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F-16 XL Splinter Camo

What if Splinter Camo Beast 🙂


23 | 29. January, 10:57
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Konrad Limmer
Here we go with a new one.
After a while we have a lot of great aggressor vipers here on scalemates. This should be no aggressor viper but it is a little bit inspired from that group build.

Anyhow this will be a fully loaded inflight splinter camo XL Viper beast ;)!

Progress pics will follow soon.
29. January, 11:00
Roland Gunslinger
Count me in 👍
29. January, 11:21
Konrad Limmer
Very welcome Roland :)!
This one will hopefully go very straight forward :)
29. January, 11:44
Roland Gunslinger
This kit would be on my wish list, but since I do not plan to buy a kit this year (My stash has grown to a frightening size (for me at least)), it is good that you are building it now :)
29. January, 12:08
Konrad Limmer
Yes this is indeed a problem :)! Last year I sold a few kits most of them are 1/72 scale to get a little bit mor overview....
But I really don't know what I'm doing wrong my stash is growing and growing since the beginning of this year :)!
29. January, 12:48
Stashes grow... its a fact of life.. mine does and I have no idea why.. but just means more choice for the next build 🙂
29. January, 13:12
Konrad Limmer
Indeed LOL!!
So many choices and so less of time ;)!
29. January, 13:14
Roland Gunslinger
I have the problem that I simply have no more space for further kits. Not to mention the built ones 😄
29. January, 13:24
True.. that does become a challenge.. I plan on sticking them to the ceiling.. hey I live alone and not like any bloke I might meet will be that bothered.
29. January, 15:40
Maciej Bellos
In too!

As for the stash growth, well I am trying hard not to let it grow anymore😉
29. January, 20:07
Konrad Limmer
Very welcome Maciej! Glad to have you on board :)!
29. January, 21:44
Jos Jansen
29. January, 23:05
Maciej Bellos
Are you going to do the Ferris scheme Konrad? I'd like to see that one.
29. January, 23:23
Michael Phillips
Oh I am in too! This is such a cool aircraft...
30. January, 02:35
Konrad Limmer
Welcome Jos and Michael!

@ Maciej: I'm going to do the black brown green Alaska Splinter camo on this one. I saw this on Sergejs F16 and I love this scheme.
Those plane is big and looking really cool with that delta wings and I think that this kind of camo comes out really cool!

As complete What If interpretation I started some surgery on the main fuselage. Pics will follow.
Aires Pit complete new nose area as the real F16 withers panels and AoA.

The next step will be the engine part because I would like to put in the Aires engine for this one too :)!
30. January, 06:26
Konrad Limmer
Little bit of progress.
The dryfitting of the exhaust nozzle from Aires looks promising now ;)
31. January, 10:14
Why did you saw off the area in front of the cockpit in photo 3?
31. January, 10:43
Konrad Limmer
The reason is that the original XL haven't those side panels like the serial vipers.

The standard Kinetic kit provide some optional varieties like for the Norway version etc. But here you have to cut of all those kit panels :).

Photo is attached.
31. January, 11:08
Konrad Limmer
A little dryfitting. Yes it is a lot to do but those Aires parts look awesome! Nothing is glued so far.
31. January, 18:49
Eric Thornton
1. February, 00:01
Donald Dickson II
In the stash. I shall learn from this! 🙂
1. February, 00:06
Slavo Hazucha
Oh yeah, count me in - looking forward for this big-time (literally 🙂 )!

Great choice, some very promising promises (splinter camo, beast...) - and a pretty good start - should be a feast to watch 👍
1. February, 00:28
Konrad Limmer
Welcome Eric, Donald and Slavo!
Hopefully I could fulfill all those expectations ;)!

At the moment I'm waiting for some parts I've ordered and hopefully they arrive this week.

There is a huge amount of armaments which I can use on this one. So I will have a look on this special part too. Blue markings or brown/yellow ones. Don't know so far...
1. February, 05:30
Konrad Limmer
New Parts arrived!
Who can find the mistake?...

I think there is a mistake in the packaging process at AIRES.

I think it is an F/A18 ejection seat but def. no one for the Viper.

Anyhow find one spare seat from Eduard ;)
6. February, 18:48
Konrad Limmer
Tried to fix in the pit into that plastic....
At the end it is ok the fit is not to bad. A little bit work here and there and it should fix very smoothly.
7. February, 16:34
Roland Gunslinger
Looking good 👍
11. February, 19:39
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Roland
11. February, 20:30
Nathan Dempsey
Looking good Konrad. I can't decide if I want this kit or the two-seater.
11. February, 23:36
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Nathan. Yeah the two seater is also cool. If I had to decide again I would go for the two seater option ;)! It is always good to have a backseater ;)
12. February, 05:45
Konrad Limmer
So after a long sanding session the Aires Pit and Eduard Seat is fitting quite good into that fuselage ;)!
Tomorrow the pit and all the panels will get some primer and colour.
The next quite time consuming step will be the intake part...

