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Frank Krüger (Hellboy)

Ninja Warrior

"The forgotten garden"

The forgotten garden. In the middle of the busy city. Formerly a meeting place for the rich and rulers. Today collection point for beggars, criminals and spies.

A secret meeting of an informant and an enemy spy is said to take place in this dilapidated park. Thanks to counter espionage, this information has not remained secret.

A ninja warrior was ordered to liquidate the informant and the enemy spy. Everything in secret. Without a fuss. And this in the middle of the day ...

The camouflage as a poor citizen and the weapon was carefully selected!

Information about the figure:

Information about the used 3d object:

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2 | 1. May 2020, 17:48
Alec K
Very novel and Nicely done Frank 👍
2. May 2020, 01:56
Truly amazing. What a great job.
2. May 2020, 02:28
Frank Krüger
Alec and Acki, thank you very much for your kind comments. I'm really happy that you like the little vignette. :)
2. May 2020, 12:45
very nicely done 🙂
10. June 2020, 20:06
Frank Krüger
Spanjaard, I am very happy that you like the vignette !!!!
It's something different than usual. And I had a lot of fun with it.
Thank you for your nice comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
14. June 2020, 13:31
Alex K
An excellent vignette indeed - congrats!
14. June 2020, 14:36
Frank Krüger
Alex, thank you for your kind words! A real motivation for me !!!! :)
14. June 2020, 15:09
Rui S
Yah. I have to agree completly 👍
14. June 2020, 15:10
Frank Krüger
Rui, that's really kind of you !!!! Thank you for your praise!!!! I am very happy about it !!!! :)
14. June 2020, 15:19
Greg Baker
FanTAStic.... I love it! Great work!
14. June 2020, 15:26
Frank Krüger
Greg, thanks for your FanTAStic comment !!! It's nice that you like it !!! :)
15. June 2020, 13:27
Greg Baker
As soon as I saw it, it made me think of the Studio Ghibli animated film Arrietty. A tiny little forest warrior hiding in the leaves. That little stone lantern really sells it!
15. June 2020, 14:19
Matthew A
15. June 2020, 16:52
Frank Krüger
Greg, thanks for your further comment! Thanks to 3d printing, it is now possible to make the impossible possible. I love the little stone lantern too!!!!!
Matthew, thanks for your comment! When I saw this figure, I immediately thought of a sniper ..... one in the Middle Ages! In ambush, hidden and waiting. I find the topic sniper very exciting. :)
18. June 2020, 09:56
Stefan Schacht
very nice, I like the display.
18. June 2020, 10:16
Frank Krüger
Stefan, I am glad that you like the little vignette !!! :)
18. June 2020, 14:56


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