses are always overwhelming...and man Slavo, your poetic approach to my craftsmanship in model building is a crown on the hard and passionate commitment that I do with each model...thx mate !!
30. December 2019, 09:34
Christian Bruer
30. December 2019, 18:58
Jos Jansen
Thanks Christian...appreciate it! Happy New Year everybody...
31. December 2019, 17:20
Bart Goesaert
fabulous work...
17. January, 11:15
Jos Jansen
Thanks Bart...!
19. January, 13:44
Eelco Gregoire
Great result Jos!!
19. January, 14:09
Luc B
love it!
19. January, 19:11

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