Anyhow this will be solved too.
12. February, 16:33
Ooh, putting a resin cockpit into a kit it wasn't originally designed for - hopefully you won't experience the same torment I did with my Viper Zero..
Though it looks promising already, did you check if the front fuselage parts close without bending and gaps when the cockpit is inside? Because that was the problem with my approach.
But I find this aircraft really interesting as well, so I'm looking forward to your progress. 👍
12. February, 17:04
Patrick Hagelstein
Hi Konrad, looking good! So, where did you get an ACES II from eventually?
12. February, 17:36
Konrad Limmer
Thank you Alexander and Patrick!

Alexander, yes that is indeed a very tricky part. It is not the first time I put in an Aires Pit into a Kinetic F16.
But at this time it is something different it takes a lot more time and dryfitting as ususal.
A sanded both the upper and lower fuselage in the pit area. So this one will work. But the intakes and the wings get me some headache ;).
I believe some epoxy putty and other stuff will come out and onto the plane ;).

Patrick the seat is from Eduard a great looking part of resin ;)! And a lot of work to do anyhow ;).
Aires delivered this set with an F18 seat and not an F16 one, anyhow in my good sorted spare part box lying this one ;). What a lucky guy and hopefully I do not mess it up.
12. February, 18:04
Patrick Hagelstein
Aren't we lucky to have spares boxes?...... ;)
12. February, 18:37
Konrad Limmer
Yes we are ;)....
12. February, 18:46
In that case you seem to have experience you can rely on - something I have now too, lol. 😄
12. February, 19:05
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Alexander this we will know once it is finished ;)!
12. February, 20:07
Konrad Limmer
Main Cockpit Bay is painted. Today evening I will glue this one into the upper fuselage. Fitting is great in my opinion :)
16. February, 18:13
That's some fine work on the cockpit, Konrad.
16. February, 18:26
Konrad Limmer
Thanks WhiteGlint!
17. February, 05:33
Konrad Limmer
So a little bit progress on the exhaust. Those Aires parts are great and very nice detailed :).
19. February, 19:46
Roland Gunslinger
That's a beautiful nozzle 👍
19. February, 19:53
Slavo Hazucha
I like jet engines, and I very much like this one😉 👍
19. February, 20:13
Konrad Limmer
Thank you Roland :)!
Slavo thank you too such a complement from the nozzle master here makes me very happy :).
19. February, 20:43
Maciej Bellos
Yeah, those early Pratt & Whitneys look really shiny and you made this one look pretty good. The later ones with the carbon fibre feathers are more of a hussle to get them right. PW aside, I like the nice magnesium looking GEs. Carry on Konrad!
19. February, 20:47
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful metal work sir.
19. February, 22:24
Konrad Limmer
Thank you Maciej and Clifford!
19. February, 22:36
Konrad Limmer
Some progress on the intakes. Typical Kinetic...
Not really bad but this time I tried Epoxy (yellow) to fill the gaps. Than sanding and sanding.
Tomorrow I'll check it again and some small areas needs a little bit more attention.
Normally I use perfect plastic putty but this is also not so bad. So for me it was worth to test this method.
21. February, 21:31
Konrad Limmer
Air intake is done. A lot of sanding to get this one done. I'm happy with the result, so will go on with the next step.
22. February, 21:33
Roland Gunslinger
Intakes are the worst thing for me when building and I'm usually too impatient to emerge victorious from the battle. Your effort was more than worth it, I would say 👍
22. February, 21:39
Konrad Limmer
Thank you Roland :)! Yes it was a kind of a battle :). And there will be a lot more to do ;)! This one is really challenging.
22. February, 21:46
Jos Jansen
Nice work on the intake Konrad 👍!
22. February, 21:48
Konrad Limmer
Thanks mate👍! Much appreciated!
22. February, 21:50
Patrick Hagelstein
My work involves jet engines and those are really magnificent machines in their own right. They consume a great amount of air that is funneled through optimized air intakes of all sorts. When it comes to modeling those however, I'd rather use intake covers or just build propeller aircraft. ;) 😄
22. February, 22:02
Agreed, no seemline visible, great work! 👍
22. February, 22:49
Clifford Keesler
Excellent work on the intake.
23. February, 00:56
Konrad Limmer
Thank you Patrick, Alexander and Clifford!

