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Konrad Limmer (Kone)

Rainbow SIX #3


2 | 26. January, 20:07
Konrad Limmer
The next one is ready for presentation #3 and the second in a row. So tried a view new things on the base. I`m really happy with that one. Anyhow looking forward to your feedbacks.
26. January, 20:11
Roland Gunslinger
Lovely painted 👍 Nice concrete!
26. January, 20:15
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Roland 🙂! Yeah the concrete to be honest was more luck than painting skills 😉. I used the concrete gray from hataka colours and it was not to bad at the end.
26. January, 20:17
Rui S
Nice work 👍
26. January, 21:48
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Rui!
27. January, 05:26


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1:35 US NAVY SEAL #3 w/FN SCAR Mk17 & M79 Pirate Gun (Legend Productions LF3D010)1:35 US Navy Seal #1 (Legend Productions LF3D001)1:35 US NAVY SEAL #2 (Mk.48 MG Gunner) (Legend Productions LF3D002)3+

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