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Christopher Mullins (cmullins)

DS9, but without lights

I really wanted to have one with lights, but they cost 300 Euro, I got one that had the Fibre Optics taken out cheap on Ebay so I got it and decided to start on it while I am waiting for the paint for the B wing.


2 | 31. December 2018, 09:14
Christopher Mullins
So update, coming a long OK, but there are quite a few problem areas, like the spaces around all of the docking arms. Going to take quite a bit of filling and sanding to get it strait, and I think Ill need more paint too. The Promenade looks pretty good though, I have done the rough painting and now I have to do some better detail painting. The shuttle pads may be too dark though, may repaint them a lighter color, RAL 7001 or something like that.
7. January 2019, 14:18
Christopher Mullins
Maybe someday I can get back to building stuff, I have enough to build, no place to build it
8. February, 15:51
Yeah count me in!
8. February, 18:39
I'm in 👍
9. February, 04:13
Mike Purvis
Yeah, those gaps at the bases of the docking pylons are legendary. I've read where people either carved the attachment points til they fit better, or loaded up the gaps with epoxy putty, smoothed with water, then sanded for what seemed like forever.
9. February, 05:28
It looks like a difficult kit. I actually bid on this kit on EBay and lost 🙁
I would be proud to have Deep Space Nine hanging over my bed.
9. February, 06:18
Mike Purvis
JD, it's being reissued this year, in clear plastic with sorta-in-scale USS Defiant and Cardassian Keldon-class cruiser.
9. February, 15:55
Sounds as a seduction to me, hold the one with fiber optics, but inscale ships, hmh?
9. February, 16:49
Christopher Mullins
The build is easy. Filling the gaps and clean up is what takes forever here. Cant work on anything right now though. We moved and i am working on setting up a work space
20. March, 15:16


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