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F-4 B Phantom II Sundowners


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really beautiful Phantom. really nicely done!
27. September 2017, 21:35
Konrad Limmer
Thanks a lot!
28. September 2017, 04:32
Michael Phillips
That is a beautiful Phantom!!! Man, I think VF-111 markings are the best looking ones on a Phantom. Well done!
28. September 2017, 05:14
Konrad Limmer
Thank you for your kind words. Yea these markings are absolutely cool. Once I've got more time I try another one.
28. September 2017, 08:00
Konrad Limmer
Thanks a lot.
28. September 2017, 19:40
28. September 2017, 19:47
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Patrick that makes me happy.
28. September 2017, 19:53
Martin Oostrom
Well done Konrad 👍
I hate it when people post these pictures of beautiful models. Now I want one as well.
28. September 2017, 20:04
I really like this one and I'm glad that you have chosen to diplay her "folded". I somehow like folded NAVY-things. 👍
28. September 2017, 20:07
the folding part is part of the kit, or is after market?. i got one for my Academy F-4J, but at the end decided not to use it (it was far to simple basically)
28. September 2017, 21:20
Konrad Limmer
Yea the folding wings are aftermarket "Wolfpack". It is quiet simple to modify the wings with these additional parts. They are smelling terrible once new but at the end it is worth I think.
29. September 2017, 04:35
Konrad Limmer
Thank you Ice 🙂.
29. September 2017, 04:36
i can not find it ... what is the reference? please add it to the project 🙂
29. September 2017, 17:17
Konrad Limmer
Hey Spanjaard just updated 🙂 Hopefully it helps.
29. September 2017, 20:11
thanks a lot!
29. September 2017, 21:13
Tim Heimer
Wow! Nice work on that, the folding wings is something I haven't seen yet and looks cool!
30. November 2017, 20:50
Mike Daniels
Stand out!! I want.
1. December 2017, 00:06
Clifford Keesler
Excellent job.
1. December 2017, 00:43
Patrick Hagelstein
Yes, a question, how does the Wolfpack set fit the Academy kit? Are there any gaps to fill?
1. December 2017, 02:30
Konrad Limmer
Thank you guys for your nice comments! @Patrick, this set is very easy to handle. If the cut on the wings is straight you only have to dryfit a little (sanding...). But in my opinion the folding mechanism is a little too thick for the Acadamy kit. The wings instead are very nice detailed and they fit very nicely into the folding mechanism. I'll definitely would try this for one of my next Phantoms too.
1. December 2017, 06:38
Patrick Hagelstein
OK! Thanks for the explanation!
1. December 2017, 07:29
Daniel Phelps
Nice work, love the phantom.
25. December 2017, 06:14
Konrad Limmer
Thank you very much Daniel!
25. December 2017, 10:17
Erik Leijdens
Great F-4 Konrad!! The wingfold turned out fantastic!
26. November, 16:55
Konrad Limmer
Thank you Erik 🙂! Glad you like it! That was one of my earlier builds.
26. November, 17:55
Alex Rodionov
Very nice realisation of F-4.
26. November, 18:53
Konrad Limmer
Thanks a lot Alex.
26. November, 19:09
Mark Kane
Beautiful build, great work
26. November, 21:33
missed this classy spook, a feast for the eyes 👌
26. November, 21:39
Konrad Limmer
Thanks a lot Mark and Daniel! Much appreciated 👍🏻!
27. November, 06:34
Konrad Limmer
Thanks a lot for all the likes mates!
27. November, 06:38
Nice photos 🙂
27. November, 08:20
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Treehugger👍🏻!
27. November, 09:54
Clifford Keesler
I really like the Acadmey F-4 kits.
28. November, 03:09
Konrad Limmer
Yep those kits are great indeed! And the price is also nice 😎
28. November, 07:11


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1:48 F-4B "VF-111 Sundowners" (Academy 12232)1:48 F-4 Phantom II Wing Folded Set (Wolfpack WP48146)1:48 Martin Baker Mk.H5 Ejection Seat Set (Wolfpack WP48173)
McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II
US US Navy (1794-now)
VF-111 Sundowners BuNo 15100/NL-202
1975 - USS Coral Sea

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