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Jos Jansen (Banshee13)

DONE!! Diorama Armor and Infantry Roadblock Iraq


1 | 12. May 2018, 22:02
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Jos Jansen
Thanks James apriciate your comment , I do not always have a lot of time, so the model building goes into stages. I want to build my first dio with this.
21. June 2018, 05:07
Michael Hickey
Well your of to a great start for a dio, looking really good.👍
21. June 2018, 05:25
Jos Jansen
Thx Michael!
23. June 2018, 07:48
Really a nice job. Looking forward the figures
29. July 2018, 17:19
Peter Hardy
Awesome weathering Jos!!
29. July 2018, 22:45
seb H
nice job mate, i'm found of abrams i think i'll start to build one soon 🙂
29. July 2018, 23:48
Michael Hickey
That looks awesome.👍
30. July 2018, 00:17
Bob Hall
I was in I troop HQ platoon 3rd Squadron 3rd Cavalry Regiment ! Brave Rifles !!!!!!!!! Ah The Memories ! Great work ! Magnificent Detail
30. July 2018, 00:44
Jos Jansen
@Spanjaard, James, Peter, Seb, Michael and Robert thank you for your positive words, I do not always have time for modeling. The dio is still under construction, I am waiting for my order of a barrier set from Meng. I have done all my weathering with AMMO products from Mig Jimenez and am satisfied with it ... what is your experience with this?

@Robert Hall...that an old US armor guy (possible 19B ...?) compliments me with the fine detail, that's cool to hear! I am still in the service as a 11M.
31. July 2018, 11:26
Bryn Crandell
Absolutely stunning. Paint work and weathering on the Abrams is amazing. But those figures...WOW!
31. July 2018, 11:33
Konrad Limmer
Really nice mate!! Absolutely cool build. Like it 👍
31. July 2018, 11:36
seb H
@jos love their weathering product too, Mig, AK, they are all good 🙂 👍
31. July 2018, 22:03
Bob Hall
At the time I was in 3/3 ACR I was A 19D Cav Scout
1. August 2018, 03:55
Jos Jansen
Thanks guys, appreciate the comments....still waiting on the barrier set of Meng to finish the dio. @Bryn, when I finished the dio I'll take close up pics from the figures! @Robert, recon hooah...I appreciate your comment when the dio is finished for improving the details!
4. August 2018, 10:57
Tim Heimer
Nice work so far! Can't wait to see the rest!
4. August 2018, 12:32
Jos Jansen
@Timothy, thx....hopefully I can finish the job next week, will post the final result pics!
4. August 2018, 21:24
Tim Heimer
We'll be here when ever it's done. take your time.
5. August 2018, 01:16
Ingo F
Looks very good. 👍
2. September 2018, 11:54
Jos Jansen
Finally...DONE! Thx Ingo...
2. September 2018, 11:57
Konrad Limmer
Awesome Jos! Really nice dio, figures ...
Top job 👍
2. September 2018, 12:08
Tim Heimer
Great out come!
2. September 2018, 12:31
Jos Jansen
Thx Konrad and Timothy, it took a while, but I am very satisfied with my first dio. I had already started a next project in the meantime.
2. September 2018, 15:51
well done Jos
2. September 2018, 16:35
Peter Hardy
And done well! Congrats Jos, beautiful job!
2. September 2018, 21:08
Thomas K.
impressive work! 👍
2. September 2018, 21:21
Bob Hall
I remember sitting for hours and hours in the blistering sun on those check points. I was the Guy with the M-14 DMR. Brave Rifles to all the Troopers at Fiddlers Green !

3. September 2018, 02:23
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Wow, exceptional work, especially the figures! Congrats!
3. September 2018, 06:35
Jos Jansen
Thanks Spanjaard, James, Peter, Thomas and Jean-Michel... such positive words are definitely a motivation boost to make a dio more often, appreciate that. @Robert, send you a PM...!
3. September 2018, 17:27
Tim Heimer
Hey Jos, for what it's worth , most like dio's because they tell a story. Plus you get to show off your skills and imagination! Again, Well done! Hope to see more of your work.
3. September 2018, 18:59
seb H
Nice dio with the figs, well done
4. September 2018, 05:59
Jos Jansen
@Timothy... I love modern armor and infantry in operational deployment. What is difficult to paint are the modern camouflage combat uniforms. My preference is for modern fighter planes, but I will definitely make more Dio's!
@ Seb...thx man, appriciate!
5. September 2018, 17:04
Tim Heimer
Jos I know what you mean! I did some modern uniforms on my apache dio. Donald Dickson is very good at modern planes, look him up, a great guy as well as ex-air force. I'm sure there are others as well to give you ideas.
5. September 2018, 19:13
Bob Hall
FYI American Digital Camo Uniforms were not mandatory until October of 2006, so if your Dio is set before that time, the standard DCU and BDU uniforms are acceptable for the U.S. ARMY projects.
6. September 2018, 02:02
Tim Heimer
Interesting, thanks for the info !
6. September 2018, 12:25
Jos Jansen
Thanks Timothy, I looked at him for a moment, cool models...! @Robert, I know this, but I felt like using the UCP ... it was also very much the challenge to do so :)
8. September 2018, 19:37
Super tank! You feel the steel!
5. October 2018, 08:42
Bryn Crandell
Excellent M1 Diorama.
5. October 2018, 13:39
Jos Jansen
@Neuling: Tanknoise the Sound of Freedom 👍 @Bryn: Thx...
5. October 2018, 16:33


1:35 M1A2 Abrams (Tamiya 35269)1:35 Check Point (Master Box MB3591)1:35 Tank Crew (MiniArt 37005)1+
M1A2 Abrams
US Military US Army (1784-now)
2 Platoon, F Co., 2 Bn., 3 Arm. Cav. Reg. F2
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