@ Patrick: I know what you mean and I really thought the same after all that Putty and sanding. But in the end I will do an inflight version so covers are no options and a prop on a F-16 looks not that good ;).
23. February, 06:42
Slavo Hazucha
Very nice looking intake 👍 Wish my seam-lines in this department would surrender so nicely! 🙂
23. February, 09:29
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Slavo ;)!
23. February, 09:58
Konrad Limmer
Some progress done on the fuselage. A little bit challenging :).
27. February, 16:19
Konrad Limmer
Once everything is dry the sanding party can begin ;)
27. February, 16:23
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice surgery Doc. The patient seems to have survived😉 Looking good 👍
27. February, 16:28
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Roland. Hopefully that after all the sanding I don't have to engrave the whole underside ;). Will see.
27. February, 16:34
Slavo Hazucha
Coming into shape quite beautifully 👍

And jeez, even at Fisher Price they get a better fit out of their products than that nose side-panel... :o

27. February, 19:31
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Slavo 👍!
Fisherprice has amazing kits LOL.

I think I also did a mistake to cut off all the panels before do a carefully research. But hey learning by doing ;).
27. February, 19:41
Jeramy Boileau
I like where this going keep up the great work!
28. February, 01:42
Konrad Limmer
Welcome Jeramy! Thanks for the flowers :)!
28. February, 07:18
Konrad Limmer
Primer is on. Some issues here and there but it looks not to bad at all.
28. February, 17:33
Maciej Bellos
I'd pretty much say that it looks ok.
28. February, 18:36
Nathan Dempsey
Actually looks pretty cool in black 🙂
28. February, 18:49
Konrad Limmer
Thank you very much Maciej and Nathan 👍!
Yep the black looks really cool.
28. February, 21:04
Agreed, looks already very cool. Can't wait how it looks in the splinter camo. 👍
28. February, 21:08
Konrad Limmer
Thanks mate. There is still a lot to do but I can't wait too ;)!
28. February, 21:11
Jos Jansen
Nice Konrad, already like it in black!
28. February, 22:08
Konrad Limmer
Thank you Jos!
1. March, 05:30
Donald Dickson II
It looks wicked in black!
2. March, 01:35
Clifford Keesler
Agree with everyone, looks wicked.
2. March, 04:34
Konrad Limmer
Thank you Donald and Clifford!
The more I look on this plane the more I like it. The shape of the whole thing is really cool.
2. March, 05:28
I was looking at this kit on the shelf at my local hobby shop. How are you finding the kit?
4. March, 14:50
Konrad Limmer
Once you go for the version which is on the cover it should be ok. But if you try something crazy like me to build a fighter it is not that good at all.

The kit itself is a Kinetic one and it has it good and bad sites like all the normal F-16s from them.

It seems to me that Skunkmodels found some Kinetic sprues put it into the box and leave it as it is. Some parts are named on the instructions or box for example but they are not included and so on...

The instructions by the way is more than useless in my opinion. So I'm glad that I have some other instructions from Kinetic to get this one into a plane ;).

But at the end I think it is ok with a lot of extra work and time ;).
4. March, 15:12
Konrad Limmer
Small update. Flaps are primed and fixed. The surface looks very promising👍.
Now I have to wait for the masking sheets ;)!
Today I will go for the loadout.
Updates will follow.
15. March, 17:30
James C
Impressive looking beast. Following👍
15. March, 17:46
Konrad Limmer
Thanks James😀.
15. March, 20:05
Clifford Keesler
Looking very good.
16. March, 01:30
Konrad Limmer
Thanks a lot Clifford 😀!
The funny part (hopefully) starts this weekend. This is my first try to do a splinter camo.
16. March, 07:08
Remco van Haren
Great job. Looking forward to the result of the splinter camo.
16. March, 09:16
Konrad Limmer
Thank you very much :)!
16. March, 09:20
Looks quite menacing already, really looking forward to the splinter camo - I really like the colors on the F-16 on pic 2, assuming you'll do this scheme. 👍
Splinter Camo is not that hard, did it on my third kit with an airbrush as well and it looks quite nice. Just takes some time making and putting on all the masking tape. Just be careful to mask everything that is not going to be painted or be very careful with the airbrush - or else you will end with overspray and your, lets just say green parts will have some ugly looking tan or black spots in this case (happened to me with the aforementioned build). Just something to keep in mind. But anything angular is quite easy to achieve with masking tape.
16. March, 15:08
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Alexander for your support on this.
Yes I will go for exactly the same camo as shown on pic 2 :).
Tomorrow my new masking sheets arrive so I will draw the camo and cut it to get nearly the same result as on the normal F16 (hopefully😬).

One question I start with the green colour first the sand and the last one black?
Should I preshade the whole thing in advance? I'm not sure. I think to go for weathering afterwards should be ok too...
16. March, 15:40
In my opinion, preshading is useless when doing more than a two-tone paintjob, and even then it is not advisable, as with adjusting three different colours and such all the preshading gets invisible very fast anywas. Thus post-shading is better, imo.
16. March, 16:26
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Alexander yes thats also my opinion. So I will go for the post shading on this one :)!
16. March, 18:50


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