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Konrad Limmer (Kone)

Rainbow SIX #2


7 | 16. January, 18:49
Konrad Limmer
After nearly one year of modelling absence I tried a view projects to start up again. And I thought ok we beginn with figure modelling again 😉.

It is my second one in this What if Special forces project. The camos are not specific to any real uniform, it is more to find out new techniques experiment with colours and paint brush.

Will see what comes up next. I think the 3rd one. 😉
16. January, 19:19
Roland Gunslinger
Looks great 👍
Welcome back to the workbench😉
16. January, 19:22
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Roland!
Now I belive I found my mojo and this year will be more productive than last year. Last year I`ve done not a single project 🙁.
So now I have a lot to do 😉
16. January, 19:26
Roland Gunslinger
Yeah, the last year has been pretty strange in many ways. I think your project to improve the quota should be possible! 😄
17. January, 17:47
Konrad Limmer
Yes I think it looks really promising for me 🙂!
17. January, 18:33
Konrad Limmer
Thank you to all likes🙂!
18. January, 10:49
it looks pretty good. great that you are back in the bench (i am trying to the same myself...)
18. January, 11:09
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Spanjaard 🙂!

Yes it is Not always easy to find the motivation especially in this crazy times.

But as I see here on Scalemates, there are so many of great modelers, which are sharing the same passion. And there are more and more 😉!

I like this and I hope that I can bring up some more here in the near future!

18. January, 11:41


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1:35 US NAVY SEAL #3 w/FN SCAR Mk17 & M79 Pirate Gun (Legend Productions LF3D010)1:35 US Navy Seal #1 (Legend Productions LF3D001)1:35 US NAVY SEAL #2 (Mk.48 MG Gunner) (Legend Productions LF3D002)3+